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  • larry
    Hi Roger- I think I m a day late (and a dollar short!), but here is the text of my FR on the Vizion Headlamp. Html is here: http://tinyurl.com/4z3tr8 Thanks in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2008
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      Hi Roger-

      I think I'm a day late (and a dollar short!), but here is the text of
      my FR on the Vizion Headlamp.

      Html is here: http://tinyurl.com/4z3tr8

      Thanks in advance for the edits!



      October 1, 2008


      So far, I have taken the UK Vizion headlamp with me on three trips.
      The first was a weekend trip to Ohiopyle state park, in southwest
      Pennsylvania (PA). The weather was sunny, and the temperatures ranged
      in the 80's F (27-30 C) during the day and down to about 55 F (13 C)
      overnight. The second trip was a 4 day/3 night weekend trip to the
      Gettysburg battlefield in south-central PA. That trip was also mostly
      sunny and the temperatures were similar to the prior outing. The
      third trip was a weekend jaunt up to Put in Bay, Ohio, located on
      South Bass island in the corner of lake Erie. The temperature range
      was again pretty similar, but we got fairly heavy rain during one of
      the evenings. I got some additional use out of the Vizion when we
      lost our power here for 5 nights due to winds from one of the recent
      hurricanes. I carried the Vizion with me when I was out at night, and
      then wore it a few hours per night when I was in the house.


      From my usage to date, I have found that the UK Vizion provides quite
      substantial light on either setting, and I generally have only used
      the lamp on the low setting. This provides plenty of light for
      walking around, and I have had no troubles reading at night with the
      light on low. The weight of this headlamp is low enough that I hardly
      notice when I am wearing it, and the strap is quite comfortable. I
      have also not had any problems at all with the headlamp slipping or
      falling off when I have worn it. The only comment I have regarding
      the lamp and the strap at this point is that it is not uncommon for
      me to put it on upside-down. The headlamp has an "up" side and
      a "down" side, so that when I put it on upside-down, the light is
      pointed up towards the sky. I am doing this less now that I have more
      experience with the lamp, but it still happens fairly often.

      In terms of battery usage, I have used the Vizion about 7 nights
      outside plus the 5 nights at home without power. As far as I can
      tell, the light is still as bright as ever and shows no signs (yet)
      of wearing down the batteries.

      This headlamp also has a variety of additional features, so let me
      comment on some of them individually:

      Waterproof: I have not had the opportunity to try this lamp out
      underwater, although I did wear it while it was raining quite heavily
      out, and had no problems at all.

      Different lamp settings: As mentioned above, I have only really
      needed the lamp on the low setting. I can tell the difference between
      high and low, but I do find it a modest annoyance to have to click
      through on-off-on-off all the time. My suggestion to the manufacturer
      would be to make the sequence hi-low-off, and save the extra button

      Different lens settings: Maybe I'm simple about these things, but I
      have left the Vizion on the diffuse white setting the whole time I
      have used it. I haven't found any need for either the "spot" setting
      or the "red" setting, but maybe if I was doing more exotic activities
      (like night snorkeling) these would have gotten more action.

      Ability to use as a stand-alone lantern: Again, this is a cool
      feature, but one I haven't had any opportunity to use. If the
      removable part had a hook or loop so that I could hang it in my tent,
      I might have more use for this feature, but I'm not sure.


      The UK Vizion has performed well for me so far. As noted, there is no
      sign of wearing out my batteries at this point. There is no
      significant wear or tear that I can see on the lens, casing, or
      strap. So far, I would call the durability of this unit excellent.


      To date, the Underwater Kinetics Vizion Headlamp has functioned very
      well for me. It provides a good amount of light, and I barely notice
      it when I'm wearing it on my head. The simple, durable construction
      makes using the headlamp a snap. I have the minor quibble noted above
      about having to push the button many times, but this is not a big
      issue. Also, this headlamp has more features than I have needed, but
      maybe I will come up with some better uses during the long-term phase
      of the report.

      This concludes my Field Report on the Underwater Kinetcs Vizion
      Headlamp. Please check in back in about 2 months for my final report
      on this item.
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