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EDIT: LTR Kelty Binto Bar - Pam

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    No edits, Pam. Upload when ready and delete from the test folder. Ted
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      No edits, Pam.

      Upload when ready and delete from the test folder.


      > OR: http://tinyurl.com/bzhor3
      > Long Term Report - January 27, 2009
      > Photo -Riding on top of my Jeep
      > Caption - The Binto Bar on top of my Jeep
      > Field Conditions:
      > In mid-December I used the Binto Bar to pack clothing and some car
      > camping gear for a weekend trip to the Wolf Gap/Big Schloss area
      > along the border of Virginia and West Virginia. My plan was to spend
      > Friday night in a motel and leave Saturday morning for an overnight
      > backpacking trip, but not having made motel reservations ahead of
      > time I was not sure I could find a decent motel at a decent price, so
      > I threw the car camping gear in 'just in case'.
      > I did end up getting a decent motel room which was much appreciated
      > in the 20 F (-7 C) weather, so I just grabbed a couple of the Bintos
      > out of the Binto Bar and my small overnight clothing bag, and had
      > everything I needed for a cozy night in my room, including snacks and
      > the ingredients for a hot breakfast the next morning.
      > The funny part of this story concerns the backpacking trip. I was
      > the first to arrive at the designated meeting place and when the trip
      > leader showed up next, we shuttled my Jeep to the trailhead where we
      > planned to end the hike. On Sunday morning six of us came out of the
      > cold woods to my Jeep, which only seats five and was partially filled
      > in the back with a couple of file totes I keep in there all the time
      > with emergency supplies, extra jackets and blankets, and a few odds
      > and ends, plus the Binto Bar and an overnight bag. Not wanting to
      > leave anyone waiting in the cold, I got inventive, and removed the
      > Binto Bar and strapped it to the luggage rack. I was able to secure
      > the Binto Bar for the short trip easily by just unsnapping one end of
      > the shoulder strap and wrapping it around the cross bar near the
      > center of the rack, and then just snapping it in place. I would not
      > want to do this on longer trips, but it worked fine for a short
      > distance at load speed.
      > The trip leader, pictured below, graciously consented to ride
      > scrunched in the back and we got everyone back to their vehicles in
      > one trip.
      > Photo - A very full Jeep
      > Caption - A very full vehicle for the return trip. The Binto Bar can
      > barely be seen through the hatchback glass.
      > The holidays, a bout with the flu, and some nasty weather conditions
      > in January conspired against me and I did not get another chance to
      > use the whole Binto Bar, although I have used an individual Binto to
      > carry snacks with me on a couple of long work days and to carry
      > hiking clothing and trail shoes when I interrupted a work trip for a
      > moderate day hike in mid-January.
      > Conclusions:
      > I've really enjoyed the large capacity of the Binto Bar, and have
      > been amazed at just how much it will hold. I also like how I can
      > just leave it filled with all the gear between trips and pack a small
      > bag of clothing and one of food and be ready to camp in nearly a
      > moment's notice.
      > As I've used the Bintos and changed items around to suit my needs for
      > a particular trip, I've appreciated the ease of using the zippered
      > tops. I can just start the zipper in the front and then pull up on
      > the lid to finish unzipping the Binto on both sides at once. It's
      > also been convenient to make sure the zipper pulls are at the front
      > of the Bintos so if I want to peek into them when they are in the bar
      > it's easy to do so. One area I could see for improvement would be to
      > add a small window for content ID labels on one end of the Bintos
      > near the handles, similar to the one on the top, which would allow
      > for easier content identification while the Bintos are packed.
      > One I found to the Binto Bar is that when I wanted to change items
      > around for various uses I had to remove the camping gear that I liked
      > to keep stored in the Bintos in order to load clothing or snacks. I
      > found an easy fix to this problem - I just found a Kelty Picnic Binto
      > set on sale and now have another nice organizer, a regular Binto, and
      > a cooler Binto!
      > Summary:
      > The Kelty Binto Bar has been a great organizational piece for camping
      > and travel, and the individual Bintos have been useful for shorter
      > days trips. Although I did not get to use it as much as I would have
      > liked for picnicking and camping due to colder weather having set in,
      > it rapidly has become one of my favorite gear totes.
      > The food prep surface was the only disappointment in that I did not
      > find it very stable, however I may still yet find it suitable for
      > making a sandwich or laying out a quick snack. I plan to use the
      > Binto Bar extensively as the weather warms up and I travel more, for
      > camping, picnicking, and general purpose storage.
      > This concludes the test series.
      > Thanks to Kelty and BackpackGearTest for the opportunity to test the
      > Binto Bar.
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