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Long Term Report - Kayland Contact 1000 boots - Adam Fisher

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  • Adam
    Long Term Report - Kayland Contact 1000 boots - Adam Fisher Here is the text portion of the LTR. The HTML is also posted in the test section. Long Term Report
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2007
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      Long Term Report - Kayland Contact 1000 boots - Adam Fisher

      Here is the text portion of the LTR. The HTML is also posted in the
      test section.

      Long Term Report

      Review Date: April 2, 2007

      Field Conditions:

      During the Long Term Report phase of this test, the Kayland Contact
      1000 boots have been worn on several long and short day hikes in
      Eastern Massachusetts. The temperature the boots have been subjected
      to range from 15 F (-9 C) up to 65 F (18 C). For the trips during this
      test period I traveled with a very light pack of 15 lbs (7 kg). Most
      of my hiking occurred on sunny days with one hike in the snow and one
      in the rain. I hiked trails that ranged from smooth flat dirt roads to
      loose rocky slopes and trails. Elevations ranged from 50 ft (15 m) to
      400 ft (122 m).


      After wearing these boots for a little over four months I must say is
      that they are really great. Since the first day I wore the boots,
      they have always been very comfortable for me. With a little time and
      some mileage the boots have become even more so. They hold and
      support my foot extremely well and when the boots are on, they feel
      like extensions of my feet. After long and short hikes wearing both
      light and heavyweight hiking socks I have yet to get any blisters. I
      did have one occurrence of a bruised toenail but that occurred due to
      a misstep that I took. Also my feet do not fatigue as fast as they
      would have in other boots. The best I could surmise from this is that
      the rigid and improved support of these boots let my foot relax and
      not burn out as fast.

      The trait I appreciate most in these boots is the overall stiffness.
      For some, I am sure, this is not an advantage. For me though, the
      added stiffness is really important since I am a big heavy guy. The
      stiffness helps me keep my foot stay where I want it to be and in
      constant contact with ground. Overall I have noticed that my footing
      seems much more consistent with these boots as compared to other boots
      I have used. This improvement to my footing also seemed to help
      traction a great deal. When climbing slopes with or without loose
      debris these boots really bit into the terrain. Going downhill was
      just as great and I had no traction problems at all.

      On one occasion I did have a small problem with traction on some wet
      rocky terrain. I was hiking up a slight incline of bare rock and lost
      my traction, coming down pretty hard. The boots just lost their grip
      and down I went. It only happened the one time and I hiked in some wet
      and icy weather after that. During these times I tried to be a little
      more careful with my foot placement and did not have any problems. The
      fall could have just been because I got careless and a little over
      confident in what the boots could do. I did use the boot several times
      in snowy and icy conditions. In snow the boots gripped very well and I
      was able to almost hike at my normal speed. In the ice things were
      slow but I believe it would be that way with any standard hiking boot.

      In the cold weather I was very impressed at the warmth these boots
      provide. At one point I hiked in single digit temperatures of 4 F
      (-16 C) with lightweight socks and my feet remained completely warm
      throughout the hike. On warmer days with the same socks my feet got
      slightly wet from sweat but the eVent liners seemed to do their part
      and keep my feet much drier then they would be in other boots I have used.

      After using these boots for four months now I sat down and gave them a
      good inspection for durability. First I'll start with the bottom.
      The tread wear is excellent. There are a few scratches and dings in
      the rubber but overall they look very good. There is still plenty of
      life left in them. The non-stitched seams of the boot are also in
      great shape. The area where the rubber meets the leather has not
      deteriorated at all and still looks brand new. The other seams are
      also in very good shape throughout the boot. The laces have seen
      plenty of mud, dirt and crud but are still in great shape. A thorough
      inspection of the inside of the boots showed that there was no
      internal wear of the eVent lining aside from a little bit of pilling
      at the main contact spots.

      As for the boots appearance, they have gotten pretty dirty in their
      travels and have always cleaned up very well. After letting the mud
      dry, I took a brush to the boots and then a damp cloth and they looked
      brand new. I have not done anything to clean the interiors yet but at
      this point they do not need it. They are beginning to get the normal
      "Boot Funk" that most of my boots get but I can still smell a tiny bit
      of that "new boot smell". It seems to me that the eVent liner keeps
      the boots and your feet drier which might fight some of the odor.


      These boots are wonderful! From the above average construction to the
      amazing performance these boots achieve I have moved them into the top
      of my rotation. My feet stay comfortable, warm, and dry. Aside from
      my one slip, which I think was more my fault, these boot have been a
      perfect addition to my gear.

      I want to thanks Kayland and BackPackGearTest for letting me test
      these great boots!
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