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Application: Gregory G Pack (Paul Schilke)

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  • Paul Schilke
    Application to Test: Gregory G Pack Personal Information Name: Paul Schilke Age: 32 Gender: Male Height: 5 ft 7.5 in (1.7 m) Weight: 170 lb (64 kg) Torso
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005
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      Application to Test: Gregory G Pack

      Personal Information Name: Paul Schilke
      Age: 32
      Gender: Male Height: 5 ft 7.5 in (1.7 m)
      Weight: 170 lb (64 kg)
      Torso Length: 17 in (43 cm)
      Waist: 36 in (91 cm)

      Email: schilkepaul AT yahoo dot com
      Location: Laramie, Wyoming, USA

      Backpacking Background:

      In the Rocky Mountain West, I hike at altitudes
      ranging from 7,000 ft (2100 m) to 12,000 ft (3700 m).
      I enjoy hiking in most types of weather. I can only
      use one hand, so I prefer that my gear is light and
      fairly easy to use. One year I took the month of
      September to hike 350 miles (560 km) of the North
      Country Trail. Previous to that I’d taken 7.5 months
      to hike 2000 miles (3220 km) of the Appalachian Trail.
      I've done some road cycling, the longest trip taken
      was 50 miles (81 km) through the vineyards and
      farmlands of Berrien County to Lake Michigan. I once
      spent a week canoeing through Canyonlands National
      Park on the Green River to its confluence with the
      Colorado River.

      In the past, I've utilized two backpacks that won
      awards from “Backpacker Magazine” for being
      lightweight backpacks. I use alcohol and compressed
      gas stoves. I enjoy using either a tarp or tent.

      Field information

      I will test the Gregory G Pack during various
      three to five day excursions in Wyoming throughout the
      six-month test period. The big expedition will be a
      hike in the Wind River Range on the Continental Divide
      Trail. I will also test the G Pack on a multi-day
      excursion on the Continental Divide Trail in the
      Medicine Bow National Forest. I will also use the
      Gregory G Pack on day hikes in various locations
      throughout Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming.
      The temperature in these mountain and desert locations
      is highly variable.

      Photos of myself using the pack in these locations
      will be included in my reports as well as detailed
      photos of the pack features including initial report
      photos and long term report photos.

      Test Plan

      I will test this pack with loads ranging from 10
      to 25 lb (4 to 9 kg.) The exterior mesh pocket looks
      like a great place to stow my tarp. I'm looking
      forward to reviving some of the light load practices
      I've used in the past. These techniques include
      lightweight stoves, cookware and lights. I'm looking
      forward to the addition of a down sleeping bag. I'm
      looking forward to getting my pack weight down to a
      minimum. I will also test the hydration sleeve with a
      bladder system.

      I look forward to testing the suspension features
      such as the Wraptor Stabilizer, the Internal ExoFrame,
      Sport Harness, Gullwing Waistbelt and Chimney
      Ventilated Backpanel. The online literature states
      that Wraptor Stabilizer is designed to "stabilize the
      backpanel and alleviate pack bounce during high
      aerobic activity." I will test this feature by
      engaging in fast pace overnight hikes and at least one
      day hike at a trotting or jogging speed. The online
      literature states the Internal ExoFrame-Frame
      (contradicting or contrasting terms?) excels in its
      ability to move with the body during activities
      requiring torsional flexibility while ensuring that
      loads are kept stable. I will test the functions as I
      reach for handholds on trees or rock walls and as I
      hike with a hiking staff. Often in hot weather I'm
      guilty of wearing my pack much looser on my back than
      it was designed to be worn. I'm eager to test out the
      Chimney Ventilated Backpanel to how it ventilates as
      the stabilization system sucks the G Pack to my back.
      The Sport Harness appears to provide many points for
      me to tailor it to proper fit. I look forward to
      testing the harness for durability, comfort and ease
      of use. Likewise with the Gullwing Waistbelt.

      Most of the packs I've used in the past are top
      access with mesh side pockets. One of my previous
      packs had a bungee strap on the back and I lost a
      couple of items using that storage option. I look
      forward to utilizing all three pockets for the storage
      of water bottles, stoves, fuel and a tarp. Top
      pockets are generally used for the storage of my
      medical kit and other essentials requiring quick
      access, I look forward to using the G Pack's top
      pocket in such a manner. I'm disappointed that I
      cannot see the mesh waistbelt pockets in the photo.
      I'll probably store things like a camera and snacks in
      the waistbelt pockets. I will find some use for the
      ice axe loops and keepers.

      I will document the effectiveness of the nylon
      fabric reinforcements and the durability of the
      silnylon, stitching and hardware used throughout the
      pack. I will measure my loads using both a kitchen
      scale and a bulk scale. It seems odd that no maximum
      load weight is listed in the online literature,
      however, weight is ultimately restricted by volume.

      By the measurements given in the personal
      information section, I will require a medium pack with
      a large waistbelt. If selected to test the G Pack, I
      will visit a retailer here in Laramie to determine the
      sizing using the Gregory Fit-O-Matic. Thank you for
      the opportunity to test this product.

      All previously written reports can be found at:

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      I have signed a tester agreement, which is on file
      with Shane or Stephanie. I have reviewed guidelines
      v1202 and agree to abide by them

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