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Many Thanks to the Mods here

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  • Jodi Cornelius
    For those of you who don t know - I am/was a tester/monitor here for, geeze,how many years now??? I am part of the Nuts and Wheelos gang (which I am MOST
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2008
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      For those of you who don't know - I am/was a tester/monitor here for,
      geeze,how many years now??? I am part of the Nuts and Wheelos gang
      (which I am MOST proud of) and am one of the "official" spankers for
      testers who try to abscond with gear without the required reports in
      my area (bummer is, no one has tried that near me <sigh> - my
      reputation precedes me I guess)

      Anyway, due to neck surgery and subsequent nerve pain/problem issues,
      I have been unable to test gear but I was able to continue as a
      monitor for tests. Unfortunately, my nerve problems have increased
      to the point to where I cannot spend much time on the computer
      because it causes MAJOR pain (not the movie - think about it) and
      causes both arms to go numb (I also have major MAJOR carpal tunnel)
      and to go into painful spasms that causes my left arm to pull up
      similar to what happens with people with strokes. So I had to stop
      with the monitoring as well.

      Out of the blue (after a little chat with Leesa, it wasn't a total
      surprise) comes a "Get Recovered" card signed by all the monitors.
      It was such a blessing to me as I received it on a day where I was
      really down from all my health issues (there are also mental issues -
      shut up Ralph and Jim - which we are in the middle of getting squared
      away. I have officially been diagnosed with ADHD with bipolar and
      manic tendencies- those of you who have had personal contact with me
      via kampfire or otherwise won't be surprised by the diagnosis LOL)

      Anyway, I just wanted to thank in public (sent them an e-card thank
      you) all the moderators here. You testers and monitors have some of
      the BESTEST people in the world moderating this group no matter if
      you have had "disagreements" with them or not. Without them, there'd
      be no "backpackgeartest.og" and "free" gear. There'd be no software
      created (thanks Shane!!) to help make writing the tests a little bit
      easier. And I personally want to thank Shane for taking a chance on
      5 newbies (of which I was one) for our first piece of gear - a Deuter
      day pack which almost caused my poor husband to be sent to the
      hospital after I attacked him in my excitement of being chosen - and
      thus creating the "Nuts and Wheelos" gang. Thank you for taking a
      chance on Me in particular and helping me as I wrote my first tests
      and all the other veterans who helped me/us as we grew in our review

      I look forward to coming back, if not as a tester (a lot will depend
      on what we find when I get to the neurologist), then hopefully as a
      monitor again.

      Thanks again guys - you rock in my book and whatever I can do for you
      guys, I'll do my best to do it!!

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