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LTR - UK Vizion Headlamp - JAMES TRIPLETT

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  • jetriple@rockwellcollins.com
    Hi Roger! Here s the last phase of reporting on the UK Vizion Headlamp. Please find the text and links below. Thank you for all your efforts during this test
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      Hi Roger!

      Here's the last phase of reporting on the UK Vizion Headlamp.

      Please find the text and links below. Thank you for all your efforts
      during this test series.

      James E. Triplett


      Long Term Report

      December 2, 2008
      Test Conditions:
      I have continued to use the Underwater Kinetics Vizion LED Headlamp as my
      sole lighting device for daily hikes before sun-up and on two overnight
      trips to Pinnicon Ridge Park here in Eastern Iowa. Temperatures have
      ranged from about 55 F down to 16 F (13 C down to -9 C). On the overnight
      trips there wasn't any precipitation. On my day hikes I have been caught
      twice more in the rain, and have worn the headlamp on two short hikes with
      snow falling. Estimated burn time for this portion of the test is
      approximately 25 hours, bringing the total for the complete test to 37

      Test Results:
      The Vizion Headlamp, as previously reported, has three beam adjustments,
      "spot", "diffuse", and "red diffuse". These beams are selected by rotating
      a cylinder with the left hand so that the outer most material rotates
      around placing different filters over the light source. After using the
      Vizion for four months now I seem to be able to make these changes without
      too much difficulty, although I do think it is somewhat cumbersome and
      possibly the biggest drawback of the headlamp. It takes both hands and a
      hard twist to get the beam filters to rotate. The beam angle is quite
      easy to adjust, although it takes two hands as well. The rubberized power
      switch is not only easy to use, but now that I know it goes on the left it
      is incredibly simple to orient the headlamp correctly on my head without
      looking at it. Both the angle adjustment and power switch are very nicely

      This headlamp also has the ability to be converted into a tabletop
      "lantern", which is kind of slick. But in all honesty I haven't used it
      this configuration for much more than curiosity reasons. Taking the two
      halves of the lamp assembly apart and putting them back together seems a
      little imprecise. Since they don't seem to snap, or lock, into place I am
      concerned that the waterproofness could be compromised with improper
      alignment, or possible damage to the seal. I haven't found this to be a
      problem as when I need the light on, while not on my head, I simply turn
      it on and set it where I want it without taking it apart.

      I have worn the Vizion Headlamp in the rain and snow without incident. The
      headlamp continues to perform well and shows no signs of ill effects from
      water, and it has gotten soaked. (On one dry day it did flicker, just
      once, and that hasn't ever happened again, so I am at a loss to explain
      what caused it.) Wearing the headlamp during precipitation I discovered
      that the red diffuse beam can reduce reflection off of the drops of rain
      or flakes of snow. It does throw out considerably less light in red mode,
      so I generally only use that when I know trail, or the weather is causing
      a problem.

      I have used the headlamp for approximately half of its rated battery life,
      and the light output is slightly, although perceptibly, reduced. It still
      seems like a bright headlamp to me and I don't feel the need to install
      new batteries at this point.

      The Underwater Kinetics Vizion LED Headlamp has been fun to test. It has
      worked well, become easy to use, and it is quite comfortable to wear. The
      light output is more than adequate, and it is waterproof. Additionally,
      it offers different beam choices, intensities, and can be used as a table
      lantern. This is a very nice product from Underwater Kinetics.

      Thank you BackpackGearTest.org and Underwater Kinetics for allowing me to
      participate in this test.

      Respectfully submitted,
      -James T.

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