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  • Tim Tessier
    APPLICATION TO TEST – Black Diamond One Shot Please consider my application to test the Black Diamond One Shot. I have recently read the By-Laws (v. 0609)
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2007
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      APPLICATION TO TEST – Black Diamond One Shot

      Please consider my application to test the Black Diamond One Shot.
      I have recently read the By-Laws (v. 0609) and will comply with
      all. My signed tester agreement is on file.

      Personal Information:
      Tim Tessier
      Age: 49
      Gender: Male
      Height: 6' 2" (1.9 Meters)
      Weight: 215 lb (98 Kg)
      Email Address: timothy_tessier@...
      Located in: Greensboro NC USA

      Backpacking Background:
      I hiked as a child with my father and started hiking with my son 7
      years ago when he was eight years old. We now routinely take 20
      mile weekend hikes (two nights) approximately once a month year
      round. Additionally, we take one, five to seven day extended trip
      each summer. Most of our hiking is done in NC, southern VA, TN, KY,
      and WV. We go regardless of weather so we have experience in all
      types of conditions. We do not tend to travel very light, with a
      typical pack weight of 25 lb (11.3 kg) exclusive of food.

      Additional Information relevant to this test:
      As stated above, we take two night weekend hikes year round. These
      hikes are generally in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in
      North Carolina and Tennessee at elevations up to 6,000 ft. (1,829m),
      or in southern VA in areas such as Mt. Rogers National Recreation
      Area. Additionally, we are in the planning stages for a 4 -5 day
      trip to West Virginia this summer. We will be hiking as much and as
      often as possible throughout the winter, spring, and summer months.

      Reasons I would particularly like to participate in this test:
      As stated above out pack weight is in the 25 lb (11.3 kg) range.
      The heaviest single item we carry is a sturdy but outdated and heavy
      tent. We have spent many an afternoon at the local gear store
      looking at the new designs and discussing the pros and cons.

      I am fascinated by the new tent technologies that are springing up.
      As one who remembers spending many nights in v-shaped canvas pup
      tents as a kid, I am in awe of the numerous sizes and shapes
      available today. I would love the opportunity to contribute a
      more "seasoned" perspective to the general discussion of all the new
      tent designs.

      Test Plan:
      As stated above, we have a number of trips planned for this year.
      These include trips to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Mt.
      Rogers Virginia, and Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. Our
      elevation will range from 500 ft. (152m) to 6500 ft. (1981m).
      Temperatures will range from a high of 85 F (29 C) to a low below 40
      F (4 C).

      We will go in every type of weather condition including wind and
      rain. We will find ourselves in balmy summer evenings, and
      ferocious afternoon thunderstorms. We will have the pleasure of
      setting up the tent during rain, and packing it away in the same.
      In every situation the performance of the tent will be documented
      including elevation, air temperature, wind conditions, what the
      condition of the ground was (wet clay, sandy, rock, etc.) and how
      the tent performed. This documentation will be in the form of
      photographs as well as written notes.

      Test Criteria –

      For the initial report I will report on the following:
      General construction
      - Is the stitching done properly, are the seams all taped and
      sealed properly
      - Fit and finish of all parts
      - How quickly and easily it sets up
      - Conformance to specs.
      - Do the directions that come with the tent accurately reflect
      the tent? Are they clear and easy to follow? Are they "one size
      fits all" directions that are supposed to cover several different
      models or are they written specifically for this product?
      - How long did it take to set up the first time?
      - General first impression comments on everything from the
      quality of the stakes to the availability of pockets, to the size
      and function of the stuff sacks.

      The field and long-term reports would expand on these points and add:

      - Does the tent stand up to 25 – 30 times being pitched, then
      packed away and re-pitched somewhere else the next night.
      - Can it stand up to thunderstorms, high winds, and probably
      - Do the zippers stay snag free and work well after many
      repeated usages over a period of time.
      - Do the stakes retain their shape or do they become aluminum
      pretzels after a period of time.
      User Friendliness:
      - Is pitching the tent intuitive enough that it can be done in
      the dark after a few times? Can it be pitched in the rain and
      remain dry inside?
      - Does the floor completely repel water or is a ground cloth
      - Are there storage pockets inside and places to stash small
      things? Is there a ceiling loop to hang a headlamp on for use as a
      tent lantern? In short, what do you give up to save the weight?
      - How small does it pack? How long are the poles when
      disassembled? Does it fit comfortably into my pack?

      Conclusion: I have been doing a lot of reading and comparing of
      tents in the last few months as that is probably my next major
      purchase. I have experience with both one and two man tents from
      other manufacturers (Kelty, and Eureka). I feel strongly that I can
      bring an experienced perspective to this review and deliver a
      quality product to Backpackgeartest.org

      Other applications out: Primus Micron Stove

      Other Tests: Snot Spot (not started yet)

      Tester status: Newbie

      Tester enthusiasm: HIGH

      Owner Reviews:
      Komperdell Savannah Trekking Poles
      MSR Pocket Rocket Stove
      You may find my two OR at:

      Thank you for the opportunity to test new gear. I have already found
      BGT to be an invaluable tool when considering gear purchases. I
      look forward to contributing the best product reviews I possibly can
      to this outstanding resource.
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