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Awaiting Edit: FR- Lorpen Multisport Socks- Nancy Griffith

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  • Nancy Griffith
    Hi Heather, I know it has been busy getting back after the New Year, but I wanted to remind you that I am waiting for edits on my Lorpen sock FR.  I posted it
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      Hi Heather,

      I know it has been busy getting back after the New Year, but I wanted to remind you that I am waiting for edits on my Lorpen sock FR.  I posted it on 1/5 (msg 51944).  Thanks!


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      Subject: FR- Lorpen Multisport Socks- Nancy Griffith

      Hi Heather,

      Here is my FR for the Lorpen socks.  Thanks for taking a look at it.




      <a name="FRPT">FIELD REPORT</a>


      During the field testing period, I wore these socks a total of 23 times for approximately 80 miles.  I wore them for various activities; hiking, running, snowshoeing, backpacking and twice for mountain biking.  Here are some specific examples of my uses.

      I wore the socks 10 times for running with two different pairs of running shoes.

      I wore the socks 7 times for day hiking.  I wore them with light hiking mid-height boots, waterproof mid-height boots, low hikers and running shoes.  Some examples of my hikes include:

      Monroe Ridge Trail, Sierra Nevada (California): 3 miles (5 km); 743 to 1,262 ft (226 to 385 m); 60 to 70 F (15 to 21 C); pine forest to rocky soil; dry conditions

      Lake Margaret, Sierra Nevada (California): 5 miles (8 km); 7,400 to 7,700 ft (2256 to 2347 m); 55 to 65 F (13 to 18 C); snow covered to wet trail conditions; sunny

      I wore the socks for a 3-day trip with waterproof mid-height boots.

      Point Reyes National Seashore (California): 18 miles (29 km); 0 to 854 ft (0 to 260 m); 39 to 60 F (4 to 15 C); wet to muddy trail condition; sunny to foggy weather

      For snowshoeing, I wore the socks with another pair of thin socks over top and with my waterproof winter boots.

      Blodgett Research Forest, Sierra Nevada (California): 3,450 to 4,100 ft (1,052 to 1,250 m); 31 to 37 F (-0.5 to 3 C); deep snow conditions; sunny


      It took a few washings to completely eliminate that perfumy odor that the socks came with.  In total I have washed these socks 13 times.

      The socks are cushiony in the ball of the foot and heel regions which makes them pretty comfortable.  They are quite thin in the other areas which I really like in general, but I found that I do not like their light weight and low height for cooler weather hikes.  I like them for use with my running shoes and low-height shoes, but I find myself reaching for a different pair of socks for nasty weather hiking.  For me they are best suited for warm weather hiking.  My feet were cold while wearing these for snowshoeing despite the fact that I had another pair of thin socks over top and insulated winter boots.

      Some loose threads appeared on the left cuff after a few washings.  I didn't pull on them or cut them off.  I have washed the socks and worn them several times since I first noticed the loose threads.  Now I cannot even find the loose threads and the seam has no appearance of unraveling.  I would say the durability of the socks is about average.

      The odor resistance is good.  I wore them for a 3-day backpacking trip where I wore them all day (except at night) and they never got noticeably stinky.  It wasn't a particularly warm trip, so my feet were not sweating..  The breathability of the socks seems good.  I never noticed any tendency for my feet to get warm while wearing these socks.


      I like these socks for warm weather use with low-height shoes.

      Odor resistance

      Too thin and lightweight for use in cool/wet weather

      Thanks to Lorpen and BackpackGearTest.org for allowing me to test these socks.

      This concludes my Field Report.  The Long-Term Report will be appended to this report in approximately two months from the date of this report.  Please check back then for further information.

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2009.  All rights reserved.

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