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IR Teva Ossagon Mid eVent Boots - David Heyting

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  • deheyting
    Here is my IR for the Teva Ossagon Mid Boots Thanks for the edits David H. html http://tinyurl.com/582s2q or
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2008
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      Here is my IR for the Teva Ossagon Mid Boots

      Thanks for the edits

      David H.






      Teva Ossagon Mid Event Shoes
      Test Series
      November 24, 2008 – Initial Report

      Tester Information:
      Name: David Heyting
      Age: 31
      Gender: Male
      Height: 6' 0", 1.83 m
      Weight: 205 lb, 93 kg
      Chest: 46"
      Waist: 38"
      Sleeve: 36"

      Email: deheyting@...
      City, State, Country: Snoqualmie, Washington, USA

      Backpacking Background:
      I have been hiking and backpacking for over 15 years. A great deal
      of the backpacking that I do is related to mountaineering and rock
      climbing in the Pacific Northwest. When not climbing, I'm a hiker
      that tries to go light in order to push more miles. My main areas of
      exploration are the Washington Central and North Cascades, but have
      done lots of hiking in the British Columbia Coastal Range as well as
      the Oregon Cascades. I am also an avid adventure racer and compete
      in several races each year ranging from 2 hours up to several days in

      Product Information
      Manufacturer: Teva
      Model: Ossagon Mid Event
      Size: 13 US
      URL: www.teva.com
      Listed Weight: 1.1 lbs / .48 kg
      Measured Weight: 1.4 lbs / .60 kg
      MSRP: $120.00 US
      Color: Black (also comes in brown)

      Product Description:
      The Teva Ossagon Mid Event hiking boots feature a full grain and
      suede leather upper that is coated with Scotchguard for added stain
      protection. The boots are lined with an eVent waterproof breathable
      lining that makes the boots waterproof. The boot has a padded tongue
      that is fully connected to the boot, to keep the boot waterproof.
      The shoes also uses the Teva Wraptor technology by having webbing
      straps running through the sole of the shoe that are then threaded by
      the laces. This means that the boots should provide a very snug
      fit. The lacing system is pretty standard and features one hook on
      the mid section of the boot. The boot has eyelets at the bottom of
      the lacing system.

      The sole is constructed of a non-marking Spider XC material. That
      features a moderately aggressive lug pattern. The shoe also comes
      equipped with an Ortholite sock liner for added comfort and support.

      Initial Report
      November 24, 2008

      Initial Impressions:
      The first thing that I have noticed is just how soft the eVent liner
      is. On all of the other shoes I have owned that feature a waterproof
      membrane, the lining is very course and rough. The eVent liner is
      incredible soft and comfortable. The outer leather fabric is also
      very soft to the touch. My hope is that the softness of both of
      these will contribute to a more comfortable fit.

      The sole seems to be fairly flexible, which I would think would add
      to the comfort level of the boots. However this can also be
      disadvantageous based upon the outdoor activity. The lacing system
      is easy to use and I was able to get a nice snug fit, with minimal
      effort. The way that webbing as part of the Wraptor technology works
      into the shoe is very impressive. Given a choice, I probably would
      have wanted to see a slightly more aggressive trend on the bottom of
      the shoes.

      In putting on the shoes, I have found them to be quite comfortable.
      I am a user of secondary footbeds, such as Sole, thus I plan on
      putting a footbed in the shoe during most of the testing. However
      based on the initial comfort that I feel while wearing the boots, I
      will also do some trips with the standard Ortholite insoles.

      Initial things I like and Dislike:

      Likes: The softness of the eVent fabric

      Dislikes: It seems like the boots could have used two eyelets on the
      upper section for better lacing.

      This concludes my Initial Report; please check back in two months for
      my long-term report.

      Thank you to both BackPackGearTest and to Teva for this fantastic
      opportunity to test the Ossagon Mid Boots.
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