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Application: SLOG Series Topo Socks - Pat McNeilly

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  • Pat McNeilly
    Socks! My kingdom for a pair of socks! Isn t that how the famous line goes? Well, if its not I know I have thought that a few times. Please accept my
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2007
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      Socks! My kingdom for a pair of socks! Isn't that how the famous line
      goes? Well, if its not I know I have thought that a few times.

      Please accept my application to test the Slog Series Topo Socks.

      I have read the Survival Guide v0609, including Chapter 5, and will
      fully comply with all of the requirements described within. I have also
      filed my Test Agreement.

      Name: Pat McNeilly
      Age: 44
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5' 8" (1.7 m)
      Weight: 155 lb (70 kg)
      Email address: patrick dot mcneilly at hhs dot gov
      City, State, Country: Gaithersburg, MD, U.S.A.

      Backpacking Background:
      I have been hiking for at least 20 years but backpacking for only the
      last four years. Most of my backpacking is done as overnight trips and
      occasional weekend and weeklong trips. My typical packweight this
      season has been approximately 15 to 18 lb (7 to 9 kg) before food or
      water and I have been trying to go to lighter and lighter weights. I
      would probably rate myself as a lightweight backpacker but slowly
      creeping closer to ultralight. I typically use a tarp as my backpacking
      shelter of choice. My backpacking is generally the three season variety
      in the mountains of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia
      although I do camp and hike during the winter.

      Field Conditions:
      I plan to test the Slog Series Topo Socks on any hiking or backpacking
      trips this spring and summer. I am currently planning my upcoming
      season and have three weekend trips planned this spring in the
      mid-Atlantic area. These would include trips to the Michaux State
      Forest in Pennsylvania and a trip to the Mount Rogers area of southern
      Virginia. The elevations on these trips will range from 800 ft (240 m)
      to 4000 ft (1200 m).

      In addition, I will be leading a crew on a ten day trek at Philmont
      Scout Ranch in northern New Mexico in July '07, should the test
      period last that long. This trip will cover at least 50 miles (81 km).
      The elevation on this trip will range from 7000 ft (2100 m) to
      approximately 11000 ft (3350 m).

      The temperatures I expect to encounter on these trips should range from
      35 F to 95 F (2 C to 35 C). Spring is generally the wettest season in
      my home area, so I expect to be testing in moist conditions. Snow can
      be seen here into March and thus is not out of the question. Strong
      thunderstorms are also likely to be encountered in the mountains of New

      I have recently taken up orienteering and would very likely test these
      socks on trail runs and orienteering event.

      Test Plan:

      I typically wear wool socks year round for my hiking because I have
      found that some synthetic socks have not kept my feet dry and caused
      blisters. I am always looking for an alternative to the wool which
      sometimes causes irritation. With that in mind, there are a number of
      aspects of the Slog Series Topo Socks that I would be interested in,

      Size/Fit: Does the sock actually form to the contours of the foot as
      described? How well does the sock retain this shape throughout a hike?
      I would like to test whether the socks fit well with different types of
      shoes, such as trail runners and hiking boots? I plan to evaluate
      whether the height of the socks make them comfortable for wear with
      hiking boots or whether they are better suited to low hiking shoes or
      trail runners.

      Performance: Does the polypropylene fabric actually allow for better
      wicking capabilities? Since I generally have luck with keeping my feet
      dry while wearing liner socks, I anticipate testing these socks by
      comparing them with and without liner socks to see if there is a
      difference in how dry my feet are. I would also like to evaluate how
      well these socks perform while wet (e.g., after a rain or wet trail).
      Will they continue to maintain their fit and do they dry quickly? Does
      the polypropylene allow for warmth on cool days? Are the socks too
      warm to wear during the summer months? Do the seams cause rubbing? The
      Slog Series website indicates that the arch support reduces foot
      fatigue, is this noticeable after a long hike? The website also
      mentions that the high-splice of the socks prevents blisters, I will
      monitor the frequency of blisters formation on hikes while wearing the
      socks? In the past polypropylene has had a reputation of having a high
      stink factor. Is this reputation maintained with these socks?

      Durability: How do these socks stand up to being laundered? Will they
      shrink if placed in a clothes dryer. Do they pill, as some other types
      of socks do? Are there visible signs of wear during the test period?

      I generally wear a US size 9 or 9½ shoe. I would therefore need a
      size small-medium. If color and type of sock are an option, I would
      prefer to test the quarter sock in color pattern 2. However, I would be
      happy to test any color or sock style.

      BackpackGearTest Activity:
      I have completed two test series for the following products:

      Sea to Summit 13L Ultra-Sil Dry Sack
      Probar Nutty Banana Boom

      I am currently testing the following products:

      Integral Designs Cruiser Jacket (Field Report posted)
      Kayland Contact 1000 Boots (Field Report posted)
      Coast Cutlery Revolution Headlamp (Item not yet received)

      My reports may be found at the following location:


      BackpackGearTest Applications:

      I have no other applications pending at this time.

      I sincerely appreciate your consideration of this application.

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