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APPLICATION TO Rock rough with aPatagonia Micro Puff!

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  • mikejr232323
    APPLICATION to Test: Patagonia Micro Puff Vest MIKE J. DAURIO JR. Date: 2/04/08 I have read The BackpackGearTest.org Bylaws v. 0609, the appendices, and the
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      APPLICATION to Test: Patagonia Micro Puff Vest


      Date: 2/04/08

      I have read The BackpackGearTest.org Bylaws v. 0609, the appendices,
      and the Survival Guide.
      My tester agreement is on file. I agree to comply with requirements
      as outlined in the Bylaws.

      Biographical Information
      Name: Mike J. Daurio Jr.
      Age: 30
      Gender: M
      Height: 6' 0"
      Weight: 185 lb
      Email Address: MIKEJR232323 AT aol DOT com
      Location: WONDER LAKE IL USA

      Backpacking background: I've been camping as long as I can
      My backpacking experience is quite new. I lead a wilderness canoe
      trip to the Ozark National Scenic Waterways every year. We canoe up
      to 60 miles of the Current River and do day hikes about every other
      day. This year we completed a 20 mile section of the Ozark trail when
      finished canoeing. We will be returning again in 2008. I also spend
      in Voyageurs National Park every year as my fiancée's family owns a
      home on Lake Kabetogama. We spend about a week canoeing and
      exploring the islands. This year we completed a 2-day adventure
      on the Locator lake trail and another two day trip to Cruiser Lake.
      My spring and summer are also filled with many day hikes and small
      camping trips to the many state parks in Illinois and Wisconsin. My
      favorite being Kettle Moraine State park in Wisconsin.
      In October of 2005 I backpacked Thailand for 10 days. This was the
      start of my love for backpacking and carrying all my supplies on my
      My pack varies in size due to the nature of the trip. They range
      from a larger camelback style on dayhikes, to an Ultra Light pack that
      can hold a weeks worth of clothes and supplies. I am mostly a
      spring, summer and fall backpacker.

      TEST PLAN:

      I will be using the vest for a bunch of different outdoor
      activities. I have two overnight trips planned in the cold. I am
      inexperienced in the cold weather camping category but figure I must
      try it if I ever want to upgrade to mountain trips. I will be
      spending the night on a 34 mile (55 km)trip to Kettle Moraine State
      Park in Wisconsin. I do have a few day hikes planned for Menominee
      and Nicolet National forests and I walk my dogs in the conservation
      areas by my house almost daily.
      In addition to hiking the vest will see tremendous use throughout
      the remainder of winter and on cool spring days. I snowboard, and
      take the nieces and nephew sledding. I Perform morning trail running
      in a County Conservation area lasting about 1 hour about three times
      a week. I also am awaiting the return of spring so I can get the
      mountain bike down from storage and out on the trails. I mention
      these activities because I see myself wearing the vest at least once
      a week.
      Temperatures in the Chicago land area can get down below 0 degrees F
      (-18 C). I am hoping to test the garment and plan my trips in
      temperatures around 30 degrees F (-1 C). Terrain will consist of
      dense boreal forests and glacial formed hills covered in meadow
      I will also be planning a trip to Peru. It may be that the garment
      will be used there also.
      I plan my test around a few categories: Comfort and fit, function,
      and durability.

      Comfort and fit:
      Based on the information on the website I would need a large sized
      vest. I have two complaints about my current puffy vest. Whenever I
      raise my arms above my head my puffy blocks my view with the bulky
      chest area in the front. Second the arms and back shoulders are
      constricting for movement. When testing this category, Most of my
      focus will revolve around how the ergonomics and fit of the vest
      performs on the physical activities. Mentioned above. I will also be
      commenting on the look, feel, and comfort of the material, fill, and
      stitching used.

      Function: The vest will be tested in a wide variety of ways. I
      have been selected to test the Golite Echo wind shell and this vest
      will compliment the test perfectly. I will comment on how well it
      keeps me warm under each combination of layers I use with. Bottom
      line is warmth with the vest. I will comment on how warm the vest
      makes me feel and I'll also comment on how the fabric keeps the
      balance of warmth, wicking, odor protection and weight. Does it
      retain loft well after being packed? When being used on the outside
      the vest may see rain, mist, sleet, snow, or freezing rain. I will
      comment on how the Deluge DWR finish fares under the conditions and
      how well it protects. Does the zipper let in a draft? I will most
      likely be sweating under the vest during a run or vigorous ride on
      the bike. How does the vest perform under these conditions?
      Sometimes I will be hauling the vest in my pack. Does it compress
      well? I see the inner pocket doubles as the stuff sack and comes with
      a carbiner loop. I will comment on how easy the vest compresses in
      the sack and the measurement of the stowed vest. The website lists
      its weight at 10oz. which is impressive.

      Durability: This garment will be used frequently this winter and
      spring. I expect to comment on its stitching and durability through
      numerous wearings and washings. I will comment on its care
      suggestions and how it performs under them. If allowed by the care
      instructions I will be caring for the product using Nikwax.

      I am impressed by Patagonia's use of post-consumer products for the
      construction of the vest. I will make mention of its construction in
      the IR in detail. I will then comment on how the new and innovative
      construction performs.

      Size: After researching the website I'd request a size large to
      test. I am indifferent on the color chosen to test but like the
      bright green color best .

      I also have been chosen for the Above mentioned Golite echo shell and
      the Clif Shot products and the Princeton Tec headlamp all in the
      Field report section. I will not have a problem handling the test

      In the 9 months I have been with BGT, I have completed seven
      owner reviews.
      My stuff is found here:

      Thank you for your consideration. If awarded the opportunity to test
      the sweater It is guaranteed a tremendous amount of use.

      Mike J. Daurio Jr.
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