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EDIT IR - Gordini Fever Gloves - Chuck Carnes

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  • Jason Boyle
    Chuck,     Nice concise report.  I have a couple of edits and one comment for you. Once these are made please upload to the proper folder and delete your
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      � Nice concise report.� I have a couple of edits and one comment�for you. Once these are made please upload to the proper folder and delete your report in the test folder.

      Jason B
      Gordini Fever Monitor

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      Date: Tuesday, December 2, 2008, 8:14 AM

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      IR - Gordini Fever Gloves - Chuck Carnes

      HTML Version:

      Text Version:
      F E V E R

      Initial Report: November 30, 2008

      Biographical Information
      Name: Chuck Carnes
      Age: 38
      Gender: Male
      Height: 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
      Weight: 175 lbs (79 kg)
      E-mail Address: ctcarnes AT yahoo DOT com
      City, State, Country: Greenville, South Carolina, USA Backpacking
      I love the outdoors ��" I���ve spent time camping in the outdoors
      since I was born, and have been actively hiking and backpacking since
      then. I consider myself a lightweight hiker, usually carrying 20 ��"
      30 pounds (11-13 kg) for hikes up to a week in length. I hike at an
      easy pace, averaging 2 mph (3 kph). I am a one-man tent camper for
      now. I like to carry a single trekking pole when I hike to help
      relieve stress to my legs and knees. I like to get out on the trail
      as often as I can.

      I N I T I A L R E P O R T
      November 30, 2008
      Manufacturer: Gordini
      Model: Fever (Style #: 4G2039)
      Size: Medium
      Color: Black
      Year of manufacture: 2008
      URL: http://www.gordini.com

      Listed Weight: Not listed
      Actual Weights: 6 oz ( g) (for pair)

      MSRP: Not Listed


      The cuffs have elastic around the wrist area with a short 3 in (7 cm)
      extension collar that covers the rest of the wrist. One side of each
      glove either has a clasp or ring to be able to join together to keep
      the pair from getting separated. Comment - sentence above is a bit awkward. You might say "has a clasp or
      ring which can be used to join the gloves together to keep them from
      being seperated.Also, inside the glove at the wrist
      is and elastic loop that can be placed over the hand and onto the
      wrist as the gloves are being put on so that the gloves can be taken
      off and they hang from the wrist, again, so as not to loose them. **EDIT** wrist is AN elastic ... so as not to LOSE them...��

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