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IR - Kombi Backcountry II Gloves - Mike Wilkie

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  • Mike Wilkie
    IR - Kombi Backcountry II Gloves   Mike Wilkie   Hi Kathy,   Sorry for the late post, all is well now and I am back on track.  Here is round one of this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2009
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      IR - Kombi Backcountry II Gloves
      Mike Wilkie
      Hi Kathy,
      Sorry for the late post, all is well now and I am back on track.  Here is round one of this test series.  I have uploaded to the test folder and posted a link below.  Thank you in advance for your edits.
      Best Regards,
      Mike Wilkie

      January 29, 2009
      NAME: Mike Wilkie
      EMAIL: foreverwild1885 at yahoo dot com
      AGE: 32
      LOCATION: Davenport, New York (USA)
      GENDER: M
      HEIGHT: 5' 8" (1.73 m)
      WEIGHT: 148 lb (67.10 kg)
      Hiking for me started at an early age, as I was always an avid camper and as a young Scout my backpacking obsession began. Living in the Catskill Region backpacking has become serious for me over the years. I hike, snowshoe, canoe, snowboard or multi-day backpack through the Catskills or Adirondacks almost every weekend. I am learning and practicing safe lightweight techniques and have greatly reduced my pack weight, adding comfort and miles to my adventures. Being an aspirant of the Catskill-3500 Club and Adirondack-46ers, peak-bagging is my main outdoor activity.  My long-term goals are to complete long distance thru-hikes.
      Manufacturer: Kombi Sports
      Year of Manufacture: 2008
      Manufacturer's Website:
      MSRP: US$50.00
      Listed Weight: n/a
      Measured Weight: 4.5 oz (128 g)
      Size: Medium
      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "IMAGE 1"  IMAGE CAPTION = "Image courtesy of kombisports.com">>
      The Backcountry II model is the third pair of Kombi gloves that I had had the opportunity to test and use.  With this experience, I have become a big fan of their gloves and sometimes find myself lobbying Kombi product.  It was to no surprise when I received a well-constructed glove; the Backcountry II gloves offered much comfort thus far as well.  To boot, I feel that the Backcountry II Gloves offer a stylish look and feel.
      Kombi describes the Backcountry II Gloves to be mid-weight and versatile.  They are constructed of Kombi's Accu-dri lining, 3M Thinsulate Flex Insulation and a stretch woven shell.
      The Accu-dri lining is supposed to offer wicking capabilities for dry, comfortable and warm hands.  During my field studies, I will evaluate the stretch woven shell for water and wind resistance.  The 3M Thinsulate Insulation thus far has proven to have great flex and warmth.
      For durability, the gloves have full leather palms and full wrapped finger caps.  There is also a small section of what I believe to be a nylon section on the inner thumb for more stretch.  For comfort, the gloves have an elastic wrist and a lining that has a soft velvety feel.  There is a ladder lock strap on the top of the wrist and an elastic draw cord cuff for a secure comfortable fit.
      The color is a flat grey on top and black leather on the bottom fingers, wrists and palms.  They have a simple design but in my opinion stylish without a technical appearance.  I feel the gloves have an almost dressy look to them.  The kombi emblem is even hidden by blending into the grey color and can easily go unnoticed.  A good word to describe the Backcountry II gloves appearance is "smart".
      The palms are completely covered with leather that travels up and around the fingers and ends up around the fingernail. The leather actually wraps around the entire fingertips and covers the fingernails except for the thumbs.  On the thumbs, the leather ends at the tips.
      On the top of the hands and fingers is a light soft nylon material that seems to be breathable. At the wrist is a stitching of elastic, tightening the gloves under the wrist for a comfortable fit. Beyond that, the cuffs extend and flare out a bit to pull over or tuck into an arm sleeve of whatever outerwear is worn. They can be tightened there with the draw cord.
      On the right, glove a clasp on the inside of the wrist attaches to a small shoelace loop on the left glove.  I found that attaching the gloves together could be a bit difficult due the clasp being stiff and the loop soft.
      The Backcountry II Gloves were worn just about on a daily basis thus far in addition to several snowshoes hikes.  They consistently offered me comfort during all initial testing.  The liner has a nice feel and is a pleasure to have next to the skin.  The comfort level has not been an issue with these gloves thus far.
      While wearing the gloves the dexterity and compressibility of them was most impressive. Many tasks were easily accomplished with the gloves on. I was able to zip up my jacket and fastened on my snowshoe binding with ease. The flexibility and dexterity of the Backcountry II Gloves has helped to add to the gloves performance during initial use and will be further evaluated in the field during my various planned activities.
      The leather palms and fingers helped me to get a grip when grabbing or grasping items. This leather construction should help to resist punctures and tears offering protection to my hands as well as increasing the longevity of the gloves.
      Because of my experience with Kombi gloves, I have high expectations for the Backcountry II Gloves. Thus far, I feel they have offered my hands protection from the elements and comfort in the field. They are light, warm, have great dexterity and the lining is cozy and comfortable. I have always been impressed with Kombi's tight knit and strong construction as offered in the Backcountry II Gloves
      Comfort of lining
      Dexterity and flexibility
      Strong construction
      Stylish design
      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2009.  All rights reserved.

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