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RE: [backpackgeartesters] EDIT: FR-REI Venturi Daypack- Ralph Ditton

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  • Ralph Ditton
    Thanks for your kind words Mike. As far as I know we do not have to hyperlink the Field Report or LTR. Jet in an e-mail to the group as at the 8th January,
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 2, 2008
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      Thanks for your kind words Mike.

      As far as I know we do not have to hyperlink the Field Report or LTR.

      Jet in an e-mail to the group as at the 8th January, 2008 stated in point 3)
      that the title or dates at the top do NOT need to be clickable (although
      it's kind of nice).

      In fact I have never done it as I do not know how to do it using NVU.

      I have attended to the other points raised.

      I fixed up "clockwise". My blue.

      Kids are the same the world over when it comes to lollies (you call them
      candy I think). No way are they going to part with them.




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      Corrected Subject Line. Original post below:


      Another beautiful report. Below are your edits in the usual form
      (EDIT=Change; Edit=change something; Comment=just that). Actually,
      just one EDIT and a few comments. I find your descriptions quite
      vivid, and though I wasn't sure how I felt about the terrain
      profiles, after reading the report I think they definitely help the
      reader gain a better impression of the test conditions.

      Also, if you could hyperlink your Field Report date at the very
      beginning to the field report section, that would be great.

      Looking forward to your LTR!

      Mike C.


      My group started at the 18 point (see above) and we went in an anti-
      clock wise direction so I hit a steep climb almost immediately.
      (Point 15).

      EDIT: Deleting the period after immediately will help clarify what
      the parenthetical (Point 15) is referring to. I wasn't sure if it
      was a conclusion to this sentence, or an introduction to the next.

      And, since I'm having a buy one EDIT, get a Comment free sale, on the
      same sentence:

      Comment: I've never seen clockwise as two words . . . I'm assuming
      this is local usage, in which case it's fine, but thought I'd point
      it out in case it was a typo.


      The mesh back panel worked very well. At no stage did my shirt feel
      wet from perspiration because the pack body was not against my body.
      I kept feeling my back whilst walking to see if it was getting wet. I
      put my hand in between the mesh back panel and my back for a feel.
      Most impressed.

      I carried a water bottle in one of the side pockets. I found that I
      had to take the pack off to get it out of the pocket and to replace
      it. When I tried to do it whilst wearing the pack, my arm was bent
      backwards with my elbow sticking above the horizontal and my hand
      just about tucked into my arm pit trying to reach for the cap of the
      water bottle.

      Comment: Ouch.


      This time the weight of the pack was around 3 kilos (6.6 lb). I
      carried a map, rain jacket/poncho, camera and water. The terrain
      underfoot was blackish sand that was very loose in parts as it had
      been churned up by Quad bikes. The two children with me ended up
      putting their water bottles in the side pockets of the pack thereby
      freeing up their hands apart from their bag of lollies which they
      hung onto.

      Comment: Sounds a lot like something my kids would do!


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