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IR- DeFeet DuraGloves- askLarry (POST)

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  • larry
    Dear BGT and mysterious test monitor: I have uploaded my IR on the DeFeet DuraGloves. The html can be found at: http://tinyurl.com/2lkuak and the text is
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2008
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      Dear BGT and mysterious test monitor:

      I have uploaded my IR on the DeFeet DuraGloves.

      The html can be found at:

      and the text is pasted below.



      DeFeet DuraGloves

      INITIAL REPORT - March 1, 2008


      NAME: Larry Kirschner
      EMAIL: asklarry98@...
      AGE: 43
      LOCATION: Columbus, OH
      GENDER: M
      HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
      WEIGHT: 200 lb (90.70 kg)

      I've been an intermittent camper/paddler since my teens, but now that
      my kids are avid Boy Scouts, I've caught the backpacking bug. I
      typically do 8-10 weekend hikes per year, and have spent time over
      the past 2 years backpacking at the Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron,
      New Mexico and canoeing the Atikaki wilderness in Manitoba. I like to
      travel "in comfort", so I used to pack heavier than needed, but now
      I'd say I'm down to medium weight. With all of my investment into
      these ventures, I expect my wife and I will continue to trek long
      after the kids are goneĀ…


      March 1, 2008


      Manufacturer: DeFeet
      Year of Manufacture: 2008
      Manufacturer's Website: www.defeet.com
      MSRP: USD $15.00
      Listed Weight: N/A
      Measured Weight: 4.1 oz (116 g) per pair


      The DeFeet DuraGloves arrived with a tag indicating that they are
      designed for "multi-season, multi-use application for road riding,
      mountain biking, running, hiking, and other sports". After giving
      them the quick once over, I am planning to try them out for each of
      these activities, with the likely exception of mountain biking.

      The first thing that stands out about the gloves is the stylized 'D'
      marks all over the palm of the gloves. These marks appear to be a
      type of rubber, and are designed to provide a "no-slip" grip to the
      palms of the gloves. The same rubberized material marks the back of
      the gloves with a larger 'D' and the DeFeet name. The gloves have a
      generous straight cuff which fits comfortably up over the wrist, but
      does not have the no-slip grip material.

      As shown in the photo below, the gloves are quite thin. They are
      constructed of a Coolmax performance polyester inner layer and a
      Cordura nylon outer layer, although both layers are fairly thin. In
      fact, I did not even realize that there was a multilayer construction
      to the gloves until I began examining them in detail for this report.
      The inner layer gives the gloves a nice comfortable feel, and is
      expected to provide wicking properties, but I haven't tested this
      yet. Because they are so thin, there is no significant loss of manual
      dexterity when wearing them.


      Overall, I think the gloves looks just about as expected. DeFeet has
      numberous photos of the DuraGloves on their website, and there were
      no suprises. My only modest surprise was on an aesthetic note-- I had
      requested and received the black gloves, thinking they would have a
      charcoal or dark-grey appearance. In fact, they are quite black!


      DeFeet sells the gloves in sizes small, medium, and large, which for
      those of us not in the glove business, doesn't mean a whole lot. As
      far as I know, I typically wear large gloves. Anyway, I searched the
      internet for information, and settled on ordering the large size
      after measuring the width and length of my hands. As noted above, I
      am 5'9" (1.75 m), and my fingers are not excessively long (note the 1
      inch/2.54 cm grid in the photo). I do work with my hands, so they are
      a little on the 'beefy' side, which is why I decided on the large
      size. When I first tried on the gloves, I thought they were just a
      little long in the fingers, and bunch up a slight bit on my palms, as
      shown in the bottom photo. Given that they are quite stretchy, I
      might have done fine with the medium size gloves, but I will figure
      examine this more as I get into the testing and figure out if I like
      the extra room, or if they are really too big for me.

      Anyway, when I put the gloves on, I noticed that they are quite
      comfortable on the inside, and the Coolmax does give them a cool
      feeling. The non-slip markings on the palm do provide enhanced grip,
      and I wonder if this is the type of material that grips better if it
      is a little wet. I have worn the gloves in and around town over the
      past few days, although not for any athletic activities (yet). The
      temperature over this time has been quite cool, in the range of 25-35
      F (-3 to 2 C). Although I was not outside for long periods of time, I
      didn't feel like the gloves kept my hands particularly warm, although
      I did notice good protection from the wind. I am not concerned about
      this at present, as I think the DuraGloves were really not designed
      for weather this cold.


      For the Field test, I will be wearing my DuraGloves during many of
      the activites mentioned above. I will definitely be taking them
      hiking with me over the next couple of months, and will be wearing
      them for cycling once the weather gets a bit warmer (and the snow
      goes away). If all goes well, I will also be doing a big of running
      and playing some other outdoor sports with them. This will let me get
      a sense of how well they do in the cool weather (as opposed to our
      current 'cold' weather), both for keeping my hands warm and for
      wicking away moisture. I also want to get a better feeling for if the
      gloves are too large, or if I like the extra room. Importantly, I
      want to see if there are any activities for which I have to take my
      DuraGloves off, or if I can wear them all the time in the cool

      This concludes my Initial Report on the DeFeet DuraGloves. Please
      check back in 2 months for my Field Report on this item.

      Back to the Top

      Thanks to DeFeet for providing the DuraGloves for testing, and to
      BackpackGearTest.org for selecting me to give them a try.

      -larry kirschner
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