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EDIT: IR - Kelty Binto Bar - Jerry Goller

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  • edwardripleyduggan
    Jerry, Looks good. Upload at will. I m impressed at the picture showing the sheer amount of stuff these will hold. Best, Ted ... I am in ... problem ... stupid
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2008
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      Looks good. Upload at will.

      I'm impressed at the picture showing the sheer amount of stuff these
      will hold.



      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, "Jerry Goller"
      <ChiefModerator@...> wrote:
      > Please excuse this late report. I was either taking stupid pills or
      I am in
      > late onset Old Timer's disease. I spent two days trying to solve a
      > in Report Writer and it finally came to me. The problem was just too
      > and embarrassing to explain..... =o(
      > BTW, even though I included it, a test plan for the IR is not required.
      > Anyway, here it is.
      > HTML version: http://tinyurl.com/4zev42
      > Text version:
      > IR
      > September 24, 2008
      > NAME: Jerry Goller
      > EMAIL: jerrygoller@...
      > AGE: 61
      > LOCATION: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
      > GENDER: M
      > HEIGHT: 5' 11" (1.80 m)
      > WEIGHT: 229 lb (104.00 kg)
      > I started camping with my father at age 6 or so. I've backpacked,
      off and
      > on, all of my life. Even in the Marine Corps, I was in the Infantry. I
      > consider myself a light weight backpacker with an average dry pack
      weight of
      > 10 to 15 pounds (4.5 to 7 kg), depending on the season and terrain. I
      > backpack year round.
      > Most of my trips are 2 to 5 days long and in Utah. I also, from time to
      > time, take much longer trips lasting one to two months or more.
      These trips
      > are usually on the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail.
      > <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "Kelty Binto Bar" IMAGE CAPTION = "Kelty
      > Binto Bar">>
      > Manufacturer: Kelty
      > Year of Manufacture: 2008
      > Manufacturer's Website: <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE -
      "http://www.kelty.com" LINK
      > TEXT = "www.kelty.com">>
      > MSRP: US$120.00
      > Listed Weight: 6lb 14 oz. (3.1kg)
      > Measured Weight: 6lb. 10 oz (3.01 kg)
      > Listed Dimensions:
      > Length: 27" (66 cm)
      > Width: 21.5" (54 cm)
      > Height: 15.5" (39 cm)
      > Measured Dimensions:
      > Length: 26" (66 cm)
      > Width: 18" (46 cm)
      > Height: 16" (40.5 cm)
      > Binto Dimensions:
      > Length: 14" (35.5 cm)
      > Width: 7.5" (19 cm)
      > Height: 14.5" (37 cm
      > Note: this is a soft sided container so these dimensions are
      difficult to
      > measure and are approximations.
      > Listed Materials:
      > Body Fabric: 210D polyester oxford / 150D polyester mini-ripstop
      > Bottom Fabric: 1680D polyester ballistic
      > Due to the soft sided nature of this product I've not listed volume.
      > The Binto Bar is a soft sided storage container which includes 3
      soft sided
      > sub-containers Kelty calls Bintos. These sub-containers allow for a
      > amount of organization. The Bar has a top that opens, with two
      > wings that fold out, to form a wind protected food prep area. These
      > are secured with a hook and loop patch for each of them. The top has
      a large
      > full width zippered pocket on the inside that is further divided into 3
      > individual pockets. The top section is held closed with a piece of
      hook and
      > loop fastener and has a plastic rod stiffener running along its
      sides and
      > top. It can be accessed directly without opening the main compartment.
      > The front section unzips, using a double slider zipper, to open and
      > down to allow access to the Bintos. This side section has a large
      full width
      > zippered mesh pocket that is further divided into 2 individual pockets.
      > The Bar has two aluminum U shaped rods, centered front and back in
      the main
      > compartment, to afford some support for the top prep surface.
      > The Binto Bar appears to be well made of good quality materials with
      > excellent sewing.
      > Although the Kelty website lists 4 interior pockets, I could only
      find 3 of
      > them, in the top.
      > The Binto Bar has a full length adjustable webbing carry strap and a
      > handle on each side.
      > It also has daisy chains on each side. I have no idea what their
      > use is.
      > The individual Bintos have a U shaped double slider zipper that
      opens the
      > entire top of the Binto for easy loading and unloading. The Bintos
      have a
      > top strap and 2 side straps for carrying. They also have a clear plastic
      > area for a label.
      > I have elected to use my Binto Bar to store the kitchen equipment
      for my van
      > for truck camping. It seems the right size and I can't wait to see
      if it all
      > fits.
      > Because some of the things I want to carry in the Binto Bar are
      small and I
      > don't want to have to hunt for them I have replaced the center Binto
      with 2
      > plastic boxes of approximately the same height and width. These are
      > and will allow me to easily find the various things stored in them.
      > One area that does cause me concern is the rigidity of the Bar when I am
      > using the prep area. Kelty suggests that at least 2 Bintos be left
      in the
      > Bar to support the prep area. This may prove to be impractical or
      > insufficient support. Time will tell. But a 3 sided folding support
      > that would still allow the Binto Bar to fold flat would be very easy for
      > Kelty to add. If it proves to be a problem I'll probably make one
      > The instructions are simple and straightforward. But the Binto Bar
      is pretty
      > much self-explanatory, to me.
      > Below are 2 pictures of a loaded Binto. The left one is a side shot
      and the
      > right one is looking down into a loaded Binto.
      > <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "Binto Side View" IMAGE CAPTION =
      "Binto Side
      > View">> <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "Binto Top View" IMAGE
      CAPTION =
      > "Binto Top View">>
      > To give the reader some idea of the capacity of the Binto Bar I unloaded
      > mine and took the picture below. As an aside, the right plastic box
      is empty
      > but the left plastic box and both Bintos were full.
      > <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "Kelty Binto Bar Load" IMAGE CAPTION
      = "Kelty
      > Binto Bar Load">>
      > I plan on using the Binto Bar for both picnicking and over night camping
      > with my family. I also plan on using it in a Base Camp situation
      while day
      > hiking.
      > It will be used in the Uinta Mountains of Utah and Southern Utah canyon
      > country.
      > SUMMARY
      > The Binto Bar seems to be an excellent solution for my vehicle
      camping gear
      > storage problem. I use a mini-van for truck camping and my 18 month
      old son
      > requires an amazing amount and volume of support gear. I need all
      the room I
      > can get and this organizer should be a big help.
      > I look forward to seeing how well it performs.
      > Check back in late November, 2008 to read my Field Report update.
      > This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      > Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.
      > <http://www.backpackgeartest.org/> http://www.BackpackGearTest.org
      : the
      > most comprehensive interactive gear reviews and tests on the planet.
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