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Application to test--Numa X-Frames Sunglasses--Arnold Peterson

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  • al peterson
    Application to test Numa X-Frames Sunglasses Arnold Peterson I have read the by-laws all the required material including BGT Bylaws v. 0609 and will abide by
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2008
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      Application to test Numa X-Frames Sunglasses

      Arnold Peterson
      I have read the by-laws all the required material including BGT
      Bylaws v. 0609 and will abide by the rules. I have also mailed in a
      signed test agreement in late 2006.

      Date: February 4, 2007

      Biographical Information
      Name Arnold Peterson
      Age 68
      Gender M
      Height 5' 8" (1.73 m)
      Weight 165 lb (74.8 kg)
      Email Address ALP4982 AT yahoo DOT com
      Location Wilmington Massachusetts USA

      Backpacking Background: At this time almost all my experience has
      been hiking in New Hampshire, Florida, Colorado USA, New Brunswick,
      and Nova Scotia Canada using an 11 lb (5 kg) day pack. I have
      backpacked on Mt. Washington and Imp Shelter located between North
      Carter and Mount Moriah mountains in New Hampshire. The gear I will
      be writing about has been used a lot hiking mostly all year around in
      New Hampshire. I have recently completed the forty-eight 4000 footers
      (1219 m) of New Hampshire. My longest day hike was 12 hours covering
      almost 20 miles (32 km).

      Test plan for Numa X-Frames Sunglasses

      My test plan would be built around function, comfort, usability, and
      durability. I will be testing in NH, ME, and VT USA. The
      temperatures could typically be as low as -20 F (-29 C). Rain and
      snow is almost a certainty. Mt Washington has had temperatures as
      low as -60 F (-51 C) and has recorded the strongest winds on earth at
      231 MPH (372 km/hr). This year I will not be going south and have
      started gearing up for colder hiking weather. Temperatures change
      greatly from the base of the mountain with altitudes ranging from
      4000 to 6000 ft (1219-1829 m). Being able to stay warm is more than
      comfort, it is survival. The following mountains are on my winter
      agenda: Sandwich Mt 980 ft (121 m), Mt Nancy 3926 ft (1197 m), Mt
      Weeks N peak 33901 ft (1189 m), Mt Weeks S peak 3885 ft (3885 m),
      Vose Spur 3862 ft (1177 m). The Sleepers E peak 860 (1177 M), Nubble
      Peak 3813 ft (1162 m), and Cannon Balls NE peak 3769 ft (1149 m),
      which are all part of the New England Hundred Highest Peaks.
      Contingency peaks would be Mt Lincoln 5089 ft (1551 m), Mt Liberty
      4489 ft (1359 M) and Mt Moosilauke 4802 ft (1464 M).

      If I am not wearing good sunglasses I get headaches. This condition
      is year round. Even on cloudy days there are uv rays that are not
      good for me. I am sensitive to florescent lights and need protection
      to avoid headaches. I have at least 11 pair of sun glasses. Between
      loss and breakage I need a lot of spares. The Numa X-Frames come
      with 4 different lenses. The sunglass lenses will be worn most of
      the time. The orange lenses will be worn on cloudy or overcast days
      as I still need protection from uv rays. I will wear the Polarized
      lenses for driving and when there is a lot of glare from lakes and in
      some mountain where there is a lot of glare from ice and water. I
      will wear the clear lenses when light conditions are too low on the
      trail and still need protection from wind, and branches. Having 4
      interchangeable lenses will mean I can use them for almost everything
      except sleeping.


      Will I be able to wear the Numa sunglasses for long hours in warm and
      cold weather and not feel the need to remove them? Will I have
      sensitive spots on my nose, ears or where the bows and temples come
      in contact with my head? I will be looking at how well the
      ventilation works. I will note if there is any fogging. I will test
      them in the shower to see if they fog up.

      Ease of use.

      Do they go on and come off quickly and easily? Do I have to take a
      lot of precaution to prevent breakage, or lens scratches? Do they
      store easily with the rest of my equipment?
      Will these Numa sunglasses fit so well that after I have them on, I
      will forget that I am wearing them? Will the Numa X-Frames
      sunglasses stay on my head while going through the bushes? Will they
      stay on my head when changing tops? I will be changing lenses a lot
      and I will note how easy it will be to change lenses.


      Recently I was removing a pair of sunglasses; they slipped from my
      hand and landed on the tip of the bow. Result the bow broke in
      half. Never had that happen before. Will they be durable when
      bumping into trees, and other objects? How resistant will they be to


      When they need replacing will I be happy enough to go and buy another
      Testing will also be done in the mountains of NH, ME, and VT, USA. I
      will also be testing the Numa sunglasses in some local Massachusetts
      State Forrest. My outdoor activities last year consisted of hiking
      over 50 4000 foot (1219m) mountains. These will also be used while
      driving and in some indoor locations where there are a lot of
      florescent lights.

      Previously Written Reports


      Current Projects
      I am in the FR part of testing for the Big Agnes Sleeping Bag,
      Sleeping Giant Air Pad, Black Diamond Headlamp, Kahtoola Microspikes
      and waiting to start testing Gregory Whitney backpack.
      A pending application for Big Agnes 3 Wire Bivy.

      I wish to thank those who will be evaluating my application for the
      Numa X-Frames Sunglasses.

      Arnold Peterson
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