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Revised APPLICATION to TEST: Big Agnes 3 Wire Bivy Sack

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  • eroetz93
    Revised APPLICATION TO TEST the Big Agnes 3 Wire Bivy Sack Erich Roetz Date: 2/2/08 Please accept my revosed application to test the Big Agnes 3 Wire Bivy
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      Revised APPLICATION TO TEST the Big Agnes 3 Wire Bivy Sack

      Erich Roetz

      Date: 2/2/08

      Please accept my revosed application to test the Big Agnes 3 Wire
      Bivy Sack. I have read the BGT By-Laws (v. 0609) including Chapter 5
      and will comply with all of the reporting terms and requirements. My
      signed tester agreement is on file. I will have no difficulty meeting
      the minimum expected use requirements and plan to use the bivy sack
      more than the required amount of time.

      NAME: Erich Roetz
      EMAIL: gerbil93 at gmail dot com
      AGE: 40
      LOCATION: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
      GENDER: M
      HEIGHT: 5' 8" (1.7 m)
      WEIGHT: 170 lb (77 kg)

      Backpacking Background: I started backpacking when I was Boy Scout
      over 27 years ago. I do mostly medium weight backpacking but I am
      doing more lightweight backpacking now that my son is a Scout. We
      camp one weekend a month all year round in temperatures from very hot
      (Virginia summers of 100F/38C) to very cold (Pennsylvania winters -
      below freezing) from sea level to about 2000 ft (610 meters)

      Field Information

      If I am chosen to test the Big Agnes 3 Wire Bivy Sack (further know
      as the bivy sack), I will test it in four separate locations on five
      different trips: Virginia Beach, Virginia; Surry, Virginia; Valley
      Forge, Pennsylvania; Crabtree Falls, Virginia. I should encounter
      some snow and wet weather in the Piedmont area of Virginia and also
      wet, cold weather in Valley Forge. On each trip, I will be out for
      two to three nights with the exception of a 4 day hike over Spring
      Break. The trips weekend trips will increase from 4 mi (6.4 km) to 10
      mi (16.1 km) while the Spring Break trip will be about 3 mi (4.8 km)
      per day.

      The average temperatures for the locations are:
      Virginia Beach, VA 54F to 36F (12C to 2C)
      Surry, VA 50F to 30F (10C to -1C)
      Valley Forge, PA 48F to 20F ( 9C to -7C)
      Crabtree Falls, VA 51F to 27F (12C to -2C)

      I have never used a bivy sack. My experience has been with mostly
      two person tents with my son and the scouts and my family tent when
      momma and the youngest tag along.

      If selected to test the bivy sack, I will be looking at the follow
      things to answer about it.

      How easy is it to assemble? How quickly can I set it up? How long
      will it take stuff back in the stuff sack? How much more time will
      it take me to put up in the dark? Can I do it with my gloves on?
      How do the poles attach to the bivy? How sturdy is the DAC swivel
      that connects the internal poles to the external pole? How easy does
      the sack stuff when damp? How long does it take to dry?

      How well made is the bivy sack? How durable and waterproof is the
      eVENT fabric? Does it get pulls easily? How durable are the
      aluminum poles? How well made are the stakes? Will they bend in the
      frozen ground? How well are the seams constructed? The web site
      describes an interior layer of mesh bug netting and an exterior layer
      of eVENT fabric layer for complete protection. How well do these
      layers hold up against the wind and rain? How durable are the
      zippers? Will they hold up in the wind?

      How easy is it to clean after a trip? How quickly does it
      dry? What is the best storage method?

      When I use this during the summer, will I be able to get enough
      ventilation to keep cool?

      Owner reviews can be found here:

      Current Test Series:
      Peak Camp `n Trail, FR due in March (the IR can be found here
      Kombi Latitude Gloves, FR due in March (the IR can be found here

      Other Pending Applications:
      Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite Sierra Cup
      DeFeet Un-D-Shurt

      I would like to thank you and Big Agnes for your consideration,
      Erich Roetz
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