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Revised Application- Black Diamond OneShot-Ralph Ditton

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  • Ralph Ditton
    Hello Rick, I submit a revised application for the Black Diamond OneShot tent. I have added a bit more rainfall information and raised the question if the tent
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      Hello Rick,

      I submit a revised application for the Black Diamond OneShot tent.

      I have added a bit more rainfall information and raised the question if the
      tent is a single skin or has an inner and outer as the web site is silent.


      Ralph Ditton

      Application to test the Black Diamond OneShot
      Date: 30th January, 2007
      Ralph Ditton

      Survival Guide
      I have read and understood the current requirements in the Survival Guide
      (version v. 0609 ), all of the appendices and Chapter 5. I agree to comply
      with all these requirements as a tester. I have also signed a tester
      agreement which is on file with Shane Steinkamp dated 7th March, 2005 and
      has been acknowledged by Stephanie Martin on the 27th April, 2005.
      I have graduated from being a Newbie in January 2006.
      Carrying out multiple test reports has not been a problem as I usually am
      testing four items at any one time. All of my reports have been submitted on

      Personal Details
      Name: Ralph Ditton
      Age: 55
      Height: 1. 76 m (5 ft 9 in)
      Weight: 73.5 kg (162 lb)
      Email: rdassetts@optusnet dot com dot au
      City: Perth. Western Australia. Australia

      Backpacking Background
      I have been walking the Bibbulmun Track over five years and the Coastal
      Plain Trail. My goal is to complete the 964 km (603 mi) Bibbulmun Track and
      become an End to End walker. I am nearly there.
      I have evolved from being a heavyweight backpacker of approximately 28 kg
      (62 lb) including all my water and food to a mid- weight backpacker
      averaging 18 kg (40 lb). I am still trying to get lighter with better
      equipment. My trips range from overnighters to five days duration.

      Testing Locations
      Bibbulmun Track : Sea level to 585 metres elevation (0 to 1,920 ft). Within
      this region I backpack along old forestry roads, sandy tracks, and purpose
      built walking tracks.
      Daytime temperatures will range during the testing period, from a minimum 11
      C to 42 C (52 F to 108 F) during February to June, 2007. Overnight
      temperatures on average during late summer to winter range from -3 C to 25 C
      (26 F to 77 F).
      Prickly Bark campsite on the Coastal Plain Trail is roughly 80 m (262 ft)
      elevation. The trail from the eastern terminus to the campsite is a sandy
      track that is mostly flat with a steep climb up a sand dune over the last
      half a kilometre (0.31 mi) to the campsite.
      Daytime temperatures can range from 9 C to 44 C (48 F to 111 F) during
      February to June, 2007. Overnight temperatures on average during late summer
      to winter range from -4C to 30 C (24 F to 86 F).
      Snow does not occur in the areas that I hike, just heavy frost with
      occasional fog that can leave icicles.
      The areas that I hike in have kangaroo ticks, huntsmen spiders, various
      species of snakes and many prickly bushes that shed leaves with needle like
      spikes such as the Parrot Bush (Drydrandra sessilis).
      A sweep of the ground before pitching my tent and laying my sleeping pad
      down is a must to avoid obvious puncture objects.

      Testing Activities
      I will be going on overnighters and extended trips ranging from two to five
      days backpacking, sometimes walking solo and/or with one or two friends.
      I will be camping out between fifteen nights and twenty two days between
      February and June 2007. There will be six days and four nights in February
      in the hottest month of our summer. The month of March has been allocated
      four days and two nights, and in April, Easter time, I will be away for four
      days and three nights somewhere on the Bibbulmun Track (section to be
      selected). May and June have been allocated a total of eight days and six

      Testing Conditions
      It is now well into our summer and we are still experiencing some
      unseasonably very cool nights and mornings with a low of 8 C (46 F) and a
      high of 12 C (54 F) till about 8am, then it gets progressively warmer to an
      average high of around 30 C (86 F) during the day. However, we have been
      experiencing some days in the very high 30's and low 40,s (100 F and 105
      F+). In February and March the average overnight temperatures regularly
      range from 22 C to 34 C (72 F to 93 F) and the day time temperatures can
      reach a maximum of 44 C (111 F).

      Rain and winds from cyclonic fronts (the Weather Bureau is expecting five
      this season) originating in the Indian Ocean are now being experienced as it
      is the start of the cyclone season in the north of the state and my walking
      area sometimes gets the tail end of them, but this cyclonic weather will
      diminish around March, giving way to drier, warmer nights and days in April
      with cooling nights and days in May and freezing nights in June, usually
      with a night time minimum of around 6 C to - 4 C (43 F to 24 F). Easterly
      winds have commence and will continue until April and these winds originate
      in the desert regions and they are dry and hot with a daily wind speed of
      between 10 to 25 knots. From May until July we then get winds originating
      in the Great Southern Ocean near the Antarctica giving us a nice chill from
      a south west direction. This is where we get our wet weather from. Rain is
      then expected in June as this is when we receive the start of good rains of
      over 100 mm (4 in) in the month. There is some rain in May averaging around
      70 mm (2.7 in).

      Test Plan
      From the information on the web page for the Black Diamond OneShot Tent, the
      tent is obscenely lighter than my four season Snowgum Tent (see Owner
      Review). It is unclear if it is a single skin or has an inner and outer. The
      web site is silent. Looking at the middle photo of the supposed OneShot (it
      comes up as the Guiding Light) there appears to be an inner unless it is the
      far side wall.
      The OneShot has a minimum weight which includes only the tent and poles, of
      2 lb 5 oz (1.04 kg) whereas mine is 8 lb 1 oz (3.67 kg). A back relieving
      saving of 5 lb 12 oz (2.63 kg) will be appreciated.The other major
      difference is that my tent is a two person tent, whereas the OneShot is a
      single person tent which has a big appeal to me. I find sharing a tent a bit
      claustrophobic. I plan to weigh all the components needed to pitch the tent
      and arrive at a minimum and maximum weight that will successfully erect the
      tent for the prevailing conditions.
      Set Up:

      The OneShot is supposedly a two and-and-a-half-pole system that appears to
      use a hook and tension external clip system. It is a bit hard to tell from
      the web site because when I put the cursor over the images of the tent it
      comes up as a "Guiding Light" tent. The comparison sheet mentions that the
      vestibule style is "Clip on" so it suggests a hook and tension system as
      opposed to a sleeve set up. I will verify this. In addition, in the
      "Compare" section the web site only mentions 2 DAC Featherlite poles, no
      mention of a half pole. Where did it go? What do I really need to erect the
      tent, two-and-a-half or two? What will be supplied?
      Do the poles stay in the grommets when clipping the hooks from the inner
      onto them, if it is a hook system? Or do the poles have a tendency to pop
      out and I will have to start all over again?
      Are the DAC poles shock-corded? There is no mention, just a comment that
      their sleeved and structurally sound connecting pole sections eliminate
      their weakest link, glued pole inserts.
      How does the inner hook onto the fly? There is no mention if the fly has a
      hook and loop system to adhere to the inner or is it a twist tie system that
      they use for the "Bibler" range?.
      Do the tent poles have very good strength and great stability? Are they
      really lightweight and very easy to field assembly and have no seams to
      split? I will test how easily it is to assemble and weight the poles to
      really see if they are lightweight.
      How easy are the poles to bend and hook into the grommets of the inner tent?
      Will I have to put my finger over the pole tip when inserting it into a
      grommet to prevent the pole tip from tearing the tent fabric?
      Do the poles have Locking Pole Tips that lock into the grommets? If so, do
      they slip out of the grommets when setting up the tent?
      Are the Locking Pole Tips easy to dislodge from the grommets when pulling
      the tent down (if the exist?)
      I will test the ease of pitch for one person and the time it takes.
      What are the minimum and maximum number of tent stakes needed in various
      weather conditions to successfully pitch the tent, such as strong winds,
      rain and warm days? There is no mention of how many tent stakes come with
      the tent.
      Whatever tent stakes are provided, will they be strong enough or will they
      have a tendency to bend when being pushed into the ground?
      How easy is it to tie down the tent if tent stakes cannot be used? Do I
      have to use guy lines? There is no mention of guy lines.
      Will the inner tent fit on the sleeping platforms inside the track huts and
      the fly and inner fit on the appropriate designated tent sites at the camps?
      Can the outer tent be pitched separately for warm conditions?
      The tent appears to be an inner-first pitch. Can it be adapted to be a
      fly-first pitch in the event of rain?
      I want to explore how comfortable the tent is with myself inside it. Will it
      be possible to bring my pack inside the tent ? There does not appear to be a
      vestibule and the web site makes no mention of one. Is there a small one?
      When I lay down, I want to find out if the tent is really long enough (yes
      it is stated as 85 in [216 cm]) without my head and/or foot end of my
      sleeping bag touching the walls, and how close does the roof slopes towards
      my head and if it causes a claustrophobic feeling.
      What is the clearance from my face?
      I should be able to comfortably sit up inside the tent where it is stated
      that the centre height is 36 in (91 cm)? Can I?
      Is there enough room to change clothes? If so, is it easy or difficult?
      Is it easy to enter the tent through the door and sit down inside without
      scraping my back on the top side of the door opening? Is the tent door wide
      enough to fit through? It would appear from the image that shows up as a
      "Guiding Light" that the door is the size of pole tip to pole tip and right
      up to the apex of the tent. In effect, a full side-opening door.
      There is mention of two built-in windows with awnings over both. This would
      suggest that the windows are in the inner tent. Is this the no-see-um mesh
      part? I could not discern any windows on the fly from the web site.
      Is the height of the trapezoidal double silicone coated nylon ripstop tub
      floor adequate to prevent splashing of rain to enter the tent?
      Can I sit inside the tent with my feet outside and comfortably remove/put on
      my boots?
      Is there one or a semblance of one?
      How long does it take to collapse and remove the pegs, poles and guy ropes?
      Is it easy to dismantle the tent?
      There are there instructions on how to repack tents into the storage bag on
      the web but it makes no specific mention as to the style/category of tent.
      Will the instruction be enough for me to repack the tent into its storage
      bag? If not, is it a trial and error method? i.e. How easy is it to repack?
      Will written instructions be included with the tent?
      How long does it take to fold and pack the tent into its storage bag?
      Will the storage bag containing the tent, some 6 in x 9 in (15 cm x 23 cm)
      be long enough to be secured on the outside, by the straps attached to my
      backpack, or if too short, do I have to remove it from its storage bag and
      rearrange the folding to be secured? Conversely, will the package be too fat
      to be secured by my straps? In other words, will my straps be too short?
      There is no mention of diameter.
      Exposure to sunlight:
      Will the EPIC fabric fly fade when exposed to sunlight and Ultra Violet
      Light? (we have a hole in the ozone layer above us in Australia and a UV
      rating is broadcast daily by electronic and print media from the Bureau of
      I will examine the overall stability against wind side forces by examining
      the attachments between the fly and inner.
      Are there any internal stiffeners present?
      Does the fabric EPIC sag when wet?
      Do I need guy lines to pitch the tent? There is no mention on the web site.
      Are all the seams factory sealed or do I have to do it by hand? There is a
      video demo on seam sealing of tents on the web site which suggests that I
      would have to do the seam sealing.
      The double wall construction and large mesh panels should help in
      preventing condensation inside the tent due to the theory of excellent
      ventilation of the mesh panels . I would like to test this aspect. Will
      moisture from my breath condense on the interior of the tent or will it pass
      When there is a high Dew Point, will natural condensation form on the inside
      and drip onto me and/or my gear inside the tent?
      Will rain enter through the vents formed by the half-pole?.
      Will it be stifling and uncomfortable inside the tent during a hot still day
      which we experience during summer?
      Do the vents catch much of a breeze to cool the interior on a warm day?
      Interior Pockets:
      How large are the two interior net gear pockets? Can I place wet clothes in
      any of them to dry? Are they really a breathable mesh? I will examine how
      useful they are and what type of gear I can put in them.
      Entry Door:
      Do the zippers slide freely or are there sticking points along the pathway
      of the zips?
      Will the zips get gummed up with sand and grit?
      Will the zips catch on the fabric when opening and closing, especially the
      fly which tends to have a cover over the zip?
      Can I pitch the tent without a footprint groundsheet to protect the floor,
      or is the floor durable and can take light punishment without being
      punctured? Will the manufacturer be supplying the footprint (called a
      Ground cloth) as it is an optional extra?.
      Cleaning of Tent:
      The web site mentions cleaning the tent using only cool water and MiraZyme.
      I am not familiar with that product. Will Black Diamond be supplying it as
      they seem to be the only providers of the product through Mail Order? Is
      there another similar product? I will check my Back Packing stores for a
      similar product if not provided.
      The above questions will be examined by myself should I be selected to test
      this tent and the findings of the test will be set out in the appropriate
      Any other aspect that comes to light during the test period that is
      unforeseen at this stage will be commented upon.


      Mountain Designs Map Case
      Tiny URL. <http://tinyurl.com/yg7o6a> http://tinyurl.com/yg7o6a

      Garmin Geko 301
      Tiny URL.http://tinyurl.com/ol5wd

      Mountain Designs Tasman GTX Mens Hiking Boots
      Tiny URL. <http://tinyurl.com/o7yzj> http://tinyurl.com/o7yzj

      Trangia Billygrips or Pot Lifters
      Tiny URL. http://tinyurl.com/c579c <http://tinyurl.com/c579c>

      Back Country Cuisine
      Freeze Dri Packaged Meals
      Tiny URL. http://tinyurl.com/bvdla

      Caribee Thirst Pak
      Tiny URL. http://tinyurl.com/8by5h

      Metzeler Thermo Mat
      Tiny URL. http://tinyurl.com/9k4bm

      Sea to Summit
      The Kitchen Sink
      Tiny URL. http://tinyurl.com/aclsr <http://tinyurl.com/aclsr>

      Snowgum Storm Shelter 2 Tent
      Tiny URL. http://tinyurl.com/ajvjj <http://tinyurl.com/ajvjj>

      Sea to Summit
      Thermolite Reactor Sleeping Bag Liner
      Tiny URL. http://tinyurl.com/c5bu8 <http://tinyurl.com/c5bu8>

      Vargo Titanium 'Jet-ti' stove

      Seattle Sports LedHedz Cruiser 10

      Spyderco Vagabond Knife

      Snugpak Softie Chrysalis Micro Sleeping Bag

      Thorlos Men's Light Hiker CoolMax Protection Level 2 Socks

      Big Sky Products Summit Evolution 1P Shelter

      Princeton Tec Apex LED Headlamp

      FlexAir Pillows

      Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack

      Hilleberg Rajd Shelter
      Initial Report: 30th August, 2006

      Field Report: 26th October, 2006

      Long Term Report: 1st January, 2007

      Trail Designs Caldera Cone Stove System
      Combined Report: Initial Report: 20th October, 2006
      Field Report: 5th January,2007


      Kestrel 3500 Pocket Wind Meter
      Combined Report: Initial Report: 28th October, 2006
      Field Report: 5th January, 2007

      Hydro-Photon SteriPEN Adventurer Hand Held Water Purifier
      Combined Report: Initial Report: 12th December, 2006

      Mentor Programme
      I am a mentor for two aspiring gear testers in the Mentor Programme.

      I am currently a monitor for the Integral Designs-eVENT Cruiser Jacket.

      Currently have applications out for the following:
      Black Diamond Mesa Tent (Andrew Priest already has this one in the bag as he
      is a Moderator, thereby eliminating me being International).
      Coast Revolution Head Lamp
      Eureka! Wabakimi Tent- (Missed out on)

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    • rayestrella1
      ... if the ... silent. Hi Ralph, Actually I am collecting these. It is a single wall tent. No inner. Ray
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        --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, "Ralph Ditton"
        <rdassetts@...> wrote:
        > Hello Rick,
        > I submit a revised application for the Black Diamond OneShot tent.
        > I have added a bit more rainfall information and raised the question
        if the
        > tent is a single skin or has an inner and outer as the web site is

        Hi Ralph,

        Actually I am collecting these.

        It is a single wall tent. No inner.

      • Ralph Ditton
        Thanks Ray. You wouldn t know from the web site. Ralph _____ From: backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com [mailto:backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf
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          Thanks Ray.

          You wouldn't know from the web site.



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          > Hello Rick,
          > I submit a revised application for the Black Diamond OneShot tent.
          > I have added a bit more rainfall information and raised the question
          if the
          > tent is a single skin or has an inner and outer as the web site is

          Hi Ralph,

          Actually I am collecting these.

          It is a single wall tent. No inner.


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