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Application to Test Cutter Advanced Insect Repellant - Anthony (TJ) Smith

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  • Anthony (TJ) Smith
    Application to test Cutter Advanced. I have read the Test Report Requirements (Chapter 5) posted in v.1202 on August 1, 2005 and agree to complete all report
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      Application to test Cutter Advanced.

      I have read the Test Report Requirements (Chapter 5) posted in v.1202 on
      August 1, 2005 and agree to complete all report requirements for the item I
      am requesting to test. My test agreement has been completed and submitted
      to Shane. In addition, I understand and agree to the new testing periods
      established recently.

      If selected and I am only able to test a limited amount, I would prefer to
      test either the 1oz bottle or the wipes, but I would prefer to test the
      entire product line.

      Personal Biographical Information

      Name - Anthony (TJ) Smith

      Age - 30

      Gender - Male

      Height - 5' 10" (1.78 m)

      Weight - 155 lb (70 kg)

      Email Address - tjsmith1946@...

      City, State, Country - Pensacola, FL USA

      Date - August 1, 2005

      Background - I have been camping for a little over 5 years now, mostly car
      camping. I have recently begun backpacking, and I am constantly adding new
      gear to my "collection" in an effort to get my gear list tailored more
      towards backpacking. Most of my backpacking trips are short duration, not
      more than one or two nights. I am planning some longer trips in the near

      Test Nights

      I intend to utilize this insect repellant on frequent trips into the
      wilderness, on both day trips and overnights. In addition, I assist with a
      considerable amount of trail maintenance in my local area, and I experience
      a fairly large mosquito population throughout the majority of the year.

      FR Period - a minimum of 3-4 day trips, and 1-2 overnights.

      LTR Period - a minimum of 6-8 day trips, and 3-4 overnights.

      Field/Test Information

      I intend to put the Cutter Advanced through its paces in the region of
      Northwest Florida and Southeast Alabama. This area ranges from sandy beach
      areas to pine forests to swampy sections. Temperatures during the
      anticipated testing period will range from a typical high from 80-85 F
      (27-32C) down to lows near 32 F (0 C). This period normally has occasional
      showers and thunderstorms, but no snowfall is expected in the regions I
      travel. In addition, I normally experience a wide range of humidity levels,
      from minimal to near 100%. During the testing period, I normally experience
      insect problems even into the end of the 4 month testing period.

      Among the issues I intend to explore:

      Ease of Use - How easy is the product to apply? While the product is
      packaged in a pump, is it a spray or a lotion (the product appears to be a
      lotion based on the bottle pictured on the website.) How easy are the wipes
      to apply if I have those for testing?

      Actual Use - How frequently does the product need to be applied? How well
      does it hold up to sweating? Rain? High Humidity? How well does the
      product appear to repel insects? Does it prevent problems, even in areas
      densely populated with mosquitoes and gnats? Even though it is listed as
      unscented, does it have any noticeable odor? Does the product leave my skin
      feeling oily or greasy? I don't normally have a reaction to products
      containing DEET, do I have a reaction to the Picaridin? Does this product
      cause any problems with exposure to my other gear, clothing, or packs like
      products containing DEET do? How long does the actual amount of product
      last under recommended applications?

      Any other issues that arise during the testing will also be reported on.
      The test of the Cutter Advanced will not interfere with any other test
      series I am currently involved in.

      Previously Written Reports

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