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Application to Test EMS Ridgeline Daypack - Anthony (TJ) Smith

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  • Anthony (TJ) Smith
    Application to test EMS Ridgeline Daypack. I have read the Test Report Requirements (Chapter 5) posted in v.1202 on August 1, 2005 and agree to complete all
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      Application to test EMS Ridgeline Daypack.

      I have read the Test Report Requirements (Chapter 5) posted in v.1202 on
      August 1, 2005 and agree to complete all report requirements for the item I
      am requesting to test. My test agreement has been completed and submitted
      to Shane. In addition, I understand and agree to the new testing periods
      established recently.

      If selected, I would need a men's model, sized for a 21 in (53 cm) torso and
      42 in (107 cm) chest. My order of color preferences if given a choice are
      classic green, then cobalt, and black as a final choice.

      Personal Biographical Information

      Name - Anthony (TJ) Smith

      Age - 30

      Gender - Male

      Height - 5' 10" (1.78 m)

      Weight - 155 lb (70 kg)

      Email Address - tjsmith1946@...

      City, State, Country - Pensacola, FL USA

      Date - August 1, 2005

      Background - I have been camping for a little over 5 years now, mostly car
      camping. I have recently begun backpacking, and I am constantly adding new
      gear to my "collection" in an effort to get my gear list tailored more
      towards backpacking. Most of my backpacking trips are short duration, not
      more than one or two nights. I am planning some longer trips in the near

      Test Nights

      As this is a daypack, I will concentrate my usage on day trips. However,
      for trips of shorter duration (single night), I intend to test the usability
      of the pack for these shorter trips. I also intend to wear the pack on
      regular trail maintenance activities in my area, conducting clearing and
      general upkeep on trails in my local area.

      FR Period - a minimum of 3-4 day trips, and potentially 1-2 overnights.

      LTR Period - a minimum of 6-8 day trips, and potentially 3-4 overnights.

      Field/Test Information

      I intend to put the EMS Ridgeline Daypack through its paces in the region of
      Northwest Florida and Southeast Alabama. This area ranges from sandy beach
      areas to pine forests to swampy sections. Temperatures during the
      anticipated testing period will range from a typical high from 80-85 F
      (27-32C) down to lows near 32 F (0 C). This period normally has occasional
      showers and thunderstorms, but no snowfall is expected in the regions I
      travel. While this is listed as a multi-use pack (skiing, boarding,
      climbing, and hiking) I will primarily be using it has a hiking pack.

      During testing I intend to explore the following issues:

      Fit - How well does the pack fit? From the information on EMS' website,
      this appears to be a one-size-fits-all type pack. Is this true? Does it
      require a great deal of adjustments to achieve a good fit? How well does
      the framesheet and stay contour and fit the contours of my back? How well
      does the hip belt fit? How wide of an adjustment range does it have for
      various clothing layers worn underneath?

      Durability - How well made does the stitching and material of the pack
      appear to be? How well padded is the hip belt and shoulder straps? How
      well is the sleeve for the hydration bag? How well do the zippers hold up
      to constant use? How well does the pack stand up to rain? Does it maintain
      a good deal of water repellency/waterproofing, or does it need a pack cover
      for even the lightest drizzle?

      Flexibility - How flexible is the pack with packing options? Are there
      plenty of easily accessible pockets and storage areas for smaller items?
      Does the pack accommodate larger items, such as a hammock and lightweight
      sleeping bag for warmer weather? How easy is it to access the hydration bag
      with the pack full? Should I choose to carry water bottles instead of the
      hydration bag, how large of a range of water bottles will fit?

      Comfort - How well does the pack "wear?" Do I have to make constant
      adjustments to the straps to keep it sitting properly? What load range is
      the pack comfortable with (both minimum weights and maximums.) How well
      does the back of the pack "breathe" in warmer weather? Am I constantly
      drenched in sweat, or does the pack allow airflow between the pack and my
      back? Does the pack have adequate padding in the back to keep items from
      poking me?

      Any other issues that present themselves during the testing period will also
      be expanded upon.

      Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this pack, and if chosen, this
      test will not conflict with either of the two tests I currently have in

      Previously Written Reports

      Owner Reviews

      Avia Nevado Greylock Light Hiker Boots - <http://tinyurl.com/bt72h>

      Platypus Hoser 2L - <http://tinyurl.com/9adnb> http://tinyurl.com/9adnb

      Current Tests

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      <http://tinyurl.com/e2864> http://tinyurl.com/e2864

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      Completed Tests

      Ex-Officio Give-N-Go Skivvy - http://tinyurl.com/b6dr9

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