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  • Coy
    No one should have to edit 2 Auzi reports back to back... That said, nice work. In fact, all three report gave me a good description of a hard to descrbe item.
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30, 2008
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      No one should have to edit 2 Auzi reports back to back...

      That said, nice work. In fact, all three report gave me a good
      description of a hard to descrbe item. I have a few edits for you.
      And as with AP, several comments which may be style. Disregard if
      they dont seem right to you.

      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, "Ralph Ditton"
      <rdassetts@...> wrote:
      > Hey Coy Boy,
      > Get your laughing gear around this.

      you mean crying gear...

      I have dished you up a smorgasbord of
      > potential edits.
      > The text version is set out below and the copy in the test folder
      can be
      > peeped at by clicking on the following:
      > http://tinyurl.com/6bttgl
      > Cheers
      > Ralph

      > I am nearly there as it is 964 km (603 mi) long. Just on 200 km
      (124 mi) to go.

      Comment: you guys sure talk funny. Just on makes no sense to me. I
      would combine these two sentences and say "is 964 (603 mi) long so I
      have just (or just have) 200 km (124) to go."

      > Instruction sheet: Printed in the Philippines

      Comment: I'm not sure this is relevant? I'd leave it out.

      > This is a "what you see is what you get" watch.

      Comment: I like that description

      > There is no information as to which end to use of the indicator
      hand when trying to read the current tide position as there are arrow
      heads at both ends.

      Edit: I am pretty sure you have "end to use of" backward and
      somewhat out of order. At least I got lost. How does "There is no
      information as to which end of the indicator hand to use when trying
      to read" sound?

      > The dedicated indicator hand at the red end has an arrow head
      inside an arrow head. (See above photo).

      Comment: Ahh, now I understand what AP was referring too. or maybe
      not. is it black at the other end?

      This is where I have some concerns with the lack of information in
      the Instruction Sheet about how to read the dedicated indicator hand.
      If I took the red end of the indicator hand then it is clearly wrong.

      Comment: I think Shelia mentioned the same thing. She concluded that
      it is backwards too what is seems to read.

      As far as I know, the difference in hemispheres should not make any
      difference as the phases of the moon are the same in both hemispheres
      at the same time.

      Comment: dont ask me either. I do know camodes flush backwards but
      that's about all.

      > Thermometer
      > To get the best results from the thermometer I must take the watch
      off my wrist as my body heat affects the result. I must leave it off
      for a number of minutes to cool down to the environment.

      Comment: getting picky but instead of "to cool down: I would say so
      it will cool down". I could read that as you want to cool down.

      > My Kestrel has an exposed thermistor

      Comment/Edit? thermistor should be thermostat…unless this is a word I
      am just not familiar with.

      > which responds quickly to change in temperature and I must admit I
      did expect to see something

      Comment: easer to just go ahead and say it. Put commas here "…in
      temperature, and I must admit. I did expect…

      > To make sure that I had it right I checked the watch against my own

      Comment: was it? Also might add some punctuation after right.

      > A watchs basic function.

      Edit: watchs should be watches

      > The hour and minute hands are large with a luminesce strip for
      night reading. The second hand is a skinny red one without any
      luminesce strip. (See above photo).

      Comment: word is saying luminance strip. (2 places) also suggested
      luminescent strip. However, yours may be right.

      > To set the time was very easy as the instructions are

      Comment: To set the time is awkward, how about; Setting the time was

      > I have worn the watch for a full days hiking so far and I found
      that I did perspire under the band and it became a bit uncomfortable,
      so I took it off and wiped the base of the watch and my arm, replaced
      it back on my arm a little bit looser to the fifth hole from the end,
      as my wrist had swelled a bit due to the heat.

      Comment; so you like long sentences too…

      > It was 22 C (72 F) and very still and the humidity was 61%.

      Comment: take out first and and replace with comma…

      > There is a splash of luminesce on the red tip of the dedicated
      indicator hand and I can only barely see it with my glasses on.

      Comment: word likes luminescence

      > Temperature readings? Ummm. I really need to give this a good shake
      out as the needle seems to like the 20 to 25 C (68 - 77 F) range when
      the real temperature is lower according to my Kestrel 3500 Pocket
      Weather Meter. Maybe it will ride up with wear so to speak! Time will

      Comment: to bad about the temp function. I guess ride up means
      loosen up? If it don't you might need to get a replacement watch?

      That's all I see. Fix to your satisfaction and upload to the proper

      Coy Boy
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