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APPLICATION TO TEST Peak Assorted Meals - Erich Roetz

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  • eroetz93
    APPLICATION for Peak Camp n Trail Food products. Erich Roetz Date: 11/30/07 Please accept my application to test the Peak Camp n Trail Food products. I have
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      APPLICATION for Peak Camp 'n Trail Food products.

      Erich Roetz

      Date: 11/30/07

      Please accept my application to test the Peak Camp 'n Trail Food
      products. I have read The BackpackGearTest.org Bylaws v. 0609, the
      appendices, and the Survival Guide. My tester agreement was mailed
      on November 14, 2007. I agree to comply with requirements as outlined
      in the Bylaws.

      NAME: Erich Roetz
      EMAIL: eroetz93 at yahoo dot com
      AGE: 39
      LOCATION: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
      GENDER: M
      HEIGHT: 5' 8" (1.73 m)
      WEIGHT: 170 lb (77.10 kg)

      Backpacking Background: I started backpacking when I was Boy Scout
      over 27 years ago. I do mostly medium weight backpacking but I am
      doing more lightweight backpacking now that my son is a Scout. We
      camp one weekend a month all year round in temperatures from very hot
      (Virginia summers of 100 F/38 C) to very cold (Pennsylvania winters -
      below freezing) from sea level to about 2000 ft (610 meters)

      Field Information

      If I am chosen to test Peak Camp 'n Trail Food, I will test them in
      three separate locations: Virginia Beach, Virginia in December;
      Surry, Virginia in January; and Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in
      The average temperatures for the locations on these dates are:
      Virginia Beach, VA December 54 – 36 F (12 – 2 C)
      Surry, VA January 50 – 30 F (10 - -1 C)
      Valley Forge, PA February 48 – 20 F ( 9 - -7 C)
      During my test periods, I will be out for two or three nights each.

      Test Plan

      During the test plan, I am looking for taste, calorie count, weight,
      and packaging.

      Is the vegetarian based meal tasty enough to get enough calories,
      especially in the cold weather? I have tried other dehydrated meals
      with mixed results. Is there an after taste? Of the products, which
      do I prefer and why? How is the Chicken & Rice? Is the Chicken and
      Brown Rice truly savory? How Sweet is the Chicken teriyaki & rice?
      Is there enough variation to keep my taste buds from being bored? I
      will share these with my son to get his reaction. I will get the
      nutritional information from the packaging and supply it in the IR.

      Calorie count:
      Is there enough energy to sustain for a weekend of backpacking?

      Weight and Packaging:
      How much will this add to my pack? How easy is it to pack in and out
      (Leave No Trace)?

      Finally: would I buy these on my own for my future backpacking trips?

      Owner reviews can be found here:

      Current Test Series:

      I would like ot thank you and Peak for your consideration,
      Erich Roetz
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