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APPLICATION TO TEST: Oboz Yellowstone - Erich Roetz

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  • eroetz93
    APPLICATION TO TEST the Oboz Yellowstone Hiking Boots Date: 3/2//08 Please accept my application to test the Oboz Yellowstone hiking boots. I have read the BGT
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2008
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      APPLICATION TO TEST the Oboz Yellowstone Hiking Boots

      Date: 3/2//08

      Please accept my application to test the Oboz Yellowstone hiking
      boots. I have read the BGT By-Laws (v. 0609) including Chapter 5 and
      will comply with all of the reporting terms and requirements. My
      signed tester agreement is on file. I will have no difficulty meeting
      the minimum expected use requirements and plan to use the footwear
      more than the required amount of time.

      NAME: Erich Roetz
      EMAIL: gerbil93 at gmail dot com
      AGE: 40
      LOCATION: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
      GENDER: M
      HEIGHT: 5' 8" (1.7 m)
      WEIGHT: 170 lb (77 kg)

      Backpacking Background: I started backpacking when I was Boy Scout
      over 27 years ago. I do mostly medium weight backpacking but I am
      doing more lightweight backpacking now that my son is a Scout. We
      camp one weekend a month all year round in temperatures from very hot
      (Virginia summers of 100F/38C) to very cold (Pennsylvania winters -
      below freezing) from sea level to about 2000 ft (610 meters)

      Field Information

      If I am chosen to test the Oboz Yellowstone hiking boots, I will test
      them in four separate locations on five different trips: Virginia
      Beach, Virginia; Surry, Virginia; Crabtree Falls, Virginia and San
      Lee, North Carolina. I should encounter some cold, wet weather in the
      Piedmont area of Virginia and North Carolina. On each trip, I will be
      out for two to three nights with the exception of a 4 day hike over
      Spring Break. The trips weekend trips will increase from 4 mi (6.4
      km) to 10 mi (16.1 km) while the Spring Break trip will be about 3 mi
      (4.8 km) per day.

      The average temperatures for the locations are:
      Virginia Beach, VA 54F to 36F (12C to 2C)
      Surry, VA 50F to 30F (10C to -1C)
      Crabtree Falls, VA 51F to 27F (12C to -2C)
      San Lee, NC 70F to 41F (21C to 5C)

      I currently use a pair of Merrell Hypno shoes for most of my hiking
      trips. I've logged over 120 miles (193 km) with them both on the
      trail and in the city. How will the Yellowstones compare to the

      Testing Strategy:

      I will consider the following during my testing of the Oboz

      How well does it fit? How does the liner feel? Does the tongue bunch
      up when laced and zipped up? Do I need to wear special socks or will
      any old pair do? How do the Yellowstones feel when I don't wear socks
      at all? Kind of gross, but it does happen. Does the "Gender
      Specific Molded Heel" imply a man's boot is designed differently than
      the women's boots?

      How quickly do they dry? Are they comfortable when they are wet? Do
      the waterproof nubuck uppers keep water out of the boots? Does the
      sole offer arch support? Do the uppers trap moisture creating an
      environment for noxious odor?

      I don't do any trail running, but I routinely hike on unprepared
      surfaces. My running is generally limited to paved or lightly grassed
      surfaces. Does the "Dual Density Propulsion Foam" lead to better
      support? How well do the Yellowstones hold up under various surfaces?
      How is the traction? How is the traction when the surface is wet?
      How well made are the Yellowstones? Does the sole separate from the
      shoe? Do the laces pull through their holes or do they snag?

      Are they comfortable in different temperatures? How much more will my
      feet sweat inside the waterproof membrane? How comfortable will they
      be temperatures ranging from 40F to 100F (4C to 38C)? How well do
      they clean up?

      How stylish are they? Will they look good on me?

      If selected, my normal boot size is 8.5, but I will request a 9.5
      with the size difference that Coy mentioned in the test call.

      Owner reviews can be found here:

      Current Test Series:
      Peak Camp `n Trail, FR due in March (the IR can be found here
      Kombi Latitude Gloves, FR due in March (the IR can be found here

      Other Pending Applications:
      Flej Solo Cup
      Eureka Mountain Breeze Tent
      Ryder's Intersect Interchangeable Sunglasses

      I would like to thank you and Oboz Footwear for your consideration,
      Erich Roetz
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