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Re: EDIT: INITIAL REPORT: Montrail Namche - Fuzzy

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  • Fuzzy
    ... 2007 ... to have ... mandated ... sections ... Done. ... smacked on ... Thanks *so* much... :- ... year: in ... attempting ... May our ... June, and ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2007
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      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, <exec@...> wrote:
      > Initial Report - Montrail Namche Boots - Chuck Kime, posted May 30,
      > Test Monitor - John Waters, Edited May 31, 2007
      > ____________________________________________
      > EDIT: Please add the date at the top of the report. There seems
      to have
      > been much discussion about this and I think it's pretty much been
      > the most current date needs to be at the top with the individual
      > labeled with their corresponding dates.


      > City, State, Country: Upper Darby (Philadelphia suburb), PA, U.S.A.
      > Edit: Spell out state names for international readers (I was
      smacked on
      > this, so I'm just passing the joy around).

      Thanks *so* much... :->

      > We have several trips definitely on our schedule so far for this
      year: in
      > April we will be spending a weekend at Gettysburg Battlefield and
      > to hike remaining portions of the National Historic Trail there, in
      May our
      > council will be hosting a Jamboree, a potential rafting trip in
      June, and
      > summer camp - with *much* hiking - in July.
      > EDIT: Since we are almost into June, I think you should take out
      > references to April and May.

      Awwww, crap... I started writing the report when I was selected, then
      there was a shipping delay. I edited the text version but missed
      that section of the HTML.
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