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Re: EDIT IR: Scarpa Kailash GTX Hiking Boots - Greg McDonald

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  • Greg
    Jo Ann, Thanks for the edits! I ve incorporated the changes as long as one or two more that were pointed out to me by my tireless mentor and uploaded the IR.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 5, 2008
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      Jo Ann,

      Thanks for the edits! I've incorporated the changes as long as one or
      two more that were pointed out to me by my tireless mentor and
      uploaded the IR. I'll see you in August... or September whenever the
      FR is due!

      Greg M

      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, "Jo Ann Moffi"
      <jomoffi@...> wrote:
      > Hi Greg,
      > Great report. Just a few minor edits and you can upload.
      > See you again in a couple of months!
      > Jo Ann
      > BEGIN EDITS:
      > > Initial Thoughts & Observations
      > >
      > > The Scarpa Kailash GTX boots are a part of Scarpa's "Backpacking
      > > Series" of boots. Scarpa categorizes the Kailash as a midweight
      > > that is "ideal for hiking, rugged day hikes, and regular abuse"
      > > goes on to say they are designed for "maximum comfort."
      > >
      > > The boots themselves arrived in perfect condition in the standard
      > > Scarpa box, pictured at right with the boots themselves. Right out
      > > of the box I felt they looked pretty sharp, and there were no
      > > surprises in their appearance thanks to a thorough study of the
      > > Scarpa website and an article in Backpacker Magazine. On the right
      > > boot, a small hanging booklet was attached with a plastic loop
      > > through one of the eyelets for the shoelace. This booklet includes
      > > information concerning care instructions, accessories,
      > > and general advice on boot care. Also in the box was an insert
      > > Gore-Tex outlining who to contact if I am not satisfied with the
      > > breathability or waterproofing of the Gore-Tex.
      > EDIT: It is not necessary or desirable for us to include information
      > about the packaging or any additional items included with the test
      > item. It is ok to mention the hang tag and it's info as this would
      > standard with what a customer would purchase.
      > > Closer inspection yieled some more observations. The shoelaces are
      > EDIT: yieled should be yielded
      > > I am also very pleased with the additional reinforcement on the
      > > of the boot to protect the achilles and peronal tendons on the
      > EDIT: achilles should be capitalized.
      > > hindfoot. There is an identical material on the toe that forms a
      > > sort of toe rand. Both these areas are considerably more rigid
      > > the rest of the boot, protecting some of the more vulnerable parts
      > > of the foot. I did some basic kick testing on these areas to test
      > > their impact resistance, and thusfar I am very pleased with how
      > > protect these vital areas. (See Fig. IR-2)
      > EDIT: thusfar is two words: thus far
      > > footbed is very comfortable, and the padding in and around the
      > > collar is excellent so as long as I do not overtighten the laces,
      > > the heel and ankle area is quite cozy. As I mentioned briefly
      > EDIT: overtighten should be two words: over tighten
      > >
      > > Thusfar, I have been very impressed with the construction and
      > > initial comfort of the boots (including their hot-weather
      > EDIT: Again, thus far should be two words.
      > END EDITS
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