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IR - Scarpa Kailash Boots - Tom C.

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  • tcallahanbgt
    Below is my IR for the Scarpa Kailash boots. HTML version has been posted to the Test Folder and my be found here, http://tinyurl.com/43gu49 SCARPA KAILASH
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2008
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      Below is my IR for the Scarpa Kailash boots. HTML version has been
      posted to the Test Folder and my be found here,

      July 03, 2008


      NAME: Tom Callahan
      EMAIL: tcallahanbgt AT yahoo DOT com
      AGE: 49
      LOCATION: Seattle, Washington, USA
      GENDER: M
      HEIGHT: 5' 11" (1.80 m)
      WEIGHT: 170 lb (77.10 kg)

      For the past 20 years I have lived off and on in Washington State,
      backpacking in the Cascade Mountains. I get out regularly on day
      hikes and multi-day trips and usually try to include a good off trail
      scramble. During the winter I get out snowshoeing at every
      opportunity. I also enjoy glacier climbing, summiting prominent peaks
      like Mt. Rainier (14K ft/4K m) and Mt. Baker (10K ft/3K m). My pack
      weight will range from 15 - 50 lbs (7 - 23 kg) depending on the
      season and the length and type of trip.



      Manufacturer: Scarpa
      Year of Manufacture: 2008
      Manufacturer's Website: <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE -
      MSRP: N/A
      Listed Weight: 630g (1 lb 6.2 oz) for size 42
      Measured Weight: 3 lb 0.4 oz (1,360 g)
      Size: 44.5

      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "Scarpa Kailash Boots" IMAGE CAPTION
      = "Scarpa Kailash Boots">>


      The boots arrived in a standard Scarpa boot box. The boots appearance
      is true to the picture of the product on the Scarpa web site.
      Although some pieces of the boots suede is slightly darker than
      pictured, and another slightly lighter this is very minor. The
      coloring and styling make for a good looking boot.

      There were 3 hang tags with the product; a Scarpa tag that describes
      the leather used in their product line and the proper care for the
      leather. The other 2 tags were Gore-Tex product tags

      The boot upper is constructed of a combination of nylon mesh and
      suede, predominantly the latter. These panels curve and overlap to
      provide flexibility across the front of the boot. Additional panels
      provide support through the ankle and particularly in the heel which
      is quite stiff. The interior lining of the boot is a very soft. There
      is ample padding throughout the boots, with extra padding around the
      top of the boot. This should make for a comfortable fit. The tongue
      is also well very padded and gusseted nearly the entire length. The
      boot has a Gore-Tex liner that is built in to the boot, between the
      boot exterior and interior padded liner.

      The stitching and cut of materials are of very good quality. There
      are no loose threads and all seams are nicely finished. The lacing
      system consists of nylon web and metal hook eyelets. The boot laces
      up initially with an initial center web eyelet, 4 metal loop eyelets,
      a pair of web eyelets, and then 2 pair of metal hook eyelets.

      The sole of the boot is constructed of Vibram Hi-Trail Lite. The
      tread is deep and the lugs are angled to provide traction. The lugs
      are well spaced which will hopefully keep them from clogging up with
      mud. Judging by pressing a fingernail into the The Vibram Hi-Trail
      Lite rubber sole, it seems a little softer relative to other Vibram
      soled boots I have owned. I'm hoping this will provide enhanced
      traction on rough, slippery rocks.


      I wear a thin liner sock and a medium weight sock when hiking and
      typically take a 10 1/2 or 11 in US sizes, depending on the boot. I
      tried on the boots with my hiking socks and these size 44.5 boots fit
      very well.

      My heel fit well in the heel cup, the boot was snug across the top of
      my foot, the toe box provided enough room to move my toes a bit and
      my toes did not press against the end of the boot. The boots flexed
      well across the toes and the sole has medium stiffness. The boot is
      quite stiff through the ankle, providing very good lateral support.
      The ample cushioning of the boot felt very good and should provided
      added comfort when hiking, especially with a heavy load. The weight
      of the boots feels average for mid-weight hiking boot that is so
      solidly constructed. There does seem to be a disparity with the
      Scarpa web site listing this boot with a significantly lower weight
      than what I measured (see Product Information & Specifications
      section). Lacing of the boots is easy. The laces slide easily through
      both the nylon and metal eyelets. The laces also fit well in the
      metal hook eyelets.


      The Scarpa Kailash boots I received are what I expected. The boots
      are of solid construction. The boot design, plus the interior padding
      provides a very comfortable fit. The sole has a tread that should
      readily handle mudd and rocks. The Gore-Tex liner should keep my feet
      dry during stream crossing and rainy weather. These will be my
      primary backpacking boot for the coming season and am looking forward
      to testing them on a variety of terrain and conditions on trails in
      the Pacific Northwest.

      Initial likes: Good fit, solid construction, Gore-Tex liner
      I will be watching during testing: how breathable is the boot in warm
      weather, how well does the tread hold up over time, is the boot truly

      This concludes my Initial Report. The Field Report will be amended
      to this report in approximately two months from the date of this
      report. Please check back then for further information.

      Thank you to BackpackGearTest.org and Scarpa for the opportunity to
      test these boots.

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.
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