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Application to test Osprey Talon 33 Mike J. Daurio Jr.

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    APPLICATION to Test: Osprey TALON 33 Backpack MIKE J. DAURIO JR. Date: 11/01/07 closing date: 11/09/07 I have read The BackpackGearTest.org Bylaws v. 0609, the
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      APPLICATION to Test: Osprey TALON 33 Backpack


      Date: 11/01/07
      closing date: 11/09/07

      I have read The BackpackGearTest.org Bylaws v. 0609, the appendices,
      and the Survival Guide.
      My tester agreement is on file. I agree to comply with requirements
      as outlined in the Bylaws.

      Biographical Information
      Name: Mike J. Daurio Jr.
      Age: 30
      Gender: M
      Height: 6' 0"
      Weight: 185 lb
      Email Address: MIKEJR232323 AT aol DOT com
      Location: WONDER LAKE IL USA

      Backpacking background: I've been camping as long as I can
      remember. My first visual memory is a cross country car trek from
      Chicago to California and back with my parents when I was 4. This
      trip was important because we did it with a canvas 75 pole tent.
      Every time I shop for a new piece of gear I think of this tent and
      am "Wowed" by the advancements of the industry. Throughout my life I
      have camped in almost every state in the lower 48.
      My backpacking experience is quite new. I lead a wilderness canoe
      trip to the Ozark national scenic waterways every year. We canoe up
      to 60 miles of the Current River and do day hikes about every other
      day. This year we completed a 20 mi section of the Ozark trail when
      finished canoeing. We will be returning this year. I also spend time
      in Voyageurs National Park every year as my fiancée's family owns a
      home on Lake Kabetogama. We spend about a week canoeing and
      exploring the islands. This year we completed a 2-day adventure
      on the Locator lake trail and another two day trip to Cruiser Lake.
      My spring and summer are also filled with many day hikes and small
      camping trips to the many state parks in Illinois and Wisconsin. My
      favorite being Kettle Moraine State park in Wisconsin.
      In October of 2005 I backpacked Thailand for 10 days. This was the
      start of my love for backpacking and carrying all my supplies on my
      My pack varies in size due to the nature of the trip. They range
      from a larger camelback style on dayhikes, to an Ultra Light pack that
      can hold a weeks worth of clothes and supplies. I am mostly a
      spring, summer and fall backpacker.

      TEST PLAN:

      I have two overnight trips planned in the cold. I am
      inexperienced in the cold weather camping category but figure I must
      try it if I ever want to upgrade to mountain trips. I will be
      spending the night on a 34 mile (55 km) trip to Kettle Moraine State
      Park in Wisconsin. I have just added, to my itinerary, a long
      weekend trip where I will travel back up to Lake Kabetogama In
      Minnesota for my future brother in-law's birthday. I do have a few
      day hikes planned for Menominee and Nicolet National forests. If
      awarded the opportunity to test the pack It will get a tremendous
      amount of use. In addition to the planned trips I will be using the
      pack to assist me in geocaching which I do 3-5 times per month, a
      potential Utah snowboarding adventure and if not a guaranteed upper
      Michigan weekend of snowboarding, and numerous day hikes in the 7
      conservation areas and state parks in my town and my neighboring
      town. I am planning a trip to Peru. I am trying to work out the
      finances and scheduling for this trip but the pack looks like a great
      pack to bring along for day excursions. It is possible the pack
      would make it Peru depending on the test schedule.
      Temperatures in the Chicago land area can get down below 0 degrees
      F (-18 C). I am hoping to test the pack and plan my trips in
      temperatures between 30-40 degrees F (-1-5 C). Terrain will consist
      of dense boreal forests and glacial formed hills covered in meadow
      grasses. Although Chicago's snowfall in unpredictable the pack
      should see snow on the trail and guaranteed snow on the slopes.
      If I could make it to Peru the temperature could be between 50-90
      degrees F (10-32 C) and terrain would be rocky mountainous regions.
      I plan my test around a few categories: Comfort, function, and

      I am intrigued by the looks of the support and harness. The
      website's photo's make it look comfortable with a bunch of
      engineering. I will be commenting on its fit for my stature, its
      comfort for a heavy load and how stable the load is in the different
      activities. I will also be commenting on the range of adjustments
      that can be made, in addition to, the ease of making them. The
      feature that I am eager to test is the adjustable sternum strap. It
      seems this is the single thing I can't get right on the three packs
      that I've owned. I also really would like try out the AirScape
      backpanel. I continuously sweat in my lower back region.

      Function: The most intriguing thing about the pack is its many
      features and compartments. I plan to pack this thing full and
      comment on how much it can hold, as well as how easily accessible
      things are. Each pocket will get recognized in the test and
      commented on. I will state the range of items stored in each. The
      external hydration compartment. It seems that your hydration bladder
      can be removed and filled without unpacking the pack. I will comment
      on this feature heavily as I will be hiking and snowboarding with
      water at all times. I will try to expose the material to rain and
      like I said It will definitely see snow. I will comment on how
      waterproof it is. I do not see myself using the blinker feature and
      will try to discover a substitute use for the Ice ax loop as I will
      not be carrying one (or two). I will comment on the two features in
      my initial review and will comment on any other uses I can find for
      them. The dual side, bungee tool tie-offs look useful to tie my
      lightweight tripod to it. I am haven't come to a conclusion on what
      they mean by "woven energy gel pockets". If it means they have gel
      inserted in the straps I will comment on the feel. If it means that
      they are perfect size for the energy gel type products put out by
      Power Bar and Clif, I will purchase some of these items, comment on
      their fit in the pack's specialty pockets, and write owner reviews on
      the various brands purchased (Bonus).

      Durability: I will be commenting on the seams and the method they
      use to stitch or weld them, I will test the durability and
      construction of the three different types of nylon used to construct
      the pack. It will be subject to branches and trees as I trample in
      the woods. I will revisit all the straps, buckles, tie-offs, and
      compartments for durability in my LTR.

      I am indifferent on the color chosen to test, but kinda like the acid
      green color. I would like to test the Large pack as I have a larger
      torso. My pack load will be between 20-30 lbs (9-14 kg)which is in
      the recommended range for this pack. I will weigh each load and
      comment on them in the reporting series.

      I am currently in the long term reporting phase for the Katadyn Camp
      Filter. It is due in December.
      I have been selected for the Go Lite Echo jacket and am awaiting
      shipment. I won't have a problem completing both test series.
      I have also completed six owner reviews and am working on two more.
      My stuff is found here:

      Thank you for your consideration. If awarded the opportunity to test
      the pack I ensure the report to be accurate and thorough.

      Mike J. Daurio Jr.
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