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IR - UCO Candle Lantern - Rick

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  • Rick Allnutt
    The HTML version of the report with photos is here: http://snipurl.com/234a9 [www_backpackgeartest_org] The text version is here: Industrial Revolution UCO
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2008
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      The HTML version of the report with photos is here:

      http://snipurl.com/234a9 [www_backpackgeartest_org]

      The text version is here:

      Industrial Revolution UCO
      Original Candle Lantern plus LED Light
      Test Series by Rick Allnutt

      Initial Report - March 31, 2008

      Field Report - Come back in June 2008 for the next update

      NAME: Rick Allnutt
      EMAIL: rick@...
      AGE: 54
      LOCATION: Helotes, Texas
      GENDER: male
      HEIGHT: 6' 0" (1.80 m)
      WEIGHT: 183 lb (83.00 kg)

      Over the last several years, I have become an ultralight camper with a
      three-season base pack weight of about 8 lb (3.5 kg) and skin out weight
      of 17 lb (8 kg). I have completed many section hikes on the Appalachian
      Trail (AT) in all four seasons, and many trips to state parks, with a
      total mileage of about 1550 miles (2500 km). I am a gearhead, a hammock
      or tarp camper, and I make much of my own equipment.

      Trail Name: Risk

      Risk's Ultralite Hiking Page: www.imrisk.com

      March 31, 2008


      Manufacturer: Industrial Revolution UCO
      Year of Manufacture: 2008
      Manufacturer's Website: http://www.candlelantern.com
      MSRP: Not Listed
      Listed Weight: 8 oz (227 g)
      Measured Weight 7.2 oz (204 g)
      Measured Weight of LED insert .6 oz (17 g)

      The glow of a candle at my campsite on a lonely mountain is a luxury I
      have enjoyed since I began hiking. Especially on long winter nights
      lasting 12 and more hours, having a friendly and warm light makes the
      difference between pleasure and lonliness. The UCO candle lantern
      promises to be a wind resistant way to have a candle flame glow for
      hours at a time.

      I was excited to open the package and see how all the parts work
      together. First and foremost, the lantern is a way to hold a candle so
      that it does not blow out in a gentle breeze. The lantern is constructed
      of lightweight aluminum and holds a glass chimney which allows the
      candle flame to shine out without allowing wind to get at the flame. The
      chimney portion of the lantern can be slipped inside the lower portion
      of the lantern for transport. This protects it from breakage and make
      the lantern half as long as it is when in use.

      The candle itself is contained in an aluminum holder in which the wax
      candle can slip upward until the wick sticks out of the holder. The
      candle is advanced through this holder by a spring and a metalic base
      plate. This works in such a way so that as the candle burns shorter,
      the candle moves upward and the burning wick remains at the same level
      in the lantern. There is a slot in the side of the aluminum tube candle
      holder allowing me to visualize how much of the candle remains. This
      slot can is also visible in the bottom portion of the outer lantern.

      The top of the chimney portion of the lantern has a staneless steel
      diffuser which keeps the hot column of air from traveling straight up
      and melting anything which the lantern is hung from. Above that is a
      wire bail and several links of metal chain, surmounted by a metalic
      hook. All this is designed to make sure that the candle does not
      overheat any hanger that might be chosen in a tent or from a tree branch.

      What makes this lantern remarkable is the small LED light which is
      insert into the base of the candle holder. The two cell light runs on
      2032 wafer batteries. It is a natural feeling for me to hold the candle
      lantern in the closed position and aim the light as though I were
      holding a flashlight.

      In the bluish photo here, the light is lying on leaves and grass near a
      camping spot. It illuminates the area as I am working on a way move
      materials so that I can make camp in a secluded spot in the woods. The
      light actually shines much whiter than the photograph here portrays.

      The LED light can also be removed from the lantern. It has a small wire
      bail on its back side. This can be used to prop the LED light up on a
      table, or it can be hung from a pocket or string around my neck. In one
      of the photos I show this portion of the light hanging from my shirt
      pocket. This is a good hands-free light for quick use around camp.

      According to package instructions, candles are designed to last for up
      to 9 hours of burn time. The LED's batteries are meant to last 40 hours.
      That is a lot of time for the summer camping season which is coming up.
      But I will do my best to do night-time reading by candle light and
      explore the uses of the LED light during camping and hiking.


      The Candle Lantern plus LED combines candle light and LED light into one
      package. For some uses, candles feel much more friendly to me. They can
      also be useful in starting campfires. For rooting around in the middle
      of the night in my pack, a quick to turn on LED light makes much more
      sense than a candle. Both lights may be useful for night time reading.

      The things I really like about this package are:
      - both candle and LED lights are available and are compactly stowed together
      - construction is robust while remaining reasonably light weight
      - burn time for the candle as well as for the LED is more than adequate
      for my camping needs

      The things which I have questions about at the beginning of the test
      series includes the source of replacement candles, replacement
      batteries, and the function of the spring advanced candle. I thank
      Industrial Revolution UCO and BackpackGearTest.org for selecting me for
      this test.IR
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