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FR -- Native Dash Sunglasses Brian T

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  • Brian Tannehill
    Here is the FR for the native dash sunglass report. You can view it in the test folder here
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2008
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      Here is the FR for the native dash sunglass report. You can view it in
      the test folder here

      or the text is below.

      One thing to note, I had to edit the html file manually at work to add
      the converions after I had created the text below in the RW at home.
      Since I couldnt do it all at home, I DO NOT HAVE the conversion in the
      text below. HOWEVER They are in the HTML file loaded to the test



      Since the initial report I've worn these glasses everyday for the past
      two months for a total of 60 days. Conditions have ranged from cool
      crisp mornings to 100+ F in the desert. I've worn them on five
      different four mile (6.4 km) trail runs and one six mile (9.6 km)
      road run for the Bolder Boulder Race. I've worn them while driving to
      work in the morning, due east and the sun is directly in my face for
      30 + mins. I wear them for work, while playing sports, excercising,
      and even while building stuff.


      These glasses have performed great for the abuse I have put them
      through. hey have been dropped a number of times (at LEAST close to
      10) on anything from rocks to pavement to grass. There are a few chips
      in the lenses but nothing majore that I can notice while wearing. I
      had to use the macro setting on my camera and get within 2-3 inches (
      CM) to take the picture to see the chips. <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT
      = "scratch1" IMAGE CAPTION = "Fig 4">>

      There are maybe a dozen or so little chips on the front of the lenses,
      and some minor chips on the edges.
      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "edge" IMAGE CAPTION = "Fig 5">>
      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "scratch2" IMAGE CAPTION = "Fig 6">>

      The lenses have fogged up on me some. On 26 May 2008 I ran the Bolder
      Boulder 6.2 mile (10K) road race. Temperatures were about 52 deg F
      (conversion), cloudy, and rainy. It rained on me about mile 5 (K), and
      the glasses started to fog up. I took them off, and propped them on my
      head and they fogged over even worse. At that point I had to take them
      off, wipe them down with my shirt, and then put them back on my face.

      I also noticed one morning while playing ultimate frisbee that the
      glasses would fog up on me ever so slightly. It happened just after a
      long sprint. I was walking into a stiff wind (about 8 mph) and I was
      breathing really heavy. I noticed the wind was pushing my breath back
      into my face and fogging up the glasses. This didnt last but just a
      second or two and immediatly cleared up. Since those times I have not
      noticed them fogging up anymore.

      A couple of things have broken on the glasses and case. The first is
      the nose piece on the glasses. When I received them, I noticed a few
      days after the initial report that one of the nose pieces were coming
      out. I only glued it back in place around the 24th of July. I waited
      as long as I could, and surpringly it held up well, but eventually I
      had to glue the piece back in place. Fig 7 is a picture taken about a
      week and a half after I glued it back in place. Unfortunatly I used
      superglue and I already need to try and glue it in place again or send
      them back to the company. <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "nose"
      IMAGE CAPTION = "Fig 7">>

      The other thing that broke is the zipper handle on the sunglass case.
      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "case" IMAGE CAPTION = "Fig 8">>
      Its not really a big deal, just makes the case a bit harder to close
      now. If thats the least of my worries then I have it made.

      Now the good stuff! Like I said earlier I've worn these glasses every
      day. Recently I wore them while working in the Las Vegas, Nevada heat.
      Temperatures ran around 105-107 F (C) for the whole time I was there.
      I didnt work directly in the heat all day, but I did have to go out in
      the heat numerous times in the day. I also ran in the late evenings
      outside with the sunglasses on. The glasses stayed in place on my face
      great, even while pouring down with sweat.

      I also wore the glasses on the drive to and from Las Vegas, for a
      total of 4 days total, 2 there and 2 back (16 hours drive time). On
      the way back, I noticed with my oily complection that the glasses
      would slip down my nose some. I fixed this by wiping the bridge of my
      nose off occasionally, and cleaning the nose pieces of the glasses.


      So far I absolutly love these glasses. They are light, durable, and
      fit well on my face.

      This concludes my field report. Please check back in about 2 months
      (Oct 2008) for the long term report.
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