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  • cmcrooker
    Here is my IR for the OUTDOOR RESEARCH SUN RUNNER CAP. HTML can be found here: http://snipurl.com/2u4li or here:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2008
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      Here is my IR for the OUTDOOR RESEARCH SUN RUNNER CAP.

      HTML can be found here:
      or here:

      July 05, 2008


      NAME: Carol Crooker
      EMAIL: cmcrooker AT gmail DOT com
      AGE: 49
      LOCATION: Phoenix, AZ
      GENDER: F
      HEIGHT: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
      WEIGHT: 165 lb (74.80 kg)
      HEAD SIZE: 22 3/8 in (57 cm)

      For the past 9 years, I've backpacked about 30 days each year. My
      trips were from 2 to 28 days, with my usual trip being 3 to 6 days
      long. Most of my trips have been in Arizona and the western mountains
      with Pennsylvania and New York thrown in for variety. Weather has
      varied from 107 F to a low of 0 F (42 to -18 C). Most of my
      backpacking trips are solo. My three-season base pack weight varies
      from 10 to 5 pounds (5 - 2 kg), depending on the weather and trip
      length. My winter base pack weight is about 16 pounds (7 kg). I
      normally use a tarp for shelter all year round. I've recently taken up
      packrafting (backpacking and rafting combined) and apply the same
      lightweight principles I've learned from backpacking.



      Manufacturer: Outdoor Research
      Year of Manufacture: 2008
      Manufacturer's Website: <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE -
      MSRP: US$30
      Listed Weight Size L: 2.8 oz (79 g)
      Measured Weight Size S: 2.8 oz (79 g); 1.8 oz (51 g) hat, 1.0 oz (28
      g) skirt
      Colors: Khaki, White/Slate
      Sizes: S, M, L, XL
      Size small equals hat size 6 7/8 and fits 21 5/8 in (55 cm)


      A khaki Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap arrived at my house looking
      just like the photo on the website when the skirt is attached, except
      slightly darker than how the color shows up on my computer monitor.
      The website doesn't show a view of the hat without the skirt. The side
      mesh panels are a silvery gray color. It looks like there is too much
      mesh fabric: with the hat snug on my head, the Supplex nylon panels
      conform to my head, while the mesh is slightly loose with some wrinkles.

      All seams visible on the outside of the hat are even and tight.
      Underneath the sweat band the fabrics that cover the top and underside
      of the bill are sewn together. There are two straight seams to prevent
      the unfinished edges from unraveling too far. In one spot the outer
      straight seam drops a stitch and then the outer seam runs into the
      inner seam. The nylon has unraveled all the way to the single straight
      seam at this point. This does not affect the appearance of the hat; it
      remains to be seen if it will affect the function over the four month
      test period.

      The Supplex nylon material in the top of the hat and the skirt is
      wonderfully soft and quiet.

      The bill is stiffened with plastic and has a nice shape: it's not so
      flat it looks dorky (technical term for unattractive), or so curved it
      blocks my peripheral vision.

      The skirt attaches to the brim with two snaps. It can be just clipped
      on, or for more security, the size adjustment band on the cap slips
      through openings in the skirt.

      A one-piece chin cord (narrow flat-tube webbing) is tied to reinforced
      slits in both sides of the skirt and can be adjusted with a slider in
      the center. The cord is long enough to drape over the back of my neck
      as well as hang in the front. The skirt can be pulled down to uncover
      the mesh side panels for ventilation or left up for more sun protection.


      I requested a size small Sun Runner Cap even though my head size
      measurement is 22 3/8 in (57 cm) and the Outdoor Research website
      lists a small as fitting 21 5/8 in (55 cm). Going strictly by head
      circumference, a size medium (22 1/2 in, 57 cm) should have been a
      good fit for me. However, I tried on a medium cap before testing began
      and noticed that the volume was a bit large for my head. With the cap
      resting on the crease of my ears (where glasses frames rest) - the top
      of the hat floated above my crown. I liked the way a size small fit:
      with the cap pulled down on my head, it didn't jam into the crease of
      my ears, but still felt like it came down far enough to stay on in wind.

      The sizing listed on the website is accurate.

      My size small test cap fits great although when the hook and loop
      strip is adjusted for my head, there is only about 2 in (5 cm) left to
      expand the hat in case I want to wear a warm hat under it. Also, it
      would be more attractive if the fabric covered side of the hook and
      loop strip could be pulled over further to cover the black hook and
      loop strip. A size medium cap would not have either of these issues,
      but the fit on my crown would not be as good.

      I can easily snap on the skirt with the hat on my head. The skirt
      provides good coverage of the tops of my ears (in still air) even with
      the chin cord hanging behind my neck.


      I'll be wearing the Sun Runner Cap on my morning dog walks, day hikes
      and backpack trips with and without the skirt.

      Particular areas I'll be checking out:

      - Sun protection. Is the bill long enough to shade my eyes? Does the
      skirt adequately cover my neck in the back and sides and keep it from
      getting sun burned? Does the 30 UPF fabric of the hat protect my head
      adequately from sun?

      - Skirt. Is the skirt easy to attach and remove? Does it stay on once
      attached? Does it stay in place (covering the vents or not as I
      desire)? Does it cover my ears in windy conditions with the chin strap
      behind my neck?

      - Mesh side panels. How well does the hat vent?

      - Plastic stiffened bill. Is the bill stiff enough to hold a light
      clipped to it without flopping?

      - TransAction headband. Does it keep sweat out of my eyes?

      - Is it easy to adjust the hat on the fly? Is there enough
      adjustability for the size small hat to fit over a thin skull cap?
      Does the cinch strap get in the way of my paddling helmet?

      - Durability.

      - How quickly does the hat dry? Does it provide some protection if I'm
      caught in the rain?

      - Can the hat be thrown in the washer and come out looking good?


      Check back in two months for a Field Report and in four months for the
      Long Term Report.

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.
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