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EDIT for Michael Herman: Brunton Raptor Field Report

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  • stephanie
    Hi Michael, Thank you for your Field Report on the Brunton Raptor Stove. I have a few edits for you. EDIT: you need a heading title and date of report at the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2005
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      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your Field Report on the Brunton Raptor Stove. I have a few
      edits for you.

      EDIT: you need a heading title and date of report at the beginning of the
      report i.e.

      Brunton Raptor Stove Field Report
      "Date Report Written"

      >Backpacking Background
      >I stated camping with my family in the car and the RV when I was real
      >young. I did a lot of camping with the Boy Scouts and then did my first
      >backpacking trip (three days) with my dad when I as 13.

      EDIT: "with my dad when I was 13." ("was" instead of "is")

      >Product Information
      >Product: Raptor
      >Manufacture: Brunton
      >Year of Manufacturer: 2005

      EDIT: Should be "Manufacturer: Brunton" and "Year of Manufacture:
      2005" (you got the usage of manufacturer and manufacture switched around)

      >URL: http://www.Brunton.com
      >Listed Weight: 5 oz

      EDIT: missing metric conversion

      >Field Report
      >I have used this stove on three trips and a couple times to play around
      >with it in my driveway. This first place I used this stove was in my
      >driveway when the temperature was 65F (18C). I attached an 8 oz (227g)
      >IsoPro from MSR canister to the stove. I turned the knob to about ¾ full
      >and I pressed the pizo-ignition.

      EDIT: "piezo ignition" (piezo rather than pizo...this error is repeated
      several times throughout the rest of the report)

      >I tested the Raptor on the trail three times during the field testing.
      >The first time was in Tennessee and the temperature was around 55F (13C)
      >when I used the stove in the evening and the elevation was close to sea
      >level. I used it to boil macaroni from the macaroni and cheese box. I
      >left the stove on the highest setting and just boiled the water, added
      >the pasta, and left it to boil while I stirred. I experienced that the
      >macaroni did not burn at the bottom of my aluminum pot. The next day I
      >used the stove to cook scrambled eggs. I started the stove on high
      >(needing to push the started a half a dozen times to get it to light),
      >and then lowered the setting to as low as I could go with out turning it

      EDIT: "needing to push the starter...." ("starter rather than "started")

      >I put the scrambled eggs in the pot and started stirring. I spent
      >the whole time by the stove stirring the eggs so that they wouldn’t burn
      >on the side of the pot. Unfortunately this was not successful because I
      >still had some burned on eggs on the bottom of the pot, but not much. It
      >is my opinion that this may have been caused because I use a thin
      >aluminum pot with that doesn’t have a non-stick finish so the eggs stuck
      >to the bottom and then burned,

      EDIT: "...I use a thin aluminum pot that doesn't have...." (take out the
      word "with" before "that")

      >I do not think this would have been the
      >case if I used a better pot; however, this also wouldn’t have happened
      >if the lowest setting on the stove wasn’t so high. From this experience
      >one, and similar experiences cooking other foods, I think that the stove
      >isn’t useful for simmering.

      EDIT: "From this experience, and simliar...." (take out the word "one"
      after "experience")

      >The stove has worked nicely so far. The stove has three pot supports,
      >which extend out when in use. These allow the pot to be very stable on
      >the stove while in use. The stove is able boil water quickly; however, I
      >have yet to do tests on how long it takes. The pizo-ignition does not
      >always light the stove on the first try for me.

      EDIT: "piezo ignition" (not pizo)

      >Simmering is near impossible.
      >The pizo-electric starter doesn’t ignite the fuel easily.

      EDIT: "piezo electric starter"

      Thank you Michael,

      stephanie swaim
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