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EDIT - FR Kayland Convert boots - Wayne Merry]

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  • Rick Allnutt
    Drat! I forgot to add EDIT to the subject line. Hi Wayne, Great use of the boots. Nice report. A few nits: Forested, open fields and coastal on track two day
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2008
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      Drat! I forgot to add EDIT to the subject line.

      Hi Wayne,

      Great use of the boots. Nice report.

      A few nits:

      Forested, open fields and coastal on track two day walk with elevations
      from sea level up to 300

      *** This might be easier to read if it were:
      Forested, open fields and coastal, on-track, two-day walk with
      elevations from sea level up to 300
      (But believe me when I say that I would never require you add commas or
      hyphens :) )

      There are a couple other places in the field use section where you use
      either "on track" or "two day" in complex sets of descriptors. I think
      that each one would be easier to read if you hyphenate compound
      adjectives and separate them with commas. - just a comment, not an edit.

      There is a significant amount of difference in the look of the leather
      on the upper boot, where my gaiters provided significant protection
      compared with the lower boot area that has been fully exposed to wet
      grass and mud.

      *** Comment: You may wish to replace one of the "significant"s above
      with another word.

      I have found the Converts to be significantly water resistant, and
      possibly being close to fully water proof. The "Two Bays" walk featured
      a significant amount of wet grass, which can make short work of porous
      boot materials. The boots remained dry through this exposure, even
      though the outsides of the boots were quite wet. My feet do tend to
      sweat a significant amount, however I was able to shed most of this
      moisture throughout the day, even in the wet environment. I found my
      feet slightly damp at the end of each day. This compares with very damp
      in most boots I have used up to now - so I am quite impressed with the
      eVent fabric which lines the boots.

      *** Comment: hoo-boy! You were in love with "significant" when you were
      writing this. Three of them in this paragraph. I'd suggest changing it
      up with some other significant words, like: consequential, critical,
      decisive, important, key, large, major, noteworthy, substantial.

      The Converts were unable to keep all of this out, and my feets were
      quite damp at the end of each day.
      *** feet

      As for the rest of my feet, they felt fine.
      *** This sounded funny to me. I was wondering how many feet you have.
      Think about something like: The other parts of my feet felt fine.
      - But this is comment only.

      There was one occasion where I felt sore in my toes in my right foot
      *** Consider this phrasing: "There was one occasion when the toes of my
      right foot felt sore"
      Comment only

      I was worried as I had a major decent planned on the next day of that
      walk, but no trouble arose during that decent.
      *** descent both times in the sentence.

      One walk had a muddy section followed then by a steep rocky decent.
      *** descent

      The toe caps look in good condition with no obvious wear at this stage.
      *** In America we would usually say "are in good condition" or maybe
      "look to be in good condition" or "seem to be in good condition." Maybe
      this is colloquial in your parts. At any rate, I understood what you
      meant, so no change is necessary, though you would be free to change it
      if you desire.

      After all of this exposure, all the seems on the boots still look in
      very good condition.
      *** seams
      *** same comment as above on the "look in very good condition"

      Thats it for this Field Test Report.
      *** That's

      Wayne Merry wrote:
      > Please find my FR below for your editing pleasure.
      > Url to test folder:
      > *http://tinyurl.com/5k5qmg
      > Regards,
      > Wayne
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