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Test application - Lorpen MultiSport Socks - S Pearson

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  • Sophie
    Please accept my application to test the MultiSport Tri Layer Socks by Lorpen. My test agreement was mailed May 2008. I agree to comply with all of the report
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2008
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      Please accept my application to test the MultiSport Tri Layer Socks by
      Lorpen. My test agreement was mailed May 2008. I agree to comply with
      all of the report requirements, including Chapter 5, found in the
      BackpackGearTest.org bylaws v. 0609, which I most recently read on
      August 23, 2008.

      Name: Sophie Pearson
      Age: 26
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5' 8" (1.71 m)
      Weight: 179 lb (81 kg)
      Shoe size: US Women's 10.5, EU 42
      Email address: sophiep3 at gmail dot com
      Location: Tampa, Florida USA

      I first started backpacking as a teenager in England. I did a
      month-long trip in the Arctic but most of my backpacking experience
      has been weekend to 10-day trips, in a range of terrains and climates.
      I am a volcanologist so also do day hikes carrying loaded packs over
      intense terrain. Nowadays I am nearly always in sub-tropical or
      tropical climates. I am heading more and more towards ultralight
      packing, and unless I am sharing I use a bivy rather than a tent. I
      try to pack under 20 lb (9 kg) for long weekend trips but have carried
      over 50 lb (23 kg).

      If selected, I intend to test the MultiSport Tri Layer Socks in a
      range of activities and conditions. I try to cycle to work at least
      once a week, 10 miles (16 km) roundtrip, and do social rides of 15
      miles (24 km) at least once a month, during which I would test the
      socks. Being west central Florida, the change in elevation
      is minimal, but temperatures range between 50 F (10 C) and 100 F (38
      C). I also go walking with a friend in lunch breaks for an hour, where
      I would get to test the socks with sneakers. Although Lorpen do a
      separate hiking sock, I will also try the Multisport socks with my
      hiking boots, during a 4-day hike to the southern Appalachian Trail in
      November, and during weekend backpacking trips around Florida. I am
      going on a 2-week roadtrip with a friend over Christmas around NE USA
      and SE Canada also, where I will try out the socks during day hikes
      and some skiing. Temperatures will range between 14 F (-10 C) and 41 F
      (5 C), allowing me to test them at the opposite end of the temperature
      spectrum. I will also test them when I go to Nicaragua to do
      volcanology fieldwork at some point in the next few months. There the
      temperatures are similar to Florida, but it is hiking over rough,
      rocky lava flows that really put pressure on the feet, where good
      socks can really make a huge difference.

      There are a number of things that I have found to be important in
      socks and would be looking at in particular if I was selected for this

      Moisture – Do the socks make my feet sweaty? Do they contain the
      moisture, but keep it away from the feet as the website claims? How
      quickly do they dry if they get wet/damp? How smelly do they get after
      a sweaty day in the field?!!
      Fit – Do the socks fit comfortably? Is the length of the sock compared
      to the width about right, especially considering that the website
      mentions the narrow fit for women, but I have wide feet? Are they
      fitted in the right areas so that they don't wrinkle but aren't
      Comfort – Are the seams positioned to minimize blistering? I often get
      blisters on my 4th toes from sock seams, will they do this? Is the
      reinforcement in the toe, heel and shin sufficient for those pressure
      points and is there enough padding in the ball of the feet? Does the
      arch support in the women's version make a difference? (That would be
      a huge selling point for me as my arches normally really ache after a
      day hiking.) Are the socks slim enough to fit in my boots despite the
      tri layer technology?
      Elastication – Do the socks stay up? Is the elastication loose enough
      to be comfortable and not cut off circulation?
      Durability – Does the elastic stretch with use? Do the socks snag on
      things? Do they get thinner/weaker/develop loose threads after
      washing? Does the reinforcement in the heel, toe and shin help?

      Because most of my outdoor activities are in hot climates, I need
      socks to be comfortable and padded but non-sweaty. I switched from
      synthetic socks to Smartwool socks a while ago and was amazed at how
      much difference it made. I would be really interested to see how these
      compare, and grateful for the opportunity to test them.

      My owner reviews can be found here:

      None at this time

      Nothing at this time


      Seattle Hydralight Zipaway Dry Stuff Sack

      Thank you very much for your consideration,
      Sophie Pearson
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