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LTR: Mountainsmith Boundary Pack - Mike Curry

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  • Mike C.
    John, For your editing pleasure. HTML can be found at http://tinyurl.com/6ne9rb Looking forward to your edits! Mike C. LONG-TERM REPORT SUMMARY Overall, the
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      For your editing pleasure. HTML can be found at

      Looking forward to your edits!

      Mike C.



      Overall, the Mountainsmith Boundary pack is a versatile pack that I'd
      able to use for trips of up to 5 days (or longer under some
      conditions), and is almost perfect for my use as an overnight or
      weekend pack. It also works well as a daypack while hiking with my
      children, where I'm carrying a fair amount of extras. It is
      comfortable and very stable, and moves very well with my body.


      During the long-term test period, I have used the Mountainsmith
      Boundary pack on two 2-night weekend trips, two single-night trips,
      and about 8 day hikes. All trips were in the Olympic Mountains or the
      Olympic Coastal Strip of Washington State. Elevations ranged from sea
      level to 4,200 ft (1280 m). Temperatures ranged from 35 F (2 C) to 90
      F (32 C). Weather conditions have been primarily overcast or sunny,
      with occasional rainshowers.


      While I've added a good deal of experience with this pack during long-
      term testing, my opinion of it hasn't changed. It's a solid
      performer that is comfortable, functional, and versatile.

      Pack on an Attempted Early-Season Fishing Trip">>During long-term
      testing, the bulk of my trips have been at higher elevations in the
      Olympic Mountains of Washington State. In these locations, the pack
      has seen use over rocky, mountainous terrain, and on a number of
      trips was used while covering late-season snow. The pack has handled
      all these conditions without any noticeable wear or damage, and it
      still looks almost as good as the day it arrived.

      The fabric this pack is made of seems to repel stains. While using
      it as a daypack with my kids I've spilled lots of sticky gooey stuff
      in and on it, and I've always been able to just wipe it off. I've
      not washed the pack at all (just wiped off obvious spills with a damp
      cloth), yet is appears almost as clean as when it arrived.

      In regards to comfort, this pack is remarkably comfortable when
      traveling over rough terrain. The photo in this picture was taken
      after hiking about 1 mile (1.6 k) off-trail scrambling over (and
      under) logs and brush, and negotiating some moderate snow slopes. I
      experienced very little load shifting, and the pack moved with me
      exceptionally well.

      While the channels on the foam pad against your back do provide for
      some air flow, I do find my back getting very sweaty and sticky
      during warmer weather. My solution to this has been to loosen the
      straps and allow the pack to shift lower, positioning the belt at my
      hips. I actually find this more comfortable overall to having it
      adjusted correctly, however the load is not nearly as stable as when
      the pack is adjusted correctly.

      I've also gained a lot more experience using this pack as a daypack,
      and have discovered that while it is too large for my usual solo
      dayhikes (I can't compress the load enough to make it stable). The
      pack is perfect when I'm dayhiking with my kids, though, as I can
      pack some extra clothes, extra food, and extra everything and use the
      compression straps to adjust it down into a nice compact load.


      I will likely continue to use the Mountainsmith Boundary pack for
      three-season weekend use, summer extended trip use, and for dayhiking
      with my family. While it might not be the first pack I reach for
      when I'm carrying a large load, or in very high temperatures, I will
      probably go to it before all others for steeper off-trail adventures
      where load stability is critical.

      I would like to thank Mountainsmith and BackpackGearTest for the
      opportunity to test the Boundary pack. This concludes my report.

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.
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