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LTR UCO Original Candle Lantern plus LED Jo Ann Moffi

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  • Jo Ann Moffi
    Here is the LTR for the UCO Candle Lantern and LED. HTML is here: http://snipurl.com/3cb19 Thanks for the edits! Jo Ann
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2008
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      Here is the LTR for the UCO Candle Lantern and LED.

      HTML is here: http://snipurl.com/3cb19

      Thanks for the edits!
      Jo Ann

      August 5, 2008

      Testing Locations:
      I have used the candle lantern on three additional nights camped on
      the beach at our family property on Lake Superior, Batchewana Bay. The
      beach is mostly sand and small pebbles with some grasses and small
      shrubs cropping up closer to the tree line. The beach is partially
      canopied by oak and maple trees with a few spruce and shrubs mixed in.

      Testing Conditions:
      The temperatures ranged from 20-23 C during the day and dipping to
      10-12 C overnight. The skies were sunny, overcast, and we experienced
      some light overnight rain.

      In the Field Performance:
      I continued to use the lantern and LED for the remainder of the test
      period as my primary lighting source. As I expected, the lantern and
      LED provided me with ample lighting for all the tasks of setting up
      camp, maneuvering around in the dark around camp, and finding my way
      to the bathroom in the dark. I have gone through 1 and 1/2 candles.
      The LED has had about 7 hours of use and still burns as brightly as
      the day I took it out of the package.

      I love the way the candle moves up the cylinder as it burns down. At
      no point does the melted wax overflow from the top of the cylinder.
      The only problem I had with wax getting on the inside of the glass
      when I accidentally knocked the lantern hanging on the inside of the
      tent. This is by no means an issue from the lantern itself, just my
      not paying attention to where the lantern was hanging while moving
      around in the tent. I continued to let the candle burn with the wax on
      the glass. After I blew out the candle and it cooled overnight, the
      wax was easy to take off by scraping with either a fingernail or with
      my pocket knife.

      Possible Improvements:
      I would love to see the option of a headband available so that the LED
      could be clipped onto it somehow to allow for using the LED
      hands-free. This would be very handy for hiking in the dark or tasks
      that need more light than what can be provided by the candle lantern
      and allow the direction of the beam of the LED to go right where my
      eyes are looking without having to hold the LED.

      Cozy light provided by the lantern
      Long burn time of the candles
      2 in 1 of the candle and LED

      This concludes my Long Term Report. Thank you to BackpackGearTest and
      to Industrial Revolution for the opportunity to test the UCO Original
      Candle Lantern plus LED.
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