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Re: DaKine Ridge Crew Selections!

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  • edwardripleyduggan
    ... This is only correct for moderators. And it is used pretty judiciously. ... I wasn t sure what Leesa meant by voluntold either, beyond the fact that it
    Message 1 of 9 , Nov 17, 2008
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      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, "dalenmoney"
      <tdnarrator@...> wrote:
      > Ok. So, if I understand it correctly, an editor/manager/moderator
      > can request to have a test, and basically as long as their is no
      > conflict with another editor/manager/moderator, they get it. this is
      > partly to reward them for doing so much work. Correct? or is this
      > only correct for moderators?

      This is only correct for moderators. And it is used pretty judiciously.

      > sometimes, a test moderator will select an editor/manager/moderator
      > for a test in order to fulfill "demographic" specs. this is what
      > leesa meant when she said voluntold, right? or was that just a typo?

      I wasn't sure what Leesa meant by "voluntold" either, beyond the fact
      that it is potentially a nice word. Generally, if an item is
      undersubscribed (not enough apps, or not enough strong apps), a "seat"
      on the test will be offered to the editors. No one is told they must
      test something, obviously, so I think it was a typo.

      becoming an editor/manager/moderator is quite the feat and first
      > requires me to be a monitor and/or mentor, and then once my test/OR
      > number approaches 3 digits, I might be invited into this eschelon.
      > correct?

      Becoming a moderator involves several years of noteworthy commitment
      to BGT, and then (once appointed) a great deal more effort behind the
      scenes in various capacities. Nobody in their right mind would do this
      for the mod spots, believe me, but they are a sweetener that Jerry
      offered the mods some years ago, before my time.

      > And then i can rule the world?

      Nah, you just get to work your tail off. <g>



      Senior edit moderator
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