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EDIT: FR - Montrail Helium GTX Boots - Bob Sanders

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  • Mike C.
    Bob, Sorry I didn t get these back to you last night. My wife and one of my kids are sick, so I was playing nursemaid most of the evening. Below are your
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2009
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      Sorry I didn't get these back to you last night. My wife and one of
      my kids are sick, so I was playing nursemaid most of the evening.

      Below are your edits in the usual form: EDIT=Change, Edit=Change
      something, Comment=Just that.

      Very nice report. See you in a couple months!

      Mike C.


      They have been used on a multitude of surfaces ranging from asphalt,
      hard-packed dirt, muddy, rocky and rooted trails and on lots of snow
      and ice.

      Edit: When I see "ranging from" I also expect to see the word "to"
      later on (e.g., "ranging from 35 to 45"). This sentence sounds funny
      to me because of that. I'd consider changing "ranging from"
      to "including."


      I have used these boots to climb Mt Sanitas (twice), and on trails in
      Rocky Mountain National Park and the Indian Peaks Wilderness area. My
      normal stomping grounds.

      EDIT: Mt. (need the period for the abbreviation)
      Edit: "My normal stomping grounds is a sentence fragment. I'd
      suggest, for better readability, putting it in parenthesis between
      area and the period.

      The longest single day mileage has been 10 mi (16 km) carrying a 8 lb
      (3.6 kg) day pack.

      EDIT: an 8 lb (since the word eight begins with a vowel)


      Comfort: As I mentioned earlier there has been some breaking in to
      do. The first day I wore the boots 2 areas of concern became
      noticeable immediately.

      Comment: I would spell out "two" here . . . I just think it reads
      better. Entirely up to you, however.


      Second: There are padded protrusions on either side of the ankle
      inside the boot.

      Edit: on your "First:" you began the sentence following the colon
      with a lowercase letter. This time it follows with an uppercase
      letter. Please make them consistent (either way is fine . . . I
      think it looks better with the capital, personally, even though most
      grammarians would probably disagree).


      With a mid-weight wool sock and a thin wool liner my feet have been
      warm (while hiking briskly) down to 0° F (-18° C). These boots are
      uninsulated but well padded internally which gives them some
      insulation. When just standing around in the snow or during brief
      rest periods my feet do begin to chill in colder weather. This would
      not be my boot of choice if I knew I would be inactive in below
      freezing temperatures. The Gore-Tex® lining also adds a small bit of
      warmth because it slows down evaporative cooling. The lining is
      breathable but it keeps that warm moist air around your foot longer
      than an unlined boot or a running shoe would. I have also worn the
      boots when the temperature has been 60° F (16° C) and the boots are a
      bit too warm for me causing excessive sweating. I would consider this
      a cool/cold weather boot as long as you keep moving if it is real

      Comment: I just wanted to say this is a really, really good

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