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APPLICATION - High Sierra Sentinel 65 Backpack - Mike Wilkie

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  • foreverwild
    Application to test - High Sierra Sentinel 65 Backpack Mike Wilkie Please accept my application to test the High Sierra Sentinel 65 Backpack. I have read and
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      Application to test - High Sierra Sentinel 65 Backpack

      Mike Wilkie

      Please accept my application to test the High Sierra Sentinel 65 Backpack.

      I have read and will comply with all requirements for being a tester in chapter 5 and will follow all procedures in completing reports. I have read and am familiar with all of the latest bylaws v.0609 and agree to comply with all requirements.

      Name: Michael Wilkie
      Age: 31
      Gender: M
      Height: 5’8” (1.73 m)
      Weight: 148 lb (67 kg)
      Email: foreverwild1885@...
      Location: Davenport, NY

      Hiking for me started at a young age as I was always an avid camper. As a young boy I became a member of the Boy Scouts and started backpacking on weekends and some week long tent camping trips. I now live in the Catskill region of New York State and backpacking here has become more serious for me over the past few years. Any free time I have when not in the backcountry, I’m learning new skills, studying trail maps and researching new gear.

      I camp, day hike or multi-day backpack through the Adirondack or Catskill Regions every weekend. I consider myself to be a mid-weight packer as I always like to be prepared and currently use tent for overnighters. With my experience testing gear for the BGT I would like to learn to lighten my pack load.

      Being an aspirant of the Catskill 3500 club and planning to become an Adirondack 46er, peak bagging has become my favorite outdoor activity. Climbing to summits this winter will be challenging as I learn snowshoeing and using crampons. My long-term goals are to complete some long distance thru hikes. My trail segment adoption also keeps me busy doing trail maintenance in the Catskill Park.

      The following information is the average conditions for the regions in which gear testing will occur.

      I intend to test any gear throughout the Catskill and Adirondack Regions on and during long day hikes at elevations on the Catskill Peaks of 3500–4200 ft (1067 m-1280 m) and Adirondack Peaks up to 5000 ft (1524 m). I will also test any gear during several or at the least one multi-day backpack trip. I also take many camping trips during the months of April through to October where any gear on these trips will be tested in temps of 32 – 90 F (0.00 -32.22 C) and weather conditions from cold rainy days to hot sunny dry days. Winter tent camping will consist of temperatures below 0 F (-17.77 C) and above with snow an almost definite.

      Annual precipitation averages 40 to 48 in (1,020 to 1,230 mm); 60 to 100 in (1,500 to 2,550 mm) occur as snow. Mean annual temperature ranges from 46 to 50 F (8 to 10 C). The growing season lasts for 120 to 160 days, decreasing with increasing elevation.

      Field Information

      I wear a backpack every time I venture into the backcountry. If I am chosen to test the High Sierra Sentinel 65 Backpack I will have it on my back every backcountry trip I take during the test period. A good backpack is important as it will carry all my necessary tools and equipment and must fit comfortably. If I were to have this pack it would surely be put to the test. During the testing period for the Sentinel 65 Backpack, I will be taking several 2-3 day camping trips backpacking through the Catskill and Adirondack wilderness areas. I am currently planning a snowshoeing trip that will take place during this testing period (if weather permits us with snowfall at that time).

      As stated in my bio I backpack, camp or day hike every weekend. The High Sierra pack will be tested on all day trips and multi-day adventures during the test period.

      Test Plan

      My plan is to test the High Sierra Sentinel 65 Backpack during all and any weather conditions Mother Nature has in store during my outings. My main concerns will be the durability, functionality, ease of use and most of all comfort and fit.

      First, I will determine how easily the pack adjusts to my size and build. How well the ERGO-FIT shoulder harness works? Do the adjustable load-lifters and frame bars work with ease and does it adjust to fit my back?

      The backpack will have to fit all my gear that I will need to carry. Once I have the pack filled I will check for comfort and ease of putting the pack on and taking the pack off as most of my adventures are solo trips. How easily is it to access my gear in the different compartments? Do the zippers run smoothly and without snagging?

      I am having an issue with my current pack causing too much moisture on my back and around my waist belt. It also stays wet for a long period of time before drying. Does the Sentinel 65 have these same problems?

      Another important factor would be how the internal hydration reservoir sleeve fits the bladder bag that I am currently using. I would also like to see if the removable media pocket will hold my GPS receiver. How easily is the rain cover retrieved and if it acts well as a pack protector?

      Comfort for me is the number one concern. Having discomfort on a multi-day trip can put a damper on things. The shoulder straps need to have the most comfort. Will this harness system and adjustable load-lifters help to add comfort to this pack? I had a pack that gave me friction burns on the shoulders from poor padding and bad fitting; this is something I will assess if selected to test.

      Lastly, after all the testing, use and abuse the Sentinel 65 will endure during this four month test period, I will report how much wear and tear the pack displays. Will there be and rips or tears? Will there be any stitching coming undone or pulling? What about the stitching on the shoulder straps where they are connected to the pack? I have sewn plenty of shoulder straps back on in the past. All is to be determined if I am selected to test the High Sierra Sentinel 65 Backpack.

      If chosen to review the Sentinel 65 Backpack, I will perform any test possible to explain its quality. A good quality pack with great comfort is important for me while in the wilderness.

      Previously written reports:


      Mike Wilkie

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