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LTR Clif Mountian Berry Shot Bloks Jenn E.

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  • JennE
    Jamie Here is my LTR for the Clif Mountain Berry Shot Bloks. Thank you in advance for the edits. The HTML can be found here:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2009
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      Here is my LTR for the Clif Mountain Berry Shot Bloks. Thank you in
      advance for the edits.

      The HTML can be found here:




      Long Term Report

      March 2, 2009

      Testing Locations

      During the four month testing period I have consumed the Bloks on the
      trips outlined below. I have used them while day hiking, backpacking,
      snowshoeing, mountain biking, and on my fitness walks on the beach

      Newport Beach, California: The temperature was recorded at 55 to 57 F
      (13 to 14 C) with heavy rain over a course of two days. During one of
      these these days I ate the Shot Bloks on a day hike in the Newport
      Beach area totaling 4 mi (6 km).

      Mount San Jacinto State Park, California: This was a 6 mi (10 km) two
      day snowshoe/backpacking trip. We camped at an elevation of 9,100 ft
      (2,775 m) on 5 ft (1.5 m) of snow pack. The temps ran from 40 to 22 F
      (4 to -6 C).

      Red Rocks, Nevada: This was a three day climbing/camping trip. At the
      locations where we were climbing that there was no sun and it was
      about 41 F (5 C) with a light wind. The highs were around 55 F (13
      C). The lows at night were around 30 F (-1 C).

      Crystal Cove State Park, California: This was a day hike for a total
      of 5 mi (8 km). The temperature was recorded at 53 F (12 C) with
      light rain in the early morning. The elevation here is just above sea

      Cleveland National Forest, California (San Mateo Wilderness): This
      was a two day backpacking trip on the Tenaja Trail to Fisherman's
      Camp then to Tenaja Falls. From Tenaja Falls we went back to
      Fisherman's Camp to spend the night. We hiked 9 mi (14 km) on the
      first day and 3.5 mi (6 km) on the second day, all up-hill. It hit 75
      F (24 C) for a high and got down to 28 F (-2 C) at night. The high
      elevation was 2,000 ft (610 m) with a total of 1,300 ft (396 m) of
      elevation gain and loss.

      Crystal Cove State Park , California: The Shot Bloks were consumed
      two day hikes at this location. The elevation was from sea level to
      60 ft (18 m). The one day hike completed was on the beach mostly in
      wet sand as we followed the coast in and out of the tide pools. It
      was raining right before we left so it was a bit cool. The
      temperatures were between 50 F to 68 F (10 C to 20 C). Both trips
      were 5 mi (8 km) each. On one of the hikes in this location there was
      a light misty rain.

      Huntington Beach, California: I consumed the Shot Bloks several times
      during my exercise walks on the beach path. Sometimes I consumed the
      Bloks just starting on the path as a snack after work. The elevation
      is at sea level and the temperatures ranged from 55 F to 81 F (13 C
      to 27 C). On my walks I average 5 mi (8 km).

      I also used the Shot Bloks on Mountain Bike rides in Southern
      California in the Cleveland National Forest and at Crystal Cove State

      Performance in the Field

      The Mountain Berry Shot Bloks have a pleasant taste. They have a
      berry flavor that is not overpowering, not overly sweet, and they are
      not tart. They have a gummy and chewy consistency. The Bloks do not
      stick to my teeth and they fit perfectly in my mouth when I consume
      them one at a time. I find them to be a satisfying supplement. On all
      my hikes, mountain bike rides, snowshoe, backpacking trips, and daily
      walks I consumed 1 to 4 packs of Shot Bloks per day.

      The Bloks do not leave a coating on my teeth until I consume three
      packages or more in one day. At that point I also begin to get bored
      of the taste of having just one flavor. The manufacturer recommends
      on the packaging to consume the Bloks followed by water. I feel
      thirsty after I eat the Bloks. But, I am satisfied if I drink water
      right away. There are times that I forgot to drink water right after
      eating the Bloks. As soon as I became thirsty I drank some water and
      I felt fine. Sometimes I drank Clif Shot powder mixed with water
      after eating the Bloks. I have a few flavors of Clif Shot Electrolyte
      Drink and I found this combination to be overly sweet when I had the
      lemonade flavor. The Cran-Razz Electrolyte Drink complemented the
      taste of the Mountain Berry Shot Bloks.

      Even though these Bloks do not have caffeine in them I noticed a
      spike in energy after I consumed them in about 10 minutes. This
      energy lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour depending how intense my
      activity is. My muscles became tired when I only ate the Bloks during
      intense activity without some added protein in my diet for the day. I
      like to consume the Bloks before I have to tackle long uphill climbs
      while hiking and backpacking. They seem to give me more energy to
      help me push myself.

      I like the tubular shape of the new packaging. The package fits
      nicely in the side pockets of my hiking pants or in the side pockets
      of my pack without added bulk. They also fit better in my cycling
      jersey rear pockets allowing me to carry more packages with this new
      sleek design.

      On the Mountain Berry retail box I was provided with there was an
      illustration to push the Bloks from the bottom as a stack for
      consumption. That is a good idea if I was consuming the entire pack.
      This method leaves the Bloks at the top of the package and there is
      no way to store them effectively without having to push them pack
      down the tubular package. If I only wanted a few Bloks I found a
      better approach. I ripped open the top and slid each Blok out one at
      a time at the base of the Blok so that I had some extra wrapping to
      fold over to store the Bloks for later use. I can store the Bloks
      using this method for about an hour to overnight. When stored
      overnight they tasted fine, but not as fresh as a newly opened

      Bloks near the opening of the package. This does not make for
      effective storage.

      My storage approach

      I wish there were some perforations or a notch at the opening of the
      package where it says "Cut Here". That may make the package easier to
      open, especially when I am riding my bike. Sometimes I end up opening
      the packaging with my teeth or I make a cut in it with my teeth. I
      have difficulty sometimes opening the packaging with my fingers as
      they slide off the plastic and there is no notch to assist in tearing
      the packaging more easily.

      Lack of perforations or notch at package opening.

      After being exposed to high and low temperatures the consistency did
      not change drastically. They became hard and difficult to chew at an
      outside temperature of approximately 22 F (-6 C). On one of my
      backpacking trips I stored them overnight in my sleeping bag and they
      were much easier to chew. While being exposed to a high temperature
      of 81 F (27 C) they became softer in consistency and more sticky in
      nature. However, the Bloks showed no signs of melting. In warmer
      temperatures I noticed that my fingers feel sticky after handling the

      It seems like I am always hungry on the trail. The Shot Bloks provide
      me with an adequate amount of nutrition as a supplement between
      meals, as a light lunch snack, or as a breakfast item. I could eat
      them on an empty stomach with no queasiness. If I eat them for
      breakfast or lunch with no other food I find myself hungry in about
      an hour.

      Things That Rock:

      Package design

      Yummy flavor

      Energy boost

      Things That Are So-So:

      Taste after about three packages

      No perforation or notch to easily open the package


      I enjoy the taste of the Mountain Berry Shot Bloks. They are not
      overly sweet or tart. I found that they provide me with an adequate
      amount of nutrition as a supplement between meals while hiking,
      backpacking, and mountain biking. They give me an extra spurt of
      energy needed for long hikes or uphill climbs.

      I like the tubular design of the new packaging. The only change I
      would make to the packaging is adding a notch or some type of
      perforation at the top so it can be more easily opened.


      This concludes my reporting on the Clif Mountain Berry Shot Bloks.
      Thank you Clif Bar & Company and backpackgeartest.org for providing
      me with the opportunity to test the Mountain Berry Shot Bloks.
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