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Application - Cutter Advanced Insect Repellant - Jennifer Pope

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  • Jennifer
    Please accept my application to test the slew of Cutter Advanced Insect Repellants. I have read the Survival Guide (v1202) and agree to abide by the rules.
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      Please accept my application to test the slew of Cutter Advanced
      Insect Repellants. I have read the Survival Guide (v1202) and agree
      to abide by the rules. My tester agreement is on file with Stephanie.

      Name: Jennifer Pope
      Age: 24
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5'7" (1.7 m)
      Weight: 140 lbs (64 kg)
      Email address: jennifer dot pope at gmail dot com
      Location: Los Angeles, CA
      Date: July 28, 2005

      Newbie. I've been a car-camper as long as I can remember and started
      backpacking in Northern California when I was 16. I'm starting to get
      back into backpacking after a hiatus during college. I now live
      Southern California and so far I've only backpacked in the Angeles
      National Forest but I'm planning on branching out to other Southern
      California mountain areas; the California desert; and the Sierra in
      the summer months. I'm a tent camper leaning towards lightweight; but
      I am a fan of gadgets and I like being comfortable. I also do a mix
      of short and long day hikes in and around Los Angeles.

      Field Info
      I would test this insect repellant in and around the greater Southern
      California area from the desert to the high Sierra and from sea level
      to over 10,000 ft (3050 m). Temperatures should range from around
      freezing to the 90s F (30 C). Weather is somewhat unpredictable, but
      I try to stay out of inclement conditions if possible.

      Many of my trips are spur of the moment, but right now I have 2
      wilderness permits (for the Sierras) secured that would fall in the FR
      stage providing 4 backpacking nights of testing and 2 additional
      car-camping nights of testing. The Sierras are notorious for their
      mosquitoes. I experienced them first hand about two weeks ago and can
      attest to them being ferocious right now.

      I currently don't have any trips planned beyond the next two months,
      and the weather will likely determine where I'll be heading. If we
      have a long summer I'll likely still be heading to the Sierra and/or
      the Angeles National Forest, and if the winter comes early I'll be
      heading out to the desert. Hopefully this winter will be
      significantly less rainy than last so I can spend more time in the
      mountains closer to home. BUT during the LTR phase I will be heading
      out somewhere at least once per month translating into at least 4
      nights of use.

      This particular product also lends itself to day hiking and general
      camping and outdoor use. I go out day hiking almost every weekend
      closer to home; usually in the Santa Monica Mountains. Mosquitoes
      usually aren't a huge problem, but there are various other annoying
      bugs. I like to wear bug repellant wherever there's a chance of
      mosquitoes due to the incidence of West Nile Virus in California.

      Summary of Testing Nights
      FR – 6 nights, more days of day use
      LTR – 4 nights, more days of day use

      Test Plan

      Initial Report
      -Weights and dimensions of each product.
      -Product use instructions.
      -Any warnings?
      -What percentage Picaridin is used?

      -Is the repellant easy to apply?
      -Is it truly odorless? Or less offensive than DEET?
      -Does it leave any kind of film on my skin after I apply it?
      -How long does it take to dry after application?
      -Is one wipe big enough to apply the repellant all over my body?

      -How long does the repellency last at base camp, doing no physical
      -How long does the repellency last while hiking or other physical
      -Do I need to reapply if I get wet?
      -Does the repellant work in combination with sunscreen?
      -Does it repel bugs other than mosquitoes?
      -Do I get any bug bites while wearing the repellant?
      -Do bugs hover or even land on me while I'm wearing the repellant
      (even If they don't bite)?

      Other questions
      -Is the pump tough? Does it break or clog?
      -Does the spray discharge accidentally in a day or backpack?
      -How long do each of the bottles last (how many trips)?

      The 1 oz (30 ml) pumps seem like a good fit for backpacking use and
      perhaps the wipes as well (if we're testing the individually packaged
      wipes – there are no Advanced wipes on the manufacturer's website). I
      would use the 6 oz (180 ml) size for car camping, day hiking, and
      other outdoor use.

      Completed Tests
      Heat Treat Warmers: http://tinyurl.com/auv8d
      ProBar Energy Bars: http://tinyurl.com/asalv

      Current Tests
      NGS TOPO! Streets and 3D Views expansion pack (FR):
      Keen Taos (FR due August 12): http://tinyurl.com/byjk9
      Spenco Day hiker Insoles (item not yet received)

      Current Applications out
      KINeSYS SPF 30+ Sunscreen Spray

      Owner Reviews
      Nike Air Zoom Cascade Trail Runners
      GSI Outdoors Hard Anodized Extreme Cook set
      Freestyle Ergo Touch Pulse Pedometer (May call for ORs)
      Ex Officio Buzz Off Sun Hat

      Link to all reviews:

      Monitor for
      None yet - volunteered

      Mentor for
      None yet - volunteered

      I have recently finished two test series. I think I have plenty of
      time to devote to test this item. I completed all reports and edits
      on time or early. This is also the high season for camping and
      backpacking for me (as well as the high time for mosquitoes). This
      item does not conflict with any of the other items I am currently

      Thank you for considering my application.
      Jennifer Pope
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