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Re: [backpackgeartesters] Repost IR Bridgedale Endurance Trekker Socks - Jerry Adams

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  • Jennifer Pope
    No need to repost Jerry. Once you incorporate my initial edits you can upload to the appropriate folder on the website. Go ahead and upload. Jen P.
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 15 9:43 AM
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      No need to repost Jerry. Once you incorporate my initial edits you
      can upload to the appropriate folder on the website. Go ahead and

      Jen P.

      On Sat, Nov 15, 2008 at 7:03 AM, jerry adams <jerryaadams@...> wrote:
      > I made the specified edits, thanks
      > I also changed it a bit it in the "trying it out" section - I decided they were a bit loose and maybe Bridgedale has the size just a bit wrong.
      > http://tinyurl.com/5qapc5
      > IR
      > November 01, 2008
      > NAME: Jerry Adams
      > EMAIL: jerryaadams AT yahoo DOT com
      > AGE: 54
      > LOCATION: Portland, Oregon, U.S.
      > GENDER: M
      > HEIGHT: 6' 2" (1.88 m)
      > WEIGHT: 190 lb (86.20 kg)
      > SHOE SIZE: 12 (US)
      > Backpacking Background: I started hiking about 45 years ago. My first backpack was 40 years ago. I currently try to do one backpack trip of 1 to 5 nights every month (which can be tricky in the winter). Mostly I stay around Mount Hood, Columbia Gorge, Mount Adams, Goat Rocks, and the Olympic Peninsula. In recent years I have shifted to lightweight - my pack weight without food and water is about 15 lb (7 kg). I make a lot of my own gear - silnylon tarp-tent, bivy, synthetic bag, simple bag style pack. My sleeping pad is a Therm-a-Rest air mattress.
      > Manufacturer: Bridgedale Outdoor Limited
      > Year of Manufacture: 2008
      > Manufacturer's Website: <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE - "http://www.bridgedale.com">>
      > Measured Weight: 3.4 oz (95 g) for size L
      > I got the grey color. They also make blue, green, black, gunmetal, and oatmeal.
      > There are also some green and darker grey places. "bridgedale", "TREKKER", and "L" (the size) are woven into the socks in green.
      > It appears that the heel, sole, and toe are a bit heavier (for improved wear and comfort?).
      > The Fiber Content is:
      > 41% New Wool
      > 37% Nylon/polyamide
      > 21% Endurofilâ„¢/polypropylene
      > 1% Lycra(R)/elastane
      > The socks have "WoolFushion" technology. The wool fibers are wrapped with a wicking fiber which is supposed to wick away sweat better, and wear longer.
      > The socks are midweight on a scale of lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight. This refers to warmth and cushion. Lighter weight is generally better in hot weather. Lighter weight provides less cushion for comfort. If the socks weigh less then it's less tiring after walking many miles.
      > Bridgedale is a British company.
      > Socks with packing sleeve:
      > Trying them on:
      > The socks were packaged in a cardboard sleeve, which had some good information about the socks.
      > The knitting was uniform. The junctions between different types of yarn, like at the heel, were uniform. These socks appear to be well made.
      > The only instructions were how to wash (40 degree C (104 degree F) wool cycle, no bleach, tumble dry low heat).
      > The socks feel good in my hands.
      > I wore the socks with my mid height boots raking leaves in the yard and on a 2.5 mile (4 km) walk on paved surfaces. They felt good.
      > The size L fit my size 12 feet fairly loosely. According to Bridgedale, a size L fits US size 10 to 12.5. I think that for a US size 10 or 11, a Bridgedale size M sock might be better. If the socks are too big, there is a risk of a wrinkle forming while wearing them, which could cause a blister.
      > I do about one backpack trip every month. Over the fall and winter, I'll do a couple trips on Mount Hood, several trips in the Columbia Gorge, and a trip to the Olympic Peninsula. Maybe I'll do a trip to Eastern Oregon, Southern Oregon, and/or the Oregon coast. Each trip will be about 3 nights and 30 miles (50 km).
      > In addition to the backpacking trips, I'll do some day hikes in Oregon and Washington in the vicinity of Portland. I'll make sure these include some wet days and some snowy days, although I avoid major snow hiking. I'll do about 30 miles (50 km) each month.
      > I will use the Bridgedale Endurance Trekker Socks on each of these outings. This will include multi-day trips with lots of up and down to test comfort on long mileage hikes. I will include some off trail scrambling to test the ability to prevent blisters. There will be some cold weather below freezing to test warmth. There will be some wet weather to see if they still provide warmth when they get wet. There will probably be a little snow, but that's not what I primarily do.
      > I expect socks to last at least 200 miles (300 km) before wearing out. At that point, the heels start getting thin, and maybe the junction between the main body of the sock and the heel starts becoming undone. By the end of the long term test I should have about this distance so I should at least get an idea about this.
      > SUMMARY
      > So far so good. I am looking forward to testing these socks.
      > Thanks to BackPackerGearTest. org and Bridgedale for the opportunity to test this item.
      > This concludes my Initial Report. Please check back in about 2 months for
      > my Field Report on this item.
      > This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      > Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.
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