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Application to test Kayland Convert boot- Mike J Daurio Jr.

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  • mikejr232323
    Following is my application to test the Kayland boots. I have two criteria for shoes. They need to fit and be waterproof if I m to hike in them. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2008
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      Following is my application to test the Kayland boots.

      I have two criteria for shoes. They need to fit and be waterproof
      if I'm to hike in them. The Kaylands seem to at least be half of

      I have moved about 40 miles from the AT and am looking forward to
      getting out and about on the trail. I have been doing alot of
      research on boots lately. I've also discovered a thing or two about
      my foot in the process. The Kaylands would be a welcomed addition to
      my journeys on the trail this summer. I would like a solid sole to
      absorb shocks and support the extra weight of my pack. I am
      particularly intrigued by the eVent fabric used in the boot. I love
      the Event compression sack I have and would welcome the breathing
      technology on my feet. I trample through everything when I hike and
      will need the waterproof qualities of it.

      The fit will be a crucial part of the test. This will be my first
      boot I've used on a trail. I usually hike in my trail runners. I'm
      planning on a high mileage summer and will need the extra protection,
      support, and tread. I have discovered my right foot is slightly
      bigger than my left. That being said I would need a size 11. the
      lacing system looks as if it would give me the control I need to
      tighten around my thinner foot size and around the support of my weak
      ankles (due to soccer injuries).

      The covered toe looks like it would do well on the rocky terrain of
      the AT.

      I guess I'll be doing around 300 miles in them this summer. I have
      written two reviews on shoes and another on the Event compression dry
      sack mentioned earlier. Please reference those if you wish. I am in
      the Long term phase of the Golite Echo jacket and the Clif products.
      I am also in the Field report section of the Princeton tec FUEL
      headlamp. I am completing the Initial report of the Vargo Titanium
      sierra 750. Testing the boots would only help the ability to get
      these tests finished.

      I will comment on the fit, function, design, materials, stitching,
      support, and quality of the boots, if awarded the chance to test
      them. I realize this is a short and sweet application but the boots
      look simple and I have experience with the technologies used in the
      boot. In addition The fact they are my first boot I expect a fair
      amount of discovery while testing them. My stuff is found here:

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