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APPLICATION: Climapro200 Nomad Parka W - Shelley LaClair

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  • zuzismom
    Please accept my application to test the women s Climapro200 Nomad Parka. My signed tester agreement is on file. I have read the Backpackgeartest.org Survival
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      Please accept my application to test the women's Climapro200 Nomad
      Parka. My signed tester agreement is on file. I have read the
      Backpackgeartest.org Survival Guide v. 0609 and the appendices. I
      understand the bylaws and I will follow them to the fullest extent. I
      will meet or exceed the minimum requirements for testing these items.
      Reviewer Information

      Name: Shelley LaClair
      Age: 45
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5' 4" (1.52 m)
      Weight: 155 lb (70 kg)
      Email address: adkhiker at gmail.com
      Location: Rensselaer County, New York, USA

      Backpacking Background

      I have been backpacking since 2000, hold a New York State Guide
      License and am also a "lean-to adopter" for the Adirondack Mountain
      Club. I have completed several long distance thru-hikes including the
      Northville-Placid Trail, New York; Long Trail, Vermont; and the Cohos
      Trail, New Hampshire.

      I carry a medium to light-weight pack of 25 lb (11 kg) for gear, food
      and water. In cold weather, my pack increases in weight and bulk but I
      try to keep it under 35 lb (16 kg). I have experienced many weather
      conditions and usually find shelter in lean-tos or my tent.
      Background applicable to this test:

      Since I live in North East New York State, the weather is
      unpredictable, especially in the mountains. It is not unusual to get
      caught in rain showers, cold heavy rain and snow. Keeping dry and warm
      is a major priority for me since my body temperature doesn't regulate
      as well as it should. With that in mind, I need to be able to stay
      warm and dry on cool/cold days but when hiking I need to be able to
      vent my jacket if I start to get too warm.

      Field information
      If selected, I plan on testing the Climapro200 Nomad Parka mainly in
      the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. The typical trails I hike
      on are in the valleys of the Adirondack Mountains of New York State
      and the High Peaks in the same region. The terrain can be fairly easy
      with well defined trails with slight inclines to rough and rugged
      trails with steep inclines and declines. There are large daily and
      seasonal variations in temperature. It is wetter than average compared
      to the rest of the contiguous U.S. It is also cold as or colder than
      anywhere except the northern Midwest and western mountains. Average
      monthly temperatures are between 40F (4 C) – 60F (15 C) in the fall
      dropping to 10F (-12 C) & 20F (-6 C) in the winter with an average of
      3-4 inches (5-7 cm) of precipitation per month, year round.

      Test plan
      If chosen, I will be backpacking and snowshoeing with the Climapro200
      Nomad Parka and using it during cold and inclement weather. I also
      plan on using it as a wind barrier and for a top layer of warmth as
      needed. I will be backpacking October 11 – 16 climbing High Peaks.
      Weather will most likely be unpredictable during this time. I have
      already run into sleet during a recent climb. I will be hiking on most
      weekends until the snow flies and then plan on snowshoeing on weekends.

      Climapro200 Nomad Parka

      Fit & Comfort
      • Upon arrival does it fit well? Too big or small? Was the size I
      chose smaller or larger than I anticipated?
      • Are the sleeves too long or too short? Is the torso length
      proportioned or is it too short or long? Does the back promote
      adequate storm coverage?
      • Will the design allow for multiple layers underneath?
      • Does the DWR treated 75-denier Clima ProTM technology allow for
      breath ability of the fabric to keep me more comfortable and not get
      wet inside the jacket from my own perspiration?
      • How well will the insulating laminated fleece lining keep me warm?
      • Does the Breeze Dry TecTM hood keep out the wind and water?
      • Will snow get in around the neck or wrists?

      • Are the seams securely sewn will the rain and snow stay out where sewn?
      • How well will the elbows and tail wear as compared to the rest of
      the jacket?
      • Will the elastic and Velcro Alpine Cuff stretch out or retain its shape?
      • Does the jacket get dirty easily?
      • How easy is it to wash and dry?
      • How will the zippers hold up? Will the laminated wrist pocket tear?
      • Will the laminated fleece lining de-laminate after repeated use and
      • Will the fleece pill?

      • Are the hand pockets in a convenient place? Are they easy to unzip
      and re-zip?
      • How well do the draw cords adjust from inside the pockets? Are they
      easy to use?
      • Will the DWR treated 75-denier Clima ProTM four way stretch nylon
      outer allow me to move easily?
      • Is the jacket bulky?
      • How cold can it get before I need a heavier parka?
      • Can I layer under it for more warmth?

      Previously written reports

      I am currently testing the Hydra Light Zip Away Sack.

      Thank you for the opportunity to apply to test the Women's Climapro200
      Nomad Parka by mont-bell.
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