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FR - Merrell Rove Jacket - Rick

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  • Rick Allnutt
    Tester - Rick Allnutt Field Report Merrell Rove Jacket The HTML version is here:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2009
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      Tester - Rick Allnutt
      Field Report
      Merrell Rove Jacket

      The HTML version is here:


      And the text of the Field report portion follows:

      31 March 2009

      20 December 2008 – Night at South Llano River State Park, Junction
      Texas. Hammock camping. Low of about 45 F (7 C). A beautiful clear night
      with lots of astronomy accomplished.

      23 January 2009 – Garner State Park Texas. Testing gear and doing
      astronomy at this dark sky site. Tested the gear in cold windy
      conditions. Low of 30 F (-1 C). I had to wear the jacket under my
      sleeping quilt to stay warm. It was that cold in the wind.

      30 January 2009 – Cat’s Meow Star Field, Fredericksburg, TX. Cold night
      doing astronomy in the Texas hill country. Clear skies, temperature
      about 27 F (-3 C). Cold night with no other coat other than the Merrell

      28 February 2009 - Another night of astronomy. Slept in the back of my
      truck under the clear sky. Low temperature of 23 F (-5 C). Used the
      Merrell jacket as insulation under an overcoat.

      27-29 March 2009 - Another moonless weekend of astronomy - two nights.
      Cold with high winds. Low temperature of 32 F (0 C).

      For the astronomy nights listed, I was up most of the night looking at
      stars and getting cold. I would take an couple hours of nap every couple
      In addition to the 5 nights above, I also used the jacket for a number
      of day hikes, and several trips to Ohio. I also wore it to work almost
      every day during the period.

      Jackets are about the easiest of all hiking equipment to give a full
      test during a testing period. Not only are they necessary gear for all
      hikes - from day hikes to long distance hikes - but they are useful
      every day of the testing period. In keeping with that, I have worn this
      jacket for approximately 100 days in the Field Testing period. That is a
      lot of use. Most of the time, it has been my only outer insulation. But
      on a couple of the sub-freezing astronomy nights, I wore the jacket as a
      layer of insulation under an outer coat.

      This Merrell jacket is well made. I have not had any issues with seams,
      construction, or quality. Only two times has the zipper pull gotten
      fouled by the flap next to the zipper. Both of those times were in the
      dark and in awkward positions. And even then, it was easy to run the
      zipper back down to get the "storm flap" out from under the zipper. In
      neither case was the cloth damaged by the zipper pull.

      I have walked in the jacket, slept in the jacket, and tested the water
      resistant nature of the cloth in drizzle conditions. The jacket
      insulates even when moist from perspiration. The surface of the cloth
      sheds water pretty well for non-waterproof material. It eventually wets,
      but even then it does not mat and it retains its insulation value - it
      kept me warm. Most of my walking has been on trails, but some of it has
      been off trail, doing some bush whacking. The material has been much
      more resistant to this sort of abuse than I would have expected. For a
      light and filmy sort of outer covering, it has not suffered any pulled
      threads from Texas juniper or other vegetation.

      The jacket packs at least as compactly as any other jacket, fleece, or
      other insulation layer I have ever carried. It is lighter than most of
      those layers. That makes it a good choice for just about every season of
      camping. I have to have some insulation every month of the year when I
      go camping in the mountains. This jacket fits the bill either as my only
      insulation for three seasons, or as my under layer for the dead of
      winter in the areas I walk.

      I have used the jacket enough that I have found it necessary to wash it
      several times. Each time I followed the instructions in the jacket
      lining and washed it in a machine and let it hang dry. The color has
      been "color fast", not bleeding onto other items. The durable water
      resistant finish of the cloth may have suffered just a bit with repeated


      Things I like thus far:

      - The jacket is easy to wear, easy to carry, and keeps me warm.
      - The quality of the sewing and construction is first rate.

      Things I don't like:

      Nothing at all. Really.

      Please come on back in a couple months and see how the jacket did on my
      Appalachian Trail hike in May.
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