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APPLICATION - Cache Lake Egg Meals - David Wyman

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  • davewyman99
    Please accept my application to test the Cache Lake Egg Meals. My test agreement is on file and I agree to comply with all the report requirements, including
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      Please accept my application to test the Cache Lake Egg Meals. My
      test agreement is on file and I agree to comply with all the report
      requirements, including Chapter 5, found in the BackpackGearTest
      bylaws v0609.

      NAME: David Wyman
      EMAIL: wyman -at- wymanhq -dot- com
      AGE: 31
      LOCATION: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
      GENDER: Male
      HEIGHT: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
      WEIGHT: 175 lb (79.40 kg)

      While I've been camping for years, I've only been backpacking for a
      short time. As a fairly new backpacker, I'm still trying to find the
      right equipment so I usually have a mid- to heavy-weight pack (working
      on that) and I alternate between my tent and hammock. I do quite a
      number of short trips in the Pennsylvania (PA) state parks (Raccoon
      Creek and Ohiopyle mostly) and longer trips are usually up in the
      Allegheny National Forest. My dog almost always comes along on the
      longer hikes, and my wife and toddler join me on the shorter ones.

      Trip Plans:

      Planned trips include several day hikes in local state parks throughout
      the spring and summer seasons as well as (at least) two multi-night
      trips into Allegheny National Forest. Both trips will likely be in the
      Tracy Ridge area of the forest with hikes along portions of the North
      Country Trail and camping at Handsome Lake/Hopewell as well as dispersed
      camping. I'll also be in Denver, Colorado in May and plan on getting in
      a brief overnight trip into the Rockies.

      Weather conditions for the day hikes will find temperatures ranging from
      80 F down to 40 F (27 C to 5 C), often over just a few hours, and I will
      be hiking, camping, and backpacking at altitudes ranging from sea level
      up to 3000 ft (914 m) with the Rocky Mountain trip ranging up between
      8000 and 12000 feet (2400 to 3700 m). I expect to encounter quite a few
      rainstorms and occasional bouts of heavy wind.

      Testing Goals:

      Finding prepackaged meals that are tasty, interesting, and easily portable
      can be difficult. I've tried a wide variety of meals (from Mountain House
      and Backpacker's Pantry) and I've found a wide variety of quality and taste.
      I appreciate the ease of use for these types of meals and I'm always looking
      for more that will be tasty and reasonably priced.

      If selected, I plan to explore the following questions:

      * Taste - This is the biggest factor. If it doesn't taste good, I'm not
      going to carry it. This includes not only the actual taste of the food,
      but how pleasant is it to eat? I've had meals in the past that tasted good
      but the consistency of the food was so mushy/slimy that it was not pleasant
      to eat. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I like the food to fit
      that mood.

      * Packaging - How are the meals packaged? Are they bulky or oddly shaped?
      How well do they handle being crammed in a backpack for long periods of time?
      Can (or should) they be repackaged into other containers? How easy is it to
      compress the empty packaging to carry out?

      * Meal size - Is a serving adequate to keep me energized during the morning
      hike? Does it make me feel full or is either too light (need to eat something
      else to compensate) or too heavy (feel sick to my stomach)

      * Ease of use - How easy are they to cook? Can my Snowpeak pot (28 fl oz/.8 l)
      and cup (10 fl oz/.3 l) handle cooking duties or do I need a small kitchen to
      correctly prepare the meals? How long do they take to cook? Do they require a
      large amount of water or any other ingredients?

      Current Tests:

      White Sierra - Sierra Rain Jacket (waiting for arrival)

      Fozzils - solo Pack (IR in progress)

      Pending Applications:

      I am also applying for the Vasque Breeze LT GTX shoes.

      My previous reviews can be found at

      Thank you in advance for considering this application and a special thanks
      to Cache Lake for providing this testing opportunity.
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