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EDIT: LTR: GoLite Xirtam Jacket - Liz Neely

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  • edwardripleyduggan
    Hello Liz, I read this through twice, and nothing offended my delicate sensibilities. Please go ahead and upload the LTR at your convenience. Good job!
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2007
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      Hello Liz,

      I read this through twice, and nothing offended my delicate
      sensibilities. <g> Please go ahead and upload the LTR at your
      convenience. Good job!



      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, Liz Neely <liz@...> wrote:
      > Long Term Report: GoLite Women's Xirtam Jacket - Liz Neely
      > The HTML version is here: http://tinyurl.com/26t4zd
      > Long Term Report February 25, 2007
      > Field Information
      > I've worn this jacket on two additional backpacking trips since
      posting my
      > Field Report.
      > The first backpacking trip was a two day/one night trip at Black
      Diamond Mines
      > Regional Preserve in Antioch, CA. The elevations were between 500
      and 1300 ft
      > (152 and 396 m) and the temperatures were between 40 and 55 F (4 and
      13 C). The
      > hike covered about 5 mi (8 km) each day. It rained lightly on and
      off all day
      > on the first day, and was very foggy, but didn't rain, on the second
      day. I
      > wore the jacket most of the time both days. I had a long sleeve,
      > hiking shirt on underneath the jacket. I started each day with a
      fleece shirt
      > over that, and the jacket over the fleece shirt. But, I would
      quickly heat up
      > from hiking, and remove the fleece shirt, leaving just the hiking
      shirt and
      > Xirtam jacket. I found the jacket to be completely waterproof
      against the rain,
      > however, it didn't breath well enough to let the moisture from sweating
      > evaporate, so it was often damp inside from sweat.
      > The second backpacking trip was a two day/one night trip at Henry
      Coe State
      > Park, CA. The elevations were between 850 and 2600 ft (259 and 792
      m) and the
      > temperatures were between 38 and 76 F (3 and 24 C). The hike covered
      about 8.4
      > mi (13.5 km) the first day and 10 mi (16 km) the second day. It was
      warm and
      > sunny the first day, but cooled off as soon as the sun went down.
      The second
      > day was colder and fairly windy. I didn't wear the Xirtam jacket
      until the
      > first evening of the trip when the sun went down and the temperature
      dropped. I
      > wore it over a short sleeved hiking shirt and I was warm enough in camp
      > performing camp chores. The temperature was probably around 50 F (10
      C) at this
      > time. Later that night I was sitting outside wearing the Xirtam
      jacket over a
      > long sleeved fleece shirt with a thin silk layer underneath, with the
      > temperature in the low 40's F (4 C) and I was also warm enough. The
      second day
      > of the trip had lower daytime temperatures, overcast skies, and it
      was fairly
      > windy. I wore the jacket most of the day with a long sleeved,
      > hiking shirt underneath. The jacket kept me warm enough and was great at
      > keeping the wind out. Occasionally I would get a bit too warm and
      unzip (but
      > not remove) the jacket to let some cool air in and to let some of
      the moisture
      > (from sweat) evaporate.
      > Summary
      > My opinions I reported in my Field Report about the Xirtam jacket
      remain the
      > same. One additional thing I have to report on is washing the
      jacket. I have
      > washed and dried it three times now, and it has not shown any signs of
      > deterioration. The dirt washes off easily and it dries on the line very
      > quickly. Twice I had visible dirty spots on the jacket, and I did
      not pre-treat
      > these spots, but they washed completely off. I'm also impressed with
      how fast
      > the jacket line dries, even in the cool, humid environment I live
      in. The
      > jacket is also very durable, it remains "like new" in appearance and
      > functionality, despite being used for four months and being washed
      in the
      > washing machine several times.
      > Conclusion
      > I recommend the Xirtam jacket as a very lightweight jacket that can
      be used for
      > warmth over a lightweight shirt or layered over additional
      insulating layers,
      > depending on activity levels and temperatures. I also recommend it as a
      > waterproof and wind resistant jacket. The negative sides to this
      jacket are
      > that the sizing is a bit unusual (sleeves too long but neck too
      short), and
      > I'm not fond of the hood design; I don't like the mechanism for
      tightening and
      > loosening the hood around my face and I feel that the hood is cut
      wrong for my
      > neck length and head shape. However, due to it being very lightweight,
      > surprisingly warm, and completely waterproof, I will continue using
      this jacket
      > for my backpacking and other outdoor activities.
      > Thank you to BackpackGearTest.org and GoLite for giving me the
      opportunity to
      > test the Xirtam Jacket.
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