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LTR Scarpa Boots Brian T

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  • Brian Tannehill
    Jamie, Here is my LTR for the Scarpa boots. 1000 apologies as this is way late. You can read it in the test folder here
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2007
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      Here is my LTR for the Scarpa boots.

      1000 apologies as this is way late.

      You can read it in the test folder here
      or here

      Text from the LTR section is posted below.

      Thank You,




      I have hiked primarily in the woods behind my house (AKA Pike National
      Forest). Like all the other hikes, I have hiked Stanley Canyon, and
      Eagle's Peak. Stanley Canyon trail is 2.1 miles (3.4 km) long and
      gains over 1200 feet (366 m) from start to finish. The Eagle's Peak
      trail is only 1.2 miles (1.9 km) long and gains over 2000 feet (610 m)
      at the finish. Weather was warm and dry on the trails. The trails are
      typical Rocky Mountain terrain, with lots of rocks and scree. I've
      also walked down around a creek by my house, and through a few
      meadows, up and over a few rolling hills, etc.

      Weather has been mostly sunny with temperatures in the lower 80's F
      (26 C), there is no snow left as lows have been in the lower 50's (10


      I absolutely love these soles when they are dry on the rocks and scree
      of the rocky mountains. I absolutely hate these soles when the get wet
      and I have to walk on the same rocks a scree of the rocky mountains.
      Its like a night and day difference when these soles get wet. While
      dry I have no fear climbing over any rock or walking any terrain. When
      they get wet, they tend to slip a lot on the hard rocks that are
      present on the Stanley Canyon trail. Sorry I'm not a geologist and I
      didn't sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night....They were rocks,
      they were big, they were heavy, they were brown in color, they were
      slippery when wet. That's all I know about them.

      Like I mentioned before, these boots are waterproof. I've stood in
      ankle deep streams and not had any problems with water getting into
      the boots. Since water does not get in very well, perspiration does
      not get out very well. I've found these boots better suited for colder
      weather as they keep my feet really warm and moist in the warmer

      I do think these boots were a bit too big for me. No matter how I
      laced them, I would get some sort of heel slippage and blisters would
      form. Blisters formed more than once mostly on the inside part of my
      heel. Once I stopped and taped them though I did not have any other
      problems. I did think the ankle support of these boots were good. I
      also never noticed my feet cramping after that one incident. I like
      the stiffness of the soles as I felt I don't tire out as easily while
      hiking in these boots.

      While the laces did come untied often, some of the different lacing
      techniques I used kept enough tension on the laces to keep them tied.
      I mainly put a half turn in between each eyelet, lacing up through the
      d link eyelets, and then running the laces back down so that when I
      finished tying them off, the knot would be located further down my
      foot to keep pressure applied to my heel.

      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "Lacing" IMAGE CAPTION = "Lacing">>

      The boots are durable and have held up very well. I really like the
      reinforced toe box. That's usually where my shoes tear up and this
      one, having reinforcement and triple stitching has held up great.


      In summary, I think these are a very good boot. The traction is great
      on dry terrain, not so great on wet rocks. But then, I'm not sure what
      would have good traction on a wet rock. They have held up well over
      the course of 4 months. The toe box has held all its stitching, and
      the material is very waterproof.

      Things I like about the boot:
      Good Traction

      Things I didnt like about the boot:
      My foot perspired a lot in them, especially in the warmer months
      Laces came untied a lot
      Poor Traction when soles where wet

      Thanks to Backpackgeartest and scarpa for allowing me to participate
      in this test.

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