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Re: (Edit) FR: Brunton Glorb - Tim

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  • tcoug7
    Hi Cora, Thanks for taking the time to edit my report. A couple of explanations... Field Conditions ... @@@I was establishing pack time ; i.e. time spent
    Message 1 of 4 , May 31, 2005
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      Hi Cora,

      Thanks for taking the time to edit my report.

      A couple of explanations...

      Field Conditions
      > > I've done a ton of day trips, varying in
      > > length from short hikes of 2 - 5 mi (3 - 8 km) to full
      > > day treks of 10 - 15 mi (16 - 24 km). I've used the Glorb
      > > on two extended weekend trips.
      > ### What does 'done a ton of day trips' mean? Did you use
      > the glorb on the day hikes, or did you just carry it on
      > them?

      @@@I was establishing "pack time"; i.e. time spent bouncing around in
      my pack.

      > > Total estimated trail
      > > mileage with the Glorb is about 150 mi (241 km).
      > ### I know that trail mileage is a big deal for packs and
      > boots and clothing, but you might want to say how many
      > light tests/days/nights used for the glorb, since it just
      > sits relatively protected in your pack while on trail. You
      > could also move this measurement down to where you talk
      > about the durability of the mantle since jostling steps
      > matter then...?

      @@@Again, building my case about durability...

      > > In the end, I decided I really couldn't
      > > tell, other than stating it's bright enough for me.
      > ### If you want, there are many generally accepted
      > measurements. One is enough light to read by. Another is
      > enough light to pick the dirt out of your food by. A third
      > is the radius that it illuminates, either is measurements
      > or relative (entire tent, entire camp area, beyond
      > campsite, etc). Whatever is fine, but your readers
      > probably won't know what 'bright enough for me' equals in
      > luminence.

      @@@You're right. I got a little careless there; thanks.


      > > In a pinch I'm quite sure I could use it as an
      > > emergency stove as well!
      > ### Have you used it as a stove, or in a similar function?
      > If not, please don't project.

      @@@Actually, yes! I used it to heat up some water for hot cider.
      It's only a drink, but my "cooking" out backpacking doesn't extend
      much further than that. I'll simply state what I've done and let the
      reader decide. Thanks again Cora.

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