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Re: EDIT: Flej Solo Cup Field Report - Peter Spiller

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  • phspiller
    Changes were made, and the report uploaded. Thanks Pam and Coy for the encouraging words. Happy Camping, Peter
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 6, 2008
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      Changes were made, and the report uploaded. Thanks Pam and Coy for
      the encouraging words.

      Happy Camping,


      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, "pamwyant" <pamwyant@...>
      > Hi Peter –
      > Nice report. It's sometimes very hard to think of what to write
      > about a simple item, but you've come up with some good information.
      > Just a few edits and a comment. Upload when you've addressed them.
      > Pam
      > Twin Lakes- Mammoth Lakes, CA -5 days July 2008
      > Elevation: 8202 ft (2499 m)
      > High Temperature: 83.0 C (28.3 C)
      > Low Temperature: 44 F (6.7 C)
      > ### EDIT: I think you mean 83 F instead of C. Also, remove the .0
      > after 83 to be consistent with your other F temperatures.
      > During one extended trip in June and July, I used the cup daily for 14
      > day without having the opportunity to disassemble the components of
      > the cup and thoroughly clean them.
      > ### EDIT: …for 14 *days*
      > I did find that using the mixing feature while brewing tea speeds up
      > process
      > significantly by forcing the water through the teabag.
      > ### EDIT: …speeds up *the* process
      > (Comment: Clever use!)
      > There is one small knick in the sleeve; probably as a result of the
      > many times
      > I have tightly packed the cup in various backpacks and daypacks.
      > ### EDIT: Spelling of *nick*
      > The
      > lid has a few minor scratches. At this point all of the wear is
      > cosmetic.
      > Upon reflecting on my use of the cup as a camping and backpacking cup
      > I have accepted that this cup
      > was never intended as for everyday use, and the volume and shape are
      > designed for the size constraints imposed when backpacking.
      > ### Comment: I think it would read better if you took the `as' out
      > before `for everyday use'.
      > The plastic smell and taste initially encountered when the cup was
      > new has completely disappeared, and at this point I cannot detect any
      > taste or smell coming from the plastic components of the cup.
      > ### EDIT: …when the cup was new *have* completely disappeared…
      > I has come through 15 days in the field with what I deem an acceptable
      > amount of wear and tear; all of which is cosmetic and does not
      > adversely affect the performance of the cup.
      > ### *It* has come through…
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